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Joel Interview

Alex Biese at the Asbury Park Press (who likes to write about MST3K-related news) interviews Joel ahead of his appearance in suburban Philadelphia this weekend.

Not too much new here for anybody who has been following the “possible reboot” story, but some interesting details.

14 Replies to “Joel Interview”

  1. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Oh he’s just so gosh darn nice about everything, especially Josh.

    I would gladly contribute to a kickstart type campaign.

    Suddenly I desire a bite of peach cobbler.


  2. Tarlcabot says:

    I could see Vimeo being the landing spot for a reboot. They recently ordered their first original series, and they’re investing $60 million into the streaming service that mst3k will be on for new content.


  3. wonderfly says:

    Talk is increasing about the reboot. Joel still seems intent on getting it going. It won’t be long now, I can feel it!!


  4. wonderfly says:

    Anyone else fear what selection of movies they’ll have to choose from, considering Rifftrax burns through bad movies so much faster? I guess they could touch one or two movies that Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic have already done. All three incarnations have done “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” by this point.

    Is there any bad 50 Sci-Fi/Horror movies left?

    I’m just wondering what type of films they’ll pick…


  5. Ralph C says:

    If I can, I will be watching any new episodes. I’m curious to see what it’s like. We didn’t know Joel and the gang when we first watched the show, so I’m willing to give any new cast members a chance.


  6. Professor Firefly says:

    Would be interesting to see who hosts the reboot and would give it a chance and it could work,but there are going to be those who’ll say “They’re funny,but not as funny as the original ones were”..I was skeptical when Incognito Cinema Warriors came along,but they’re real funny and got their own thing going…As far as bad movies,there’s always going to be bad movies.Some that we might have never heard of and some that even MST3K said No to…Maybe they could do “The Giant Claw”,”Glen or Glenda” and more Rocky Jones and The Master episodes;just to name a few….


  7. Printers in the Basement You Can Use says:

    My pitch for the reboot would be that it takes place during the time when Mike and the Bots were on the edge of the universe. Pearl says that Dr. F restarted the experiments when he re-grew up, so that would be the point at which the new show starts. That way there could be changes without quite inviting the direct comparisons ala Bill/Trace. If he wants to use the same robots, there could even be a joke about how the equimpment to start and stop the movies always results in those bot designs. There could still be lots of cameos (second banana heaven, the hexfield, Dr. F, etc) without completely disrupting the timeline. NuDr. F could have a sidekick who takes over soon after the start of the new episodes to pass the torch. I know I really should relax, but I’ve thought a lot about it!

    That being said, I will be watching and supporting whatever Joel comes up with, of course.


  8. hellokittee says:

    I would honestly almost prefer it to be completely different from the original show (no Tom and Crow. I love them and I just kind of would prefer to remember them as they were). No matter what it is though, I would for sure back a Kickstarter. I feel like supporting these guys is the least I can do after all the laughter they have brought me over the years!


  9. 1ONE says:

    Call me a wet blanket it you must…

    I honestly hope there is no “true” reboot of MST3K. Cinematic Titanic was the reboot of MST3K, IMO. Rifftrax is something else. An occasionally enjoyable something else but, still, something else.


  10. Mnenoch says:

    While I would love to see MST3K back, considering it’s literally my favorite show of all time and one of the biggest influences in my life. I think the whole new cast thing is odd way to go. When Joel talks about the fact that every role was replaced in the show one of the parts that he is forgetting is that the show always had a connection from the previous versions of the show to go on. I think that is one of the reasons it did work is because it was never this complete overhaul. I don’t know, I would love so much to see more MST3K but I’d rather it have a mix of the old cast then a completely new cast.


  11. wonderfly says:

    @9: Cinematic Titanic only lasted 12 episodes…over 5 years. That’s not the MST3K relaunch I’m hoping for.


  12. Casimar says:

    And 3 unreleased episodes to end it! :-(


  13. John Seavey says:

    As long as it’s still good, they can keep making the series forever as far as I’m concerned. I’m a fan of ‘Doctor Who’, so I’m already pretty happy with long-running series with lots of cast changes that drop out of sight for a couple of decades and then pick up again. :)


  14. Bifflog says:

    Say it with me everyone:

    I trust Joel implicitly…


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