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New Short from RiffTrax…


View a sample or download it here.

8 Replies to “New Short from RiffTrax…”

  1. Black Doug says:

    This reminds me of a VOD that Rifftrax needs to make. There’s a feature-length documentary of this short’s caliber called “Overlords of the UFO” that was reviewed on the Agony Booth ages ago. It’s one of my favorite reviews there and I think it would make a perfect VOD.


  2. GornCaptain says:

    There are some other really bad 70’s paranormal docs they could take on. :)


  3. Remmie Barrow says:

    Looks like something the HISTORY CHANNEL has shown recently.


  4. Ptomreeves says:

    Maybe “overlords of the UFO” could be another NatGeo type special. Enjoyed the last one. Hoping they will do another.


  5. Raptorial Talon says:

    Paranormal documentary, eh?

    Oh man, if they ever do the original “Legend of Boggy Creek” . . .


  6. Thomas K. Dye says:

    Oh, God, please tell me that animated intro isn’t going to be in front of every short. It’s cute and all, but it’s not what I go to Rifftrax for.


  7. eegah says:

    #6 I will definitely be looking for an mp4 editing tool if they don’t cut that intro down for future shorts. In front of the movies, fine, but a minute-plus intro on a 10-minute short is a bit ridiculous.


  8. Dr. Carlo Lombardi says:

    #6 – Totally agree. Please do not tell me this will be in front of all downloads. I have a sneaking suspicion that the people that torrent the releases will edit it out. If so then less people will be supporting the official product.


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