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Trace, Frank and Bill on Podcast at DragonCon

Trace, Frank and Bill were guests on the “We Got This” podcast with Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi, live at DragonCon. The topic was movie monsters, and other things, including clowns.

Go here and select #29.

9 Replies to “Trace, Frank and Bill on Podcast at DragonCon”

  1. Torgospizza-NJ says:

    Easy going and funny exchange between the hosts & guests about classic horror movies. No real MST3K content, but that’s fine. Frank behaved himself (you Know what I mean). So many of these cast member interviews are the same Q & A you’ve heard over and over. Worth a listen. :-D


  2. VeryDisturbing says:

    Soldier clowns!!!
    Was laughing and listening to this this morning.


  3. Keith in WI says:

    It was an interesting discussion on the classic horror movie monsters and it was interesting to get Frank, Trace, and Bill to offer their thoughts on their favorites and why. Cool to have Trace and Frank together even if they were not in character, and it was cool to have the two crows discussing a common topic together, even if they were not in character as well. Great to see some of the guys from different MST3k eras hanging out and having a good time. Worth a listen, and the price is right (free).


  4. Frank Conniff says:

    # 1 – “Frank behaved himself (you Know what I mean).” No, I don’t know what you mean. Please explain.


  5. Erich says:

    Frank Conniff:
    # 1 –“Frank behaved himself (you Know what I mean).” No, I don’t know what you mean. Please explain.

    Frank loves to use profanity but swore only once or twice during the podcast as far as I could hear. I think that’s what Torgospizza-NJ meant.

    Frank was the funniest on that stage IMO. Bill and Trace were great too.


  6. Chuck says:

    Really funny stuff. Makes you wish they would do more podcasts.


  7. Droppo says:

    Frank! You’re awesome!


  8. Herandar says:

    For those that are not a part of the Apple Cult, here is the actual site:

    We Got This podcast.


  9. Torgospizza-NJ says:

    @#4 “Behaved” meaning not too much profanity and little or no politics. It was just a relaxed vibe, talking about Universal Monsters, Uncle Forry, sixties-seventies TV culture, cherry-flavored Pez…


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