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Weekend Discussion Thread: Film/Short Crossovers

Alert regular Ken writes:

Which movie characters would you like to see make cameo appearances in the shorts, and what would they do? Me, I can imagine Torgo paying Nick a visit in “What To Do on a Date” and showing him how to put all those wicked hand moves on the ladies, so that when things were swinging into high at the wienie roast he would know exactly what to do.

I’m going to expand this and also ask what characters from shorts would you like to see in a MSTed movie? For example, wouldn’t it be great if the escapees from “Swamp Diamonds” stumbled upon Ross Allen from “Catching Trouble”? Ross and Touch would eventually have it out for sure, while Emo made his move on their llllladies.

What would YOU like to see?

58 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Film/Short Crossovers”

  1. Son of Peanut says:

    How’s this for surreal? As Crow suggested, Jimmy Wilson really did turn his award winning essay into a screen play, though the studio changed the title, and the result was “A Date With Your Family”!


  2. Huggybear says:

    Great answers by all on a great topic…

    I’ll go with Mikey from “Teenage Strangler” being doppeled into “Why Study Industrial Arts” so he can be pantsed, dragged around the track, and have his weenie magic markered along with the geek in the short.

    And for good measure we could throw in Troy McGreggor….who could give us a hardy “Rowsdower”.


  3. Tim_Servo says:

    Only one answer for this In keeping with the Sci-Fi of MST It would be the BIGGEST event since “Avengers”: The evil Phantom of Krankor attacks The space refugees from “Space Mutiny”!! “Beef Hardchunk vs Krankor! 8-)


  4. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I’d like to see Gumby replace the “Devil Doll” – I just think it’d be neat if The Great Vorelli ended up in a Gumby. I just do. And of course a herd of wild Pokeys could really liven-up “Last of the Wild Horses.”


  5. Edwin B says:

    @ # 54 – I am cracking up at the thought of a herd of wild Pokeys! Actually, a herd of Wild Pokeys could improve ANY movie.


  6. Joseph Klemm says:

    My ideas of movie/short crossovers:

    *The Robot Holocaust is thwarted… by Gumby and his dad.
    *Ross Allen and Emo travel to Arkansas to capture the Boggy Creek monster’s child.

    …and a few Rifftrax shorts/MST3K film crossovers:

    *The apes from Time of the Apes meet painful deaths when they chase Orville Slump on bicycles.
    *The Grocery Witch showing up in the store from The Touch of Satan to complain about the price of Carnation Ice Cream.
    *Norman Goes Skydiving (UGGGGGGGHHHH!!!).


  7. underwoc says:

    Well heck, Joseph Klemm, if you want to go that far, we need to see how Torgo can put away the blocks as he sets up a Kindergarten…


  8. Nick-0 says:

    Torgo vs Ortega

    Twist ending: they learn they are long lost brothers.


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