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A Couple of Mr. B Promo Pics

Banu Gibson, wife of Buzz Podewell, was recently archiving some of his old pictures and came across these two “Mr. B Natural” promo shots. She was kind enough to send them to us.

Mr B Natural w_director Mr B Natural on the clef

Says Banu: “Buzz never answered emails or inquiries regarding if that was him in the short. He wasn’t interested in that kind of attention but the posts after his death were so touching and lovely I thought I would share [these photos] in case anyone would be interested. By the way, those are Buzz’s real parents who play his parents.”

Thanks to Banu for sharing with us!

21 Replies to “A Couple of Mr. B Promo Pics”

  1. Smoothie of Great Power says:

    A piece of film history preserved.


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    I can see why he wouldn’t want attention for being in such a deservedly infamous short.

    “Why does my kid have to be such a dud? *I* was popular!”


  3. M. Thibault says:

    Loved the innocence of the Mr.B short. Loved the MST3K take on the Mr.B short. Loved these Mr.B shots provided here. Thank you, Ms.Gibson


  4. Twiggins says:

    Outstanding. Love historical pics like these.


  5. Kali says:

    Wow – I had no idea that Ms. Gibson was married to Buzz. I always liked her because of this song:

    because it touched on my love of old time radio. It really is a small world, isn’t it.

    The behind the scenes photos are great – Nice that she agreed to provide them.


  6. Lisa H. says:

    I see @2 Terry the Sensitive Knight’s point, though I find this all oddly charming and touching despite the goofiness of the short and the gawky, dopey early-teenager-ness of the band geek in question (said with affection; ah, weren’t we all?).


  7. GizmonicTemp says:

    Thanks, Banu! You “get it” and all Msties are delighted to see these photos!


  8. GizmonicTemp says:

    Sampo and Erhardt, was it intentional or spooky coincidence that we see these pix today, which is when we are discussing episode #319?! :eek:


  9. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    (I hope Banu reads these posts…)

    Banu, thank you! This lifelong band geek (I’ve played trumpet in the Albuquerque Concert Band for over 30 years) has loved the short (both with and without riffing) since I first saw it on MST3K. My daughter owns a T-shirt that reads “A clarinet is not just a clarinet, it’s a happy smile!” I even happened to be in NOLA on business the day Buzz passed away, although I didn’t learn of that coincidence until later. A lot of the movies and shorts on MST3K are just plain horrible, but many of them are actually just charming in their own crazy, goofy way, and I have always thought Mr. B as one of the latter. Thanks for sharing the memories – I hope Buzz understood that his performance in Mr. B brought us all great pleasure and inspired an awful lot of fun!


  10. mst3ktemple says:

    Fantastic photos. I love behind the scenes shots and never dreamed of being able to see any from this short. Thank you so much for sharing. Definitely put a smile on my face.


  11. That ain't Dirk says:

    Shame they’re not in color, but still a fun bonus. Gave me a happy smile!


  12. cornjob says:

    a really wonderful little look into his life and BTS “mr. b”… thanks to you and most condolenscenses. it’s always a wonderful woman who can recognize and love that goofy geek inside every man, heh! ;)

    i can picture some fan-fiction film someday, for “mr. b natural vs. (his? her?) arch-nemisis: BUZZ!”


  13. I always wondered what Betty Luster thought of the MST3K riff.


  14. GornCaptain says:

    Interesting to see a short like this was shot with a 35mm camera. They really spent some money on Mr. B!


  15. Satoris says:

    Another great piece of Mst and pop culture history. Amazing how this little short about music took on such a life of its own. Thanks so much Ms. Gibson!


  16. ck says:

    I’m looking for papparazi exclusives from the Pitch/Mr. B Natural affair (started when
    they were smitten by Michael Feinstein piano tour de force).
    After all, if birds do it, bees do it…


  17. zombiewhacker says:

    I didn’t think it was possible, but “Mr. B” appears even perkier in the behind the scenes stills than s/he was in the short itself.


  18. hellokittee says:

    This is great, thank you Ms Gibson! Love the photos from her website also!


  19. Yipe Stripes says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos! behind the scenes of a short. great finds!


  20. kbrubaker says:

    I have a feeling that if Banu Gibson made prints of those photos, there would be a ton of people who would want copies. I, for one, would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have those framed on my wall!

    Any chance, Ms. Gibson?


  21. Richard the Lion-Footed says:

    Sorry that “Buzz” could not appreciate what a folk hero he became thanks to MST3K.
    While we riffed the short, it because a fan favorite and he would have drawn a large crowed at any CON appearance.

    Thank you for the pictures.


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