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Episode 512- Mitchell, Fully Annotated

Our pals at The Annotated MST site have joined forces with our pals at Shout!Factory to present this, the fully annotated version of episode 512- MITCHELL.

24 Replies to “Episode 512- Mitchell, Fully Annotated”

  1. FS says:

    No explanation of the Merlin Olsen/FTD bouquet line?


  2. Sampo says:

    The page says that if they’ve missed any, put it in the comments — the one on Youtube, not here.


  3. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Hmmm… I dislike this trend.

    MST is essentially a work of art. Either you get it or you don’t. How would you like it if the author of your favorite book said your interpretation was all wrong?

    Leave a bit of mystery instead of the information overkill. Either you get it or you don’t.

    The right people will get it.


  4. Jason says:

    The subjectivity of art has nothing to do with people not recognizing a reference to an actor’s name, or a work of literature, or a sitcom they would only be intimately familiar with if they were born during a certain decade. This is an incredible option for watching MST3K for those to whom it appeals.


  5. Ralph C says:

    Maybe #3 doesn’t quite get it….

    Why can’t Johnny get it?



  6. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    This is interesting. I wouldn’t want to watch every MSTed movie like this, but sometimes when the riffs are coming rapid-fire, the captions help me process them better. I can see how younger viewers can appreciate this, too. (I am Joel’s age, so I get most of the references.)


  7. snowdog says:

    They should call it “MST3K: The Teacher’s Edition”!


  8. Garak says:

    There’s plenty of people who make a career out of explaining art to people. This is a lot of fun, and I’m sure it took the annotation dudes a ton of time to put together. Well done guys!

    In any case, I’m just amused at how this is a show that provides commentary on films getting its own commentary track. I hope someone annotates the annotation.


  9. David francis white says:

    Thank you!! I used to have this on VHS!! I will watch this more than once!!!


  10. Black Doug says:

    They should do these for the Russo-Finnish films, though it should be more about explaining what the hell is going on in the films thanks to both some odd source material and bad dubbing.


  11. Brandon says:

    Wait….. is this just a video explaining references? I assumed it’d feature background info on the film or the episode itself. Pass.


  12. 1ONE says:

    Noticed these the other day on the Official MST3k Channel, established by Shout! Factory.

    They also have done MANOS:

    I’m definitely subscribed to this channel now. This is is a very cool thing for them to do for the fans. Not only can you toggle the annotations On/Off very easily in your browser; on your iOS or Android device you have free high quality streaming of these seminal episodes. I assume if this gets a lot of views, they will add more.

    Free HQ MST3K with a bonus (annotations); what is not to love?


  13. pondoscp says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the clock, somebody had this annotated version on VHS? That’s AWESOME

    I feel sorry for the squares who just don’t get it!


  14. GornCaptain says:

    So, it’s the MST version of VH-1’s Pop Up Video? ;)

    This is potentially useful for the odd riff I don’t get. And it would be very easy to do this on future DVD releases too.


  15. WeatherServo9 says:

    There’s no explanation for the reference to limited edition Star Trek collector’s plates! I don’t know what that i–oh right, I have twenty.


  16. BC says:

    Having watched all of it today, I’m sufficiently impressed. I used to watch the VHS for this episode in middle school (I had every released episode and watched one every day before school) so I’m well acquainted with Mitchell, but I learned quite a bit through the annotations here. As the other comments have noted, this explains the references in the riffs, not necessarily the production of either the movie or the show. The annotations really show how many references there used to be per episode, and how broad those references used to be.


  17. ctc says:


    Is this somebody commenting about guys commenting about a movie?!?!?!

    My mind…. IT IS BLOWN!!!!

    Don C.


  18. nachzehrer73 says:

    I see benefits of annotated episodes. I Don’t get every single reference. I naturally become curious as to what I missed. It is a good learning process. It can be looked up on the annotated MST site, but this process would give me another reason to watch episodes for the 20th time.

    The most important thing for me though, is sometimes I can’t understand what Joel/Mike and the bots say. For example, in the opening credits of Mitchell, they are trying to guess the name of the movie from the few letters of the title that can be seen. Tom mentions mithril, and I had no idea what he was saying until now. I know what the reference is, but I was never able to understand what he said. Another example is Radar Secret Service, Mike riffs “I was being spanked by Rod McKuen”. For the longest time I thought he said Rodney King. I found out on the forum it was McKuen. This is especially helpful with my VHS copies.

    I couldn’t sit through more than one annotated episode in a day or a little more though. It takes a bit of concentration to keep up with what is happening on screen, the riffs, and reading the annotations too. Then again my brain function has slowed considerably since I am now a really old man (41 years old). So that probably doesn’t help.


  19. Tarlcabot says:

    Like Joel said on Facebook yesterday, they should do the host segments, too.


  20. ck says:

    As interesting as annotation is, I’d like to see episodes with subtitles (for both the movie and commentary), like they did in MST3000: The Movie.


  21. GizmonicTemp says:

    Win! I found my viewing experience greatly enhanced by the descriptions. I can’t imagine the amount of research and work it takes to get this stuff all in one place. Counting the riffs was a a challenge, but annotating them is EXTREME! Nice work!


  22. Sean Marten says:

    I’m one of the writers for Annotated MST, the scrappy little website that Shout! Factory has turned to for these annotations. Thanks for all the kind words — yes, it is pretty labor intensive, truly an ongoing labor of love. The idea is to define each and every Cultural Reference that’s made, not explain every joke (‘cos what’s less funny than being told why something is supposed to be funny?)

    What we do is first transcribe EVERYTHING Joel/Mike and the bots say (in the theater), and look hard to make sure we’re not missing something — if you haven’t, say, heard a certain song before, you might miss when they’re riffing on it. Then we write a quick background on each reference, from the Renaissance to Jiffy Pop.

    On these YouTube versions from Shout! Factory, the annotations can be toggled on or off — so you can just plow through them, or turn them on to explain a particular reference you’re not getting. Or the classic “I know the movie/show they’re riffing on, I just can’t think of the name!”

    Again, thanks for the kind words, and enjoy. Here’s hoping for many more annotated episodes.


  23. jaybird3rd says:

    Thanks very much for your work on this, and on all the annotated episodes! I’ve seen “Mitchell” a bunch of times, but there were quite a few riffs that I never noticed before because I couldn’t hear them, or that I simply misunderstood. Having the annotations on the screen not only helps to explain them all, but really makes one appreciate how much the writers were able to pack into every episode. I’m looking forward to seeing more!


  24. Mr. Meadows says:

    I don’t see any problem with this kind of thing. The Annotated MST3K website has been around for awhile, so this is just putting it to video of the episode. There is no one who gets 100% of the references in any given episode, and when you do find out the reference that has long stumped you there’s a nice “a-ha” moment where it finally all makes sense. This is a good thing. And also, it’s just a show…you should really just relax.


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