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What Did You Think?

SANTA_AV An open thread for your thoughts on tonight’s RiffTrax Live show, so let’s take our verbal hiagra and get started.

To begin with, a little news broke at the show:

First: The NatGeo Channel takeover will be Tuesday, Dec. 16.

Second: Sean Thomason and Conor Lastowka will write the introduction to “The Complete Peanuts Vol. 23 (1995-1996)” in which several strips will be riffed. A sample of that riffing will can be downloaded from the goodies page.

My thoughts: At my theater outside Scranton we were about half full and people really seemed to be enjoying it. I laughed my ass off. It went a LITTLE long, but not Godzilla long, and the extra running time was worth it for the bizarro movie and the equally strange short.

As for the movie, I was stunned at the amazing clarity of the film. I also would love to go through that credit sequence slowly. I bet there are about two dozen people who need to be added to the MSTory database.

Obscure riff: Stanley Spudowski.

Fave riffs: The runners up were…
“Never get locked in a philosophical argument with a large burlap doll.” and
“You are testing the limits of my holly-jolliness, magic man.”
But the winner is definitely: “RIDE TO RUIN AND WORLD’S ENDING!! DEATH!!!!” And I love that most of the crowd in Nashville chimed in with a cheerful “DEATH!!!!”

Craig bless us, every one.

63 Replies to “What Did You Think?”

  1. hookemhorns says:

    The Cinemark here in Plano was not crowded, probably a bit more than we had for Santa Claus Conquers the Martians last year as an ice storm came through. But the other shows this year drew more of a crowd.

    Definitely agree that this show was the best this year and that the shows got better as the year went along. It was really amusing to see the parts edited out from the MST3K broadcast. I really did not remember Merlin from the MST3k episode and wondered a bit who he was when I first watched Santa’s Village of Madness. The deleted scenes really added to the goofiness. I am anxious to watch the MST3K episode on my ipod tomorrow during my commute.

    I went with my wife, who really was not a fan of the show until she met me, and my 15 year old daughter. (My 17 year old daughter stayed home to study for a test.) My wife enjoyed it, but my daughter loved it. Glad to see my sense of humor lives on.

    Can’t wait for the Nat Geo episodes and for this to be released as a VOD. These live shows are great … please keep them coming!


  2. Mnenoch says:

    Great Rifftrax live – easily the best of the year. Our theater here in Amarillo was only about 25% full, the halloween show was also light. Not sure why the turn out has been really low the summer ones were sold out.

    Anyway great times. Interesting seeing the full movie but can see why it was cut for the MST3K broadcast. Lots of horrible padding and just awkwardness.

    Hope the guys keep it up. Always fun to see these live.


  3. Retcon says:

    I thought it was pretty good. Was nice to see the edited out scenes which made the moive all the more weird. Only problem I had was that in my theater, a couple of rude people kept talking loudly over both the moive dialog and the riffs. I could only clearly hear about half the riffs because of those two jerks. Don’t be rude and let other people hear the moive and the riffers, you are not riffers and don’t try to be in a public theater.


  4. Manos Bride says:

    Fairly sparse attendance at the AMC Orange Park 24 near Jacksonville (maybe about a dozen people), but that’s not unusual. There’s another Rifftrax theater in town pretty close by that’s more centrally located, so it could be that a lot of RT fans go there.

    I don’t know who came up with the idea of making sculptures out of sugar, but I’ll bet there were a lot of upset parents who had to pay an exterminator to get rid of the resulting ant infestations. The house would be crawling with ants if those things sat out for any length of time.

    The movie was a bit long with the extra material, but it really didn’t drag on (certainly not nearly as much as Godzilla). That shot of Santa on the exercise machine (before it was apparent that it was an exercise machine) is something I won’t get out of my head for a long time. :shock: Overall, a great show.

    Did anyone else see that blacksmith and think he should be making a sampo?


  5. ARCH HALL 3 says:



  6. Joike1013 says:

    @13 This is the first time I’ve ever seen a response from anybody at the Iowa City showing on here! Thought I was the only one from that neck of the woods that posted on here! Even more surprising since this was probably one of the smallest crowds Iowa City has had for a Rifftrax Live.

    Still the crowd that was there responded well. Was a much better Christmas show than Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in my opinion


  7. Alex Frentz says:

    the version of the animation that the production company has is the earliest ‘final’ version of the animation – before the SOL and the treasure chest stuff was added. We just have to get them the updated version. That’s all. No conspiracies.

    But I like conspiracies! Oh Well… :-(


  8. Retcon says:

    Alex Frentz: But I like conspiracies! Oh Well…

    Ehh, any version of their animated intro sucks. The only non-conceded part is with Bill playing with Manos puppets for some strange reason and the gags in it are really bad.

    The live show was good but I still prefer the MST3K episode.


  9. Alex Frentz says:

    Retcon: Ehh, any version of their animated intro sucks. The only non-conceded part is with Bill playing with Manos puppets for some strange reason and the gags in it are really bad.

    The live show was good but I still prefer the MST3K episode.

    I said I liked conspiracies… not assholes.


  10. California Calico says:

    We ended up missing this movie because the staff at Cinemark told us that they weren’t selling tickets, even though we showed up 15 minutes before the movie was to begin. They gave us some story about how they have to ‘get the theater ready’ which made no sense! When we arrived the box office was unstaffed and we were told to buy our tickets at the concession stand. Well, the snack stand was staffed by only 2 kids and there was a long line of people waiting for snacks! And when we tried to buy tickets, we were given some dumb story that made no sense! I’ve never had a bad experience with Cinemark before. Sadly, I’m very reluctant to give them my business in the feature. To miss a one-night-only Rifftrax event due to sloppy management is inexcusable. This was the Cinemark theater in Somerdale, NJ. Anyone else had a bad experience similar to ours? If so, please post. If movie theaters behave this way, it would negatively affect Rifftrax business.


  11. Retcon says:

    Alex Frentz: I said I liked conspiracies… not assholes.

    If not automatically liking everything they do makes me a asshole, then so be it. Personally I think they wasted their money on the intro. It is just not good.


  12. PALADIN says:

    Slavish devotion has never been a necessary factor of MST/Rifftrax fandom….

    None of the creative talent we so appreciate has ever been above fan criticism, or SELF-criticism, for that matter.

    We Should Really Just Relax.


  13. Edwin B says:

    Went to the Spectrum in Irvine, CA. Theater was probably 80% full, very enthusiastic crowd. I laughed from start to finish, had a great time! I see why the edits in the MST version were made, this movie was seriously padded. Especially Lupita’s dream, it went on forever! I thought there was a longer bit in hell with a line of the damned that was cut for the MST version, but I didn’t see it, did I just miss it? Also, anybody know where they came up with the English language versions of the countries on the organ? (and the newspaper scene also) I noticed this version had them in Spanish. Did K Gordon Murray shoot them for his dub, or did they shoot them at the time with an eye towards an English version?


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