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Weekend Discussion Thread: Turkey Day Picks?

On his Facebook page, Joel has announced that Turkey Day is ON for this year, and he is asking for you to vote for what episodes you’d like to see. I assume he wants no more than six, since that’s been the number of episodes shown in the last two years.

You CANNOT vote for:
Space Mutiny, I Accuse My Parents, Werewolf, Final Sacrifice, Cave Dwellers, Mitchell, Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Giant Spider Invasion, Lost Continent, Laserblast, Pod People, and Pumaman because they have been shown in the two previous Turkey Day webcasts.

Remember, you need to vote on Joel’s page. Whatever you write here won’t be counted.

BUT: tell us who you voted for, and why! Me, I don’t have six picks, but I’d love to see “The Violent Years” included.

38 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Turkey Day Picks?”

  1. Rip McStudly says:

    I voted for an all Ed Wood lineup myself. Also for an all shorts lineup. The shorts are my favorite MSTed content, and Ed Wood is black and white, near hysterical nonsense, my kind of thing.


  2. KidFlash says:

    Starfighters, Skydivers, Beginning of the End, Eegah, Warrior of the Lost World, First Spaceship on Venus.

    These are six of the episodes I watch most often (with the exception of Eegah, which I don’t own on DVD yet).

    Aaaand I just realized there are no Sci-Fi eps – sorry Bill! (Overdrawn at the Memory Bank would be the one I’d most want to see, though.)


  3. GizmonicTemp says:

    Well, I’ll be darned! I actually made a list on T-Day night of 2014! Sorry for the lengthy posting, but this is actually trimmed down. Here are some of the more popular shows for each host that haven’t been T-day’d yet and were on DVD as of Nov 2014.

    Joel shows:
    424: Manos: Hands of Fate – My first thought was, “No, this one has been done to death”, but it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to include such a show in the Turkey Day tradition that has so much tradition itself.

    306: Time o/t Apes – Perhaps, but it just doesn’t FEEL like a T-day episode.

    506: Eegah! – Ah, yes! This one is ripe for T-day pickin’!

    422: Day the Earth Froze – Another hot commodity. It has color and fun in spades, not to mention it’s a winter episode.

    404: Teenagers from Outer Space – A good possibility, especially since it has its own catchphrase logged into Mst3k lore. TORCHA!

    312: Gamera vs Guiron – I’m not feeling this one. You can’t truly separate the Gamera movies from one another.

    321: Santa Conquers the Martians – Both Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic have done this one again, so probably not.

    421: Monster A Go-Go – Yes, I can see this one being a good entry.

    508: Operation Double 007 – There hasn’t been a spy movie yet, and this would be a good choice.

    Mike shows:
    816: Prince of Space – A nice one, but I’m just not feeling this one.

    521: Santa Claus – Rifftrax did this one again in 2014, so probably not.

    821: Time Chasers – Yes. Another execellent choice.

    813: Jack Frost – See the description for episode 422. I don’t think BOTH of them will be selected, and I’m giving this one the edge because not only is it rated higher, but 422 might be replaced by a different Joel episode if he has a favorite.

    822: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank – This one has a very good possibility of being selected.

    1001: Soultaker – Meh, I think this is too dark (and not in a campy way) for the marathon.

    1006: Boggy Creek II – I’m liking this one. A lot!

    604: Zombie Nightmare – I’m not liking this one. I could be wrong, because it certainly has a lot of possibilities for the bots to exploit in the intro.

    1002: Girl in Gold Boots – I’m liking this one too, but it might be too far down the list.

    Dark Horses:
    With Joel hosting, he can pick some of his favorites. These are episodes that are down on the popularity list, but I can still see them being part of a T-day marathon.

    110: Robot Holocaust – With Josh voicing Tom for the T-day intros, why not?

    204: Catalina Caper – One of the more popular early episodes that I could see fitting nicely.

    408: Hercules Unchained / 502: Hercules- I can’t decide between these two. Episode 502 is the preferred one among Msties, so I’m giving that one the edge, but 408 just seems like a better T-day fit since it’s more fun.

    418: Atk. o/t Eye Creatures – Good host segments and a good candidate.

    423: Bride o/t Monster – This one just keeps coming up as a good candidate.

    501: Warrior of the Lost World – A sort-of popular episode that FEELS like a good candidate, and it has Megaweapon!

    Shorts – Joel has an aura as someone who NEEDS to create new things and spin things differently to make them better. So, why not have a mini-marathon of 5-6 shorts?

    Favorite List:
    – This is a great list and the average rank is 29. However, I don’t know about the back-to-back Mike episodes. It might be too much too close, but that’s a GOOD thing, right? I mean, it’s Thanksgiving after all. Also, they could always space them out in the marathon.

    Alternate List:
    – This is a bit more spread out, and it gives Joel room to pick a personal favorite, which I’m guessing is 110. Because of that, I’m thinking that 813 moves in to bring the ranking average up a bit and this knocks 422 out. This also ousts 204 since two early-show episodes are not likely.

    The Dark Horse List:
    -Joel anchors himself with 506 and pulls out the Shorts card and another “cult” selection in 423. Therefore, all of the Mike episodes are prooven Mstie pleasers.


  4. David J says:

    I’m also assuming that he’ll only consider episodes that Shout Factory has the rights to. So if it’s not on DVD yet, it probably won’t be featured on Turkey Day.


  5. Jay says:

    Boggy Creek II –

    The American bib overall industry, much like the pair Crenshaw wore, has been sagging lately. Maybe this will give them a boost.


  6. GregS says:

    The Violent Years, Castle of Fu Manchu, Secret Agent Super Dragon, Horrors of Spider Island, Final Justice and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank!!


  7. Dr. Erickson says:

    For appetizers I’d serve “Bride of the Monster” and “Manos” (then you get the whole two-part “Hired” as a bonus). For the main course I’d go with “Outlaw” and “The Dead Talk Back,” which both have fun dinner party scenes. And for desert, it’s a nice big helping of “Santa Claus” sprinkled with a little “Jack Frost.”


  8. ready4sumfootball says:

    Past couple years, this has been three Joel, three Mike. So I’ll do it that way. I’m also guessing we won’t get anything Gamera, so that eliminates Gamera vs. Guiron. Bummer, since I would’ve picked that. I’ll go with…

    Magic Voyage of Sinbad
    Devil Doll
    Hercules Against the Moon Men
    Santa Claus (Because every Thanksgiving Day parade ends with Santa Claus.)

    Both The Magic Sword and Danger!! Death Ray barely didn’t make it on mine, but I’d love those too.


  9. jaybird3rd says:

    Here are my picks, in no particular order:

    Riding With Death: turkeys get such prominent mention, and the featured TV show is a turkey itself, so it would be a perfect choice for Turkey Day.

    The Dead Talk Back: a perfect “playing in the background while eating dinner” episode, and the short about ice cream freezers will have people thinking of dessert.

    The Castle of Fu Manchu: hey, if “Manos: The Hands of Fate” wasn’t too “challenging” for Turkey Day, then neither is Fu Manchu!

    Time of the Apes: it wouldn’t be right to have an MST3K marathon without at least ONE Sandy Frank movie. Plus, it’s a Japanese ripoff of “Planet of the Apes,” which is familiar to almost everybody and might make the show more accessible to the newcomers who will be watching.

    Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell: a genre that almost everyone has seen before, again making it easier for newcomers to relate to … and they eat lots of potatoes!

    Last of the Wild Horses: again, a familiar genre, and the “Star Trek” parallel universe spoof makes it somehow appropriate, since lots of stations play “Star Trek” marathons during Thanksgiving.


  10. Jay says:

    First Spaceship On Venus –

    What a great Joel episode to introduce a new generation to the show! One – It’s in color. Two – It has one of the coolest looking spaceships ever. Three – Weird, weird, weird. Four – It’s an East German commie production for those that are nostalgic for the Stasi and gray clouds of Trabant exhaust. Ha!


  11. Professor Gunther says:

    I’m open-minded, but I would definitely cast my vote for THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE. Not only was it Mike’s first episode (at the very centre of the show’s existence), but I happen to think it’s a great episode all around. The movie IS painful, but it’s the RIGHT kind of painful movie for MST3K. Indeed, it is arguably the prototypical BAD MOVIE for the show (although I realize–and respect–that opinions are going to vary on that).


  12. Bob (NotThatBob) says:

    I’m lazy, and have copied and pasted what I posted on Joel’s page…

    I’d like to see first “The Giant Gila Monster” before we eat and are too full to comfortably put our knees up, “The Skydivers,” because like Coleman Francis himself, the movie’s mostly made up of stuffing, “Kitten With a Whip,” ‘cuz don’t you hate it when uninvited guests come over and ruin your party? “War of the Colossal Beast” because his face looks like the turkey after you’ve eaten it… “Zombie Nightmare” ‘cuz we’ll all feel like zombies after the triptophan kicks in, then at the very end I’d like to see “The Unearthly” because after all that food it’ll be time for go to bed.


  13. Jay says:

    Outlaw (of Gor) –

    I am seconding the votes from previous entries because…
    There has been great interest lately in introducing new viewers to MST3K. Why not give the kids the Boobular Joy that they seem to get such a kick out of these days?


  14. Lee says:

    Operation 007


  15. Professor Gunther says:

    I love Joel, but I won’t join Facebook, so I won’t be able to vote for THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE. :( Laugh at me if you will, but I don’t like the idea of Facebook.


  16. Murdock Hauser says:

    Great suggestions by everyone. I like’em very much. :yes:

    Here’s my line up.

    Start off with a Josh as Servo episode in “Robot Monster”.

    We’ll all meet a real turkey named Mikey in Teenage Strangler”.

    Keep the teens coming with really old “Teenagers from Outer Space.”

    While we’re all stuffing ourselves we may as well watch “The Creeping Terror” stuff itself.

    After eating, Grandpa Borgnine takes us to nightmare land as he tells the tale of “Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders”.

    Last episode we Watch Out For Snake! In search of “Eegah”.


  17. hellokittee says:

    I will follow the 3 Joel/ 3 Mike episode cadence. In no particular order other than the last one:

    Teenage Crime Wave (Takes place ON Thanksgiving, so what could be more perfect?)
    The Girl in Lovers Lane
    Eegah (Throwing in a crowd pleaser here with my more random choices)
    Girl in Gold Boots

    And since the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade always ends with Santa, why not end the Turkey Day marathon with “Santa Claus” !


  18. goalieboy82 says:

    if they could get the 2 godzilla movies and maybe the susan hart movies that would be great.


  19. Troy says:

    For some reason, the following movies just scream Turkey Day to me:

    Moon Zero Two The moon dancers wear some decidedly turkey-inspired costumes at one point.
    It Conquered the World You can dribble gravy down your chin while listening to Peter Grave’s “He learned too late…” speech.
    The Day The Earth Froze I’ll see your cornucopia, and raise you a SAMPO!
    Prince of Space Obviously, Krankor and his gang have a certain stuffed avian quality to them.
    Riding With Death Turkey Volume Guessing Man!
    Soultaker Because what’s Thanksgiving without the entire family showing up.


  20. Jay says:

    Professor Gunther:
    I love Joel, but I won’t join Facebook, so I won’t be able to vote for THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE.Laugh at me if you will, but I don’t like the idea of Facebook.

    I am not laughing. What little good comes out of so called social media seems to be overwhelmed by its negative consequences. — A Voice in the Crowd


  21. jaybird3rd says:

    I won’t join Facebook, either. Sometimes that means that I miss out on events like this, but for me, they aren’t worth jumping into the social media sewer.


  22. littleaimishboy says:

    Hey, now!

    As soon as I joined facebook I started getting emails from disgraced dignitaries and deposed potentates from all around the world, offering me millions of $$$ if I only sent them my bank account information to use for nefarious purposes. That’s why today I am The Richest Man In The World. Thank you, facebook!


  23. Droppo says:

    Master Ninja I – the best episode of the entire series.

    Santa Claus – What better way to ring in the holiday season than enjoying the eternal battle between Satan and Santa (and Merlin)?

    Eegah! – Stemlow.

    Village of the Giants – I feel it’s one of the most underrated Mike episodes. It’s always been one of my Top 10 favorite eps of the series.

    Pod People – A masterpiece. Trumpy, the host segments, “it stinks!”

    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die – It would be interesting to hear Joel talk about Mike’s first episode.


  24. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock (pondoscp) says:

    I voted for my favorites that haven’t been included yet (that are Shout! Factory rights cleared, that is. No vote for It Conquered The World because I know they couldn’t show that one):
    Master Ninja 1 – the best episode of the entire series (I’m right there with ya, Droppo)
    Village Of The Giants
    The Thing That Couldn’t Die
    San Francisco International

    Alternate picks: Kitten With A Whip, Catalina Caper

    Although whatever they play, I’ll enjoy. I like that it’s year 3, and we have to start digging deeper past the main fan favorites. It makes for a richer marathon. Still wish it was 30 hours like back in the day :)
    It would be cool to have a little Megaweapon or some Ed Wood, too.


  25. Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy says:

    KTMA episodes 16, 18, 19, 20 and 21.

    Plus a new, specially recorded full length episode of MST3K featuring Joel and bots riffing The Green Slime in a way that would far surpass the original pilot. All original cast and crew/writers would be involved in the new masterpiece.

    Said special new episode later to appear as a massive bonus on a Shout set.

    You may call me a dreamer.
    But I’m not the only one.
    I hope someday you’ll join me.
    And Best Brains will record a brand new one.

    Barring the above, then I say play Manos The Hands of Fate six times for turkey day.


  26. Sillstaw says:

    I made three suggestions of favorite episodes (Warrior of the Lost World, Hobgoblins, Soultaker), then threw in The Castle of Fu Manchu and The Wild World of Batwoman for some deep hurting.


  27. EAG46 says:

    I would love an all shorts Turkey Day. Skip the serials and just dive in starting with “X Marks the Spot” and end with “A Case of Spring Fever.” Hired parts 1 and 2 would go together with the musical number, of course. Since a lot of people may not be able to sit through whole movies while getting stuff ready and preparing for relatives and making the big drive and whatnot, the shorts will allow for at least a little comforting bite of MST3K. And if you can stream the Day for everyone, the shorts are generally a good way to introduce people to the “cowtown puppet show” since they don’t need a lot of plot-attention.


  28. goalieboy82 says:

    other then the films they showed in 2013 and 2013 are there any restrictions (say godzilla films).


  29. Edwin B says:

    Just to be a smart aleck I chose Godzilla vs Megalon since it was pulled due to rights issues! Also Godzilla vs the Sea Monster since it will not be available for similar reasons. XD But seriously, Teenage Strangler should do the trick.


  30. SaintStryfe says:

    Eegah! would be a good choice with losing Richard Kiel this year.


  31. Droppo says:

    #24: Our taste is remarkably similar.


  32. Quasimoto says:

    I second the choices and like I tweeted when this was announced -I would love to see the mads make an appearance this year, perhaps solve the mystery of what happened to Dr. Erhardt?


  33. Into The Void says:

    Joel era suggestions:

    The Day The Earth Froze
    The Magic Sword
    Attack of (the) The Eye Creatures
    Being From Another Planet
    Human Duplicators
    Godzilla vs. Megalon
    First Spaceship On Venus


    Mike era suggestions:

    The Wild Wild World of Batwoman
    Zombie Nightmare
    The Sword & The Dragon
    The Giant Spider Invasion
    The Touch of Satan
    Prince of Space


  34. Satoris says:

    Hmmmm…….I’d just go with some of my favs.

    Joel era

    Wild Rebels
    Fire Maidens from outer Space

    Mike era
    Teenage Strangler
    Horror of Party Beach


  35. Torgospizza-NJ says:

    How about: 1. MANOS (duh!)
    2. AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN (can they still show it?…or it’s sequel: “WotCB”)
    3. TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE (sci fi + JD pic; “skull cruiser” host segment)
    4. ROBOT HOLOCAUST ( 1st season-1st color pic; sexy Baba-Wawa!)
    5. GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS (greasy Larry Tate,Mike’s haunting ballad, “Blatz”)
    6. BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE ( “Ways!”)
    Or LAST OF THE WILD HORSES (dull pic-best host segment)


  36. CHF01 says:

    Night of the Bloodbeast (Turkey day version)
    Boggy Creek II
    Girl In Gold Boots
    Robot Holocaust
    Gamera vs. Barugon
    The Killer Shrews


  37. 1 adam 12 says:

    I voted for Zombie Nightmare, The Day The Earth Froze, Teenagers from Outer Space, Samson vs The Vampire Women, Agent for HARM, and Night of the Blood Beast (either version). Because they’re my favorite episodes that haven’t been used for a Turkey Day Marathon yet (the recent kind).


  38. MSTie says:

    Nothing says “loving family get-together” like Squirm, so that’s one. Also agree with Riding with Death because of TURKEY VOLUME GUESSING MAN, but Joel may not have the rights to show that one. To round out the Turkeython: Teenagers from Outer Space, The Violent Years, Parts: The Clonus Horror, and Catalina Caper.


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