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Episode guide: 604- Zombie Nightmare

Movie: (1986) A voodoo queen resurrects a dead teen, who then seeks revenge on his killers.

First shown: 11/24/94
Opening: Crow and Tom are Secret Service agents protecting Mike
Intro: The Mads are into voodoo, so they send a voodoo kit to the SOL
Host segment 1: Crow is reading when Tom runs him down!
Host segment 2: Mike, Crow and Tom enjoy a hot tub
Host segment 3: Crow abandoned his “Batman” screenplay, but neglected to tell Tom and Mike
End: Letters for Adam West, Frank has turned Dr. F. into a zombie
Stinger: Incantation and screaming
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• It’s hard not to like this episode. The movie is big and bold and insane, the riffing is fantastic and the segments have a goofy, happy-go-lucky quality that I like.
• This episode appears on Shout’s Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection: Vol. XV.
• This episode was held from TV while it made the rounds of many college campuses, during the fall of ’94, as part of Comedy Central’s “Fresh Cheese” tour. It was finally shown on Turkey Day ’94.
• I saw it in the University of Pennsylvania’s cavernous Irvine Auditorium. The sound was terrible and the place was about half full. One of the school’s modern and luxurious (at least at that time) screening rooms might have been a better venue. Anybody else see the college tour?
• This ep marks the change from green to the solid blue jumpsuit we saw Mike wear for much of this season.
• Do you think that “Head!” thing was planned? After so many accidental beheadings of Tom, it nice to think they did this one on purpose.
• This week it’s the “umbilicus.”
• Non-spaghetti ball bumpers: bulletin board, beaker, book
• Segment 1 is related to the movie — he runs Crow over just like the kids just ran over the guy. But it’s also the beginning of a running gag for season six, in which Tom repeatedly — and cheerfully — smashes Crow in various ways. Unfortunately, this episode, where the running gag begins, wasn’t shown in order, so some of the humor of the running gag was a drained away.
• Tom imitates a Jamaican guy attempting to lure tourists to his jet ski/parasail business. I understand that the cast vacationed together in Jamaica at least once. Maybe that’s where this came from.
• The song Tom is singing at the beginning of segment 2 is “Walkin’ in Memphis,” by Marc Cohn.
• Callbacks: “I’d never touch you, Terry. You’re dirt!” (Teenage Crime Wave)
• Second “Governor and JJ” reference in a few weeks.
• The original film was MUCH gorier. Tia Carrera’s character’s death, to give one example, is far more gruesome than we see here.
• Also, the attempted rape of the Twist N Creme waitress by Jimbo is much more explicit and brutal in the original (the original is on YouTube). There is a huge edit, shades of “Sidehackers,” from the point where Jimbo grabs her and the next scene, where she is wrapped in a blanket telling the cops what happened. That scene also includes the gruesome, explicit and completely deserved onscreen impalement death of that jerk Jimbo. The edit kind of robs us of that cinematic justice.
• I exchanged emails with a representative for Jon Mikl Thor, and he revealed three interesting bits of info.
1. The soundtrack list includes bands called The Things and Knighthawk. They are just Thor in disguise (dull surprise!). 2. A band called Battalion does a song called “Out For The Kill.” That New York City-based band did exist, and even had their own comic book. (Thor co-produced their first album.) Sadly, Thor told us the guitar player of Battalion committed suicide by leaping off a 35-story building in New York City just before their album was to be released, and they were to embark on a U.S. tour. This turn of events ended the band, the release of the album and the tour. 3. A band called Deathmask, reportedly one of the first speed-metal bands, did a song called “I’m Dangerous.” Thor invested a lot of time, money and effort into the band. He helped get them a record deal and then co-produced the record. But, for reasons that are not remembered, the band refused to tour (which is sort of required to back up an album). Without the effort from the band to get out there to promote and tour, Deathmask then faded into obscurity.
• No cast and crew roundup this time: Nobody involved with this worked on any other MSTed movies.
• CreditsWatch: Host segments directed by Trace Beaulieu. This is the final episode for the credit: Video Provided by: Fournelle Video Production Services, St. Paul, MN. The second of two episodes where Sarah E. Wisner helped out with Post Production Coordination with Ellen McDonough Thomas,
• Fave riff: “C’mon, turn the tape over!!” Honorable mention: “They’re missing the forest for the trees with this whole sleazy chicks thing.”

203 Replies to “Episode guide: 604- Zombie Nightmare”

  1. Splitface says:

    best riff of this one had me laughing for days after…..”Take me away 7up”. Delivery was perfect! haha


  2. DrChadFeelgood says:

    Criminy, what a terrible movie.

    When I first saw this episode it was almost unwatchable, the movie sucked so much ass. But then I remembered NOT to “watch” the movie and instead just let it “be” there while the boys tore it a new one.

    As a huge Batman fan, I have to say that I’ve noticed that throughout the entire Series, there were probably about as many Bat-riffs as “hi-keebas” and “sampos” – maybe even more. I was thinking of compiling a List (for Ward E) of all the Batman-related references throughout the 10 years of MST – and this Episode makes up a pretty sizeable chunk of that, wouldn’t you say?

    Tom Servo as “Batman.” Dammit, when are we going to get merchanidising!?! I’d kill for a Tom Servo toy to begin with, but one in this costume? “Dear Santa…”


  3. Cornjob says:

    I love this episode for so many reasons, most of them already listed.
    I’m a big Metal fan, but I freely admit that with the exception of Motorhead and one or two others, the bands on this movies’ soundtrack are second rate MTV glam crap, and all of it was poorly recorded. Also as someone who had to learn to appreciate Metal, I know how it can sound like static and babbling to the uninitiated.


  4. trickymutha says:

    One of my favorites- wish Shout factory would release this


  5. “It didn’t stick. It must not be done.”

    “The plot is furthered by a good parking space.”

    “What’s up with Mark Trail?!.”

    “You know, John Goodman on Hume Cronyn’s back could outrun this guy!”

    I recorded this one myself back in the day, so the picture and sound are pretty good.

    This is another film hurting by not being in widescreen. Think of all that inky blackness that got cut out!


  6. “Man, I miss my tights!”

    “Oh, is your bat-mobile in the shop?”

    “It’s Dondi the zombie!”

    “Aren’t you Adam West from ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover 2?”


  7. I'm evil says:

    Lots of good memories on this one. I am another UGA “Fresh Cheese” veteran with Kristopher #7–the Brains owed us since we gave them a Peabody.

    As noted, some great riffs, but I also love the opening when among other things Dr. F suggests that voodoo is an economical method of doing evil. This is well matched by the SOL crew using voodoo for good. I also quite like that they are singing the “All Things Considered” theme song as they go into the theater in the beginning.

    My copy is from some kind of Coca-cola summer countdown on Comedy Central where the fans picked top episodes. This came in at number 2, but I don’t remember any of the other episodes. Because it was from the summer countdown it had some special bumpers–One comparing it to the movie “Zombie High”; one on Adam West; and one on Tia.

    There’s a nice entry on where Frank Dietz (who played young Detective Frank) notes that he loved the MST treatment. He also says that he was mislead on the production values going into the movie.

    I watched on my iPod–What is the book Crow is reading when Tom runs him down?

    Tia Carrera’s English seems much worse in “Wayne’s World” (or at least more accented) than it does here.

    And some riffs:
    Tom: Son, protect that woman.
    Crow: If that’s Leif Garret I am LEAVING!
    Crow: Woooo, we’re going to Perkins!
    Tom: His area will protect him!….oh, not so much.


  8. SleepDeprived says:

    “It would be fun to open a convenience store what the HELL was I thinking?!”

    “Must you superlative everything?”

    I always lose it when watching the aforementioned “I don’t WANNA feel again the worm!”, the “HEY!” scene, and whenever the medical examiner shows up (*groans* “Oh no, THIS guy!”)

    Also, at 34:52 Mike’s microphone is really obvious.


  9. ck says:

    It does seem like the medical examiner
    is a Walter Matthau wannabe? I kept waiting for
    the teenage hard boiled detective (who probably missed his junior prom investigating the case) to look at his crime scene work and say: “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, how can you leave
    such a mess.”


  10. Sitting Duck says:

    ck: But the voodoo priestess scenes are REALLY dreary. It’s difficult to make out even 10 percent of what she’s saying. I’d really like the dvds to do what the Movie issue (This Island Earth) did, have subtitles of both the movie and riffing dialogues.

    That would probably be not so feasable. Compared to your average MST3K episode, the density of riffs for This Island Earth is pretty low. If they were to try to do the same with a TV episode, the screen could easily get quite cluttered.


  11. BigZilla says:


    Maybe not my favorite Mike, but definitely a great episode. I’m going to go see if I can get my VCR to work again!


  12. ck says:

    About #60, Sitting Duck:

    Would it be possible to have options on dvds, where you could switch from no subtitles,
    both, or one?


  13. Dyne says:

    A bit late, but here are my comments. Only seen this one once so I’m doing a bit of memory digging.

    * Was this supposed to be a horror movie or a cheap attempt at amateur soft porn? I can only really recall that the hot tub scene was far more scary than anything the zombies did.
    * Other than that, the greatness of this movie can be summed up in two words: Adam West.
    * Favorite riffs: Any of the Adam West/Batman jokes.

    Host Segments:
    * It’s easy to understand why Frank forgot his cue and just kept dancing as seen on Poopie! That looked fun.
    * Mike steals the show in the hot tub segment. Timing was everything for that joke and he executed it perfectly.
    * Favorite segment: Re-enacting Batman, of course.


  14. sean_c says:

    I somehow keep laughing at the ‘bots dressed as Secret Service Agents. Great host segment!!


  15. GizmonicTemp says:

    Bat Masterson #41 – Three years ago?! I’m not too informed on Thor, but it’s really neat that they’re/he’s still touring. Wow!

    By the way, did you guys know that they guy who played Jim, Shawn Levy, is also a director? He directed “Night at the Museum”, “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Pink Panter”. :eek:


  16. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    gizmonict #65. HA ! and again I say HA


  17. John Seavey says:

    Nicoletta said:

    “Tia Carrere, who go on to co-star in “Wayne’s World”, then fall off the face of the earth.”

    Actually, she’s been working steadily ever since. She was in ‘True Lies’, she was the voice of Nani in all the “Lilo and Stitch” stuff (the big sister), she had a ‘Tomb Raider’ knock-off series called “Relic Hunter” that ran for about three years, and she’s still getting parts today.

    (According to the IMDB, she had a guest spot on ‘Nip/Tuck’ last year as “Mistress Dark Pain”. To quote Crow, “We may just have to pay attention to this one…”)

    In short, she’s a “good actor before she became famous” in this one, not a “washed up actor taking a role to pay the bills”. :)


  18. Gary Bowden says:

    :mrgreen: One of my favorite episodes!! Love the Batman references,Adam West,Tia and the whole movie,which is a joke,but still,a lot of fun!! Hey SHOUT FACTORY–put this on one of your box sets!!! Please!!


  19. DrChadFeelgood says:

    According to the “ListLikely” list over in Ward E, this Episode is considered (unofficially, of course) to a “Possible” candidate for official release.

    That is, of course, if A) SHOUT! Factory chooses it and B)Anchor Bay allows it (withough trying to charge an arm & a leg in royalties).

    If they DO release it, they should try to get the Adam West bumps from Comedy Central to include as a Special Feature, like Rhino did with the Jack Perkins Wraps from the “Mystery Science Theater Hour”.


  20. Will says:

    “This is Tim Burton’s last night on earth.”

    And, it’s been mentioned before, but still… “I know, I’ll call Burt Ward, I know HE’S not busy.”


  21. Terry, the sensitive knight says:

    #52 DrChadFeelgood –

    Boy I’m with you on the Batman riffs especially
    (Tom sobbing)”You were the bestest Batman ever…goodbye Ceaser Romero” – there were a good many of them on Master Ninja II also(#324 I think) like: (Tom – using the voice of the narrator from the original TV series)”Is it curtains for Van Patten? tune in next week…same Ninja channel…same Ninja time”. Thanks to those two episodes alone (#604 & # 324)I find myself riffing everyday instances using said narrator’s voice usually beginning with “WHAT’S THIS!?”

    Here’s an example:

    During a break at a Hospital I once worked at, I was with some friends from the emergency room. They told me a story from one of the EMT’s there that went like this:

    There was an emergency call from an apartment complex where a few of the tenants reported a woman screaming from within one of apartments. The EMT’s got there before the police and with the woman still screaming, they (EMT’s) decided to bust in since nobody came to the door. Upon entering they discovered the woman in the bedroom, tied at the wrists and ankles to the bed posts, and nude. Lying on the floor unconcious, was a man in a batman costume with a wound to his forehead.

    While all of us were musing over the senario that had probably taken place, I could’nt resist blurting “WHAT’S THIS!?…COITUS INTERUPTUS FOR THE CAPED CRUSADER!?

    This episode had many great non-batman related riffs as well:

    -no, it’s Rasta, the kooky dred clown
    -NOW STAND BACK for Dutchmasters!
    -look at all the candles, what? did they loot a Pier One?
    -now look! maybe this kinda stuff goes over in Vegas…
    -cut! cut! Tia you’re supposed to be in your underwear in this scene!
    -well Tia, it’s still better than working with Mike Meyers


  22. Alexrules says:

    “He’s taking the Neste Plunge!”

    I have like the last half hour of this on a tape and it’s a good last half hour. For some reason, I have like the tail end of this and a couple other episodes. Why couldn’t I just buy another tape and make sure I kept some of the good ones around?

    I love how the early version of Pantera is featured in the credits. Before they went Speed Metal and tried to forget their first three records. Ofcourse, Motorhead is the first song.

    “Hey, it’s Valerie Bertaneli… Eddie Van Halen.” As the picture goes from blur to clear.


  23. crowschmo says:

    Apparently, when you become zombified your hair gets shorter. (?)

    This one was okay. Spurts of funny, with draggy spots.

    All my favorite lines were already mentioned by others.

    A couple more:

    “What a brilliant bon mot.” – Crow

    “If you hadn’t sent him for groceries, he’d be alive…anyway –” Mike

    #58 – Mike’s microphone was ALWAYS obvious.


  24. crowschmo says:

    Almost forgot –
    Crow’s slo mo of, “Youuuu shhhhhhot meeeee.” :mrgreen:


  25. ThorneSherman says:

    A great epiode, top notch riffs throughout. Most of my faves have been mentioned, particularly the John Goodman on Hume Cronin’s back.
    Other riffs
    Tom:Grady, this fall on ABC…Hey Fred
    Crow, as the newly revived zombie: I was supposed to get milk, wheat germ, what else?

    And of course, the unending Adam West/Batman stuff.


  26. You know, if I saw John Goodman coming after me on Hume Cronyn’s back, I might be rather startled. Especially since Hume Cronyn is dead.


  27. Dr. Fysh says:

    The copy of this I have has commercial bumpers from when Comedy Central was doing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Marathon. They tried to put little factoids and tidbits about the movies on them, but for some reason most of them were wildly and hilariously inaccurate. The one that’s on my copy says ‘Next up #604 – Zombie Nightmare…. ‘Wife uses dead husband to beat up baseball team.”
    Did ANYONE involved in the process of writing that or putting it on the prompter even SEE the episode? Proving once again, that during the end of MST3Ks run on their channel, Comedy Central just.. didn’t… care…


  28. norgavue says:

    Haven’t watched this one in months but still remember srieking in terror over that guy in the hot tub. I mean just… NO. That’s the real horror here. Adam west is in this movie but not really in it and we get motorhead to boot. Just love that opening riff to the music.


  29. jjb3k says:

    I love this episode to pieces, but I watched it once with a couple of my friends and they didn’t get it at all. One girl in particular was actually offended by the “He just pretended it was Tim Burton” riff (she’s one of those Hot Topic-prowling Nightmare Before Christmas fanatics).

    Still doesn’t diminish my love of the episode, though. I can’t hear Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” now without confusedly saying “So, he’s mad because he’s losing, but that’s the way he likes it?”


  30. JLH says:

    Dunno if this has been mentioned yet, but this episode was truly scheduled to premiere in August 94. They ran a promo (with Gypsy) for it and everything early in the week, then at last minute, switched it out with 605. That’s the only time in MST history that I know in which an episode was changed out that close to air time (I think 1003 came close).


  31. PCU says:

    Like most people, I love this episode.

    Fave riffs:

    Det. Frank: “Goodnight, cap”
    Tom: “Nightcap? Did you say nightcap? Don’t mind if I do.”

    Moments later, Adam West starts flahing back in his mind…
    Mike: “He’s flushing his head.”

    As Thor heads out of the grocery store
    Crow: “I forgot tampons. Eh, I should be ok for tonight.” And I love Tom’s snicker right after.

    Before raising Thor:
    Molly: “Mr. Hurley; Mr. Peters”
    Crow (as Groucho Marx): “Mr. Hurley, Mr. Peters; Mr. Peters, Mr. Hurley.”

    I love how Mike answers the infamous hot tub lover’s statement.
    Hot Tub Girl: “I can think of something we need now.”
    Mike: “A hot fudge brownie delight.”

    And one of the best deliveries by Mike:
    “Office temps cut loose!”


  32. Darin says:

    What show is the “Bub…was..right… come from?


  33. William B. says:

    An absolute classic. This ranks in my top 10, no question. So many great quotes from this one:

    “I’m HUSKY!”

    “I like the ‘ting’ sound”

    “Lift your voices?”

    “Here you go – Joe Weider’s Protein Blast!”

    “And 3 and 4 and jazz hands!”

    “Don’t worry – his area will protect him!”

    “There’s a dead hunk in the middle of the road!”

    “When your car hits a guy and his body goes fly that’s a dead guy”

    “Put de lime in de co-co-nut”

    “But you will HAVE it – and you will LOVE it!”
    “You know – he’s never really sold himself on that one”

    I could go on – such a great episode. I watch it often. As should everyone. :grin:


  34. Jeff says:

    The great thing about MST3K is that nearly every episode is someone’s favorite episode.

    That sounds stupid, but it’s pretty damn cool.


  35. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    Darin 82. The Bub reference is to My Three Sons.

    Bub ( played by William ‘Fred Mertz’ Frawley ) was the original crusty old man housekeeper to the Douglas family for the episodes shot in B&W, when Robbie was only the middle child !

    With the advent of color, Bub was replaced by Uncle Charlie ( WIlliam Demarest ).


  36. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    further… the ‘Steve’ in the reference is the Fred MacMurray character, the father of the titular three sons and an aeronautical engineer. The humorous implication here is that squeaky clean Steve is leading a secret double life of some depravity or another. Bub had discovered the secret and was ‘disappeared’. now it’s Charlie’s turn.


  37. I'm not a medium, I'm a petite says:

    it IS a very good riff. Lots of texture and structure and stuff like that.


  38. 86

    Wow, I always wondered about that…


  39. fish eye no miko says:

    I saw the college tour! Waited for 5 hours in front of Gallagher Theater the University of Arizona. I even got a t-shirt!
    The audience loved the Mentos joke. And the friend I had with me, who’d never seen a Mike episode was annoyed to see the ring on his finger. Heh.
    “Yeah, don’t use the EXIT…”


  40. losingmydignity says:

    Cool ep. Not a super fave but an excellent one.

    I always get a great kick out of the opening scene. Supposed to be the 50’s but looks so 80’s.
    A scary fact: I had hair not unlike the creepy psycho dude in the late 80’s (should I be saying this?)
    I have fond memories of watching this in the 90’s on one my brief return visits to the United States.

    Re # 84: “nearly” is right. Know anyone whose fav ep is Stranded in Space?
    Yeah, I didn’t think so (btw SIN is a pretty good one, an underrated one, if you haven’t seen it).


  41. DamonD says:

    I’m with #6 (I’m not a medium, I’m a petite)…the film itself is just a grungy dull dark (literally) flick that that keeps it from being one of my absolute favourites, even though the riffing is good. Possibly the biggest mistake it makes is in bumping off the most obnoxious punk (and the guy by far responsible for running Thor over) about 2/3rds through…worst though understandably yet, off-screen for the MST3k version. Leaving us with a geek and the (hot) Tia, fairly blameless in all this getting lengthily stalked and killed too before Batman returns for the token finale.

    One bit not mentioned here that’s worth doing so – Crow doing his manic Riddler impression to try to make Mike and Tom feel a bit better is fantastic, very fun.


  42. Rotten As British Teeth says:

    I’ll admit I haven’t watched this one in awhile, but what I remember is that it was one of their better efforts of Season 6. The movie is unapologetically ’80’s, and M&TB don’t let you forget that. Both riffing and host segments were well done. The Mads’ voodoo stuff – and Forrester presumably wetting his pants – are great stuff!

    I also remember wishing – no, actually PRAYING – that Shawn Levy’s character would get his; what an obnoxious punk he was (there is praise somewhere in that comment…if Levy’s intention to make his character hateful, he did a great job)! Despite the quality of movies he’s directed lately, you have to admit that he was what could be called a “MST success story” ala Timothy Van Patten.

    I wonder how many metalheads have this soundtrack…between Motorhead and Pantera at least it has two recognizable heavy-metal names to create some interest.

    Fav comment, from Servo: “Now, enjoy the lite-rock sounds of FIST!”


  43. MeltingManWhoWillEatMyFace says:

    Did anyone else notice that during the “Letters to Adam West” bit, when Crow says “Dear Mr. West…” and glances back at Mike, Mike nearly cracks up laughing? I think it might have been because of how absurd Crow looked in glasses.


  44. Fred Burroughs says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the weird medical examiner sounds like Eugene Levy?


  45. Travis H says:

    Just watched this episode with my wife on our honeymoon. A true classic, I wish they could have done more weird/stupid 80’s ‘horror’ like this. Such a fun episode!


  46. Gary Bowden says:

    Love this episode,but the guy with the Farrah Fawcett hair didn’t die soon enough for me..Love seeing Adam West and Tia,of course.How could you forget? Tia,that is.. :-)


  47. Sitting Duck says:

    @ #71: Did you really say that, or did you just wish you had? If the former, did you have some disciplinary action inflicted on you? And did you ever learn whether is was just a superhero bondage fetish gone wrong or something more unsavory?

    Segment 1 is related to the movie — he runs Crow over just like the kids just ran over the guy. But it’s also the beginning of a running gag for season six, in which Tom repeatedly — and cheerfully — smashes Crow. Unfortunately, this episode, where the running gag begins, wasn’t shown in order, so some of the humor of the running gag was a drained away.

    One could say it was the same case with the DVD releases, as Bloodlust and Skydivers came out in Volume 1, while this episode didn’t come out until Volume 15.

    It does seem rather strange that Shout didn’t include the Turkey Day bumpers, especially since they did so in the next Volume for Night of the Blood Beast.

    Obviously that’s Mary Jo as Cokie Roberts. I’m not a regular NPR listener, so can anyone confirm if she actually sounds like her?

    One has to wonder what Dr. F. was thinking sending them a voodoo kit, as he was an obvious target. And though I don’t immediately have a reference, the hand in warm water making you want to pee is utter BS. I imagine Snopes has an entry on it.

    Though I’m aware that voodoo does borrow some Catholic imagery, it was still kind of weird seeing the voodoo lady cross herself several times during the zombification process.

    Others have remarked on the cutting of the scene where the psychotic dickweed gets killed. I imagine the Brains may have found certain elements of the scene not unlike the scene they cut from Sidehackers, but figured it could be removed in a way that viewers wouldn’t have too much trouble filling in the blanks.

    If you watch certain shots, you can tell that Mike’s Robin costume isn’t fully authentic, as it can be seen that he didn’t go for the Burt Ward pantsless look. For the record, I use a screencap from that host segment as a userpic for when I write blog entries with a superhero topic.

    An interesting point. The poster for the Rifftrax of Batman and Robin has Kevin’s face on Batman and Mike’s face on Robin.

    Overall, I’m kind of meh with this one. Though the riffing and host segments are decent, it’s essentially a slasher flick (think of it, a bunch of delinquent teens are stalked and messily slaughtered by an unstoppable killer). That’s a genre I’m not terribly fond of, so it kind of dampens my enjoyment.

    Some favorite riffs:

    Motorhead. I have their collection of Cole Porter tunes.

    I think I’ll walk down Certain Doom Lane.

    Come to think of it Molly, we’ll just go with a traditional funeral.

    It’s Rasta the Kooky Dread Clown.

    John Cage on the soundtrack.

    George Romero’s Casey at the Bat.

    “She claims it was the Jolly Green Giant.”
    Frankly, I think it was Sprout.

    Cut! Cut! Tia, you’re suppose to be in your underwear in this scene.

    Ironically, they end up busting the zombie for tax evasion.


  48. robot rump! says:

    just some observations:
    1. even though Canada is to blame for this one, i don’t know if sanctions are necessary.
    2. i thought it was pretty unfair that the rather attractive and for the most part innocent ladies were killed while Dr. Penguin wasn’t. then again the blonde was hanging out with wormy guy…
    3. i agree that Tony’s area should have absorbed most of the impact and kept him mostly alive instead of mostly dead.
    4. i really think that there was a place for Will Shatner in this one. Maybe as Adam West’s wisecracking retired buddy or something.
    just a thought.


  49. Dan in WI says:

    I like the opening. The Bots look good in suites and they are dedicated to their work… At least until they learn that they’d have to potentially take a bullet. I guess it was really just an excuse to physically assault Mike.

    Voodoo: “A safe economical way to inflict evil on the world. And it’s fun too.” Even Mike and the Bots seem to agree. Sure they try to use Voodoo to do good, but in the end they use it for playful evil against Dr. Forrester.

    In the opening movie scene we get the riff “Lisa Bonet on any given morning.” Any chance this is a riff on the movie “Angel Heart?”

    We’ve seen Crow’s sensible brown slacks a few times recently. Well it looks to me like another part of that episode 407 gift exchange, Tom’s race car, makes an appearance in the first host segment (slightly redressed) as Tom runs down Crow.

    The first two host segments were very brief non-sequiturs.

    Yes we have the letters to Adam West, but from memory this is the first episode since season 1 without a viewer letter.

    One thing strikes me from watching the Shout! Factory featurette on this disc, unlike Joe Don Baker, Frank Dietz has a sense of humor about his film ending up on MST. Meanwhile I don’t really get a sense if Thor has any opinion on MST. But he does seem to take himself a bit too seriously in general. But then I watch the Easter Egg Luango video on the Shout! Factory disc and I wonder how someone doing that can take anything seriously.

    Favorite Riffs:
    Tom “You know this is America ten years ago or Canada today.”

    Mike “Deathmask featuring Olivia Newton John.”

    Thor attacks the thug. Mike “Oo, nice use of his area.”

    Tom “How does this further the plot?” Mike “How does this further the game of tennis for that matter?”

    Jim “I’ve always wanted to make it with my older sister.” Crow “Wow, so Canada has a south too.”

    Tia hugs her bear. “Whoa check out her teddy.”

    Adam West kills everybody in sight. Mike as Frank “paperwork is really mounting here sir.”


  50. Tom Carberry says:

    So, who would have believed the real break out star of this little gem would have been Shawn Levy, the actor who played the very annoying and slightly psychotic “Jim”. He was born in 1968 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He graduated with honors from Yale University at the age of twenty. Moved to Los Angeles to work on “thirtysomething” (1987) and “Beverly Hills, 90210” (1990) during the 1980s. He directed both Night at the Museum movies (with Ben Stiller) and has a very impressive resume of producing and directing. Yeah, eat your ice cream!

    Favorite lines:

    Look, Lisa Bonet on any given day.
    Danny Bonaduce on any given morning.
    [of Jon Mikl Thor] Eddie Van Halen, no it’s Valerie Bertinelli.
    …you’re right, this is either America 10 years ago, or Canada today.
    What is this, Deathmask, featuring Olivia Newton-John?
    [Shawn Levy/Jim] He kind of looks like Michelle Pfeiffer. It takes a man to wear Farah Fawcett hair.
    [Molly] It’s Rasta—the kooky dred clown.
    [Skinny guy kissing his girlfriend] So many women tennis players wish they were that guy.
    You know, John Goodman on Hume Cronin’s back could outrun this guy.
    I’d never touch you Terry, you’re dirt.
    “I’ve always wanted to make it with my older sister.” Oh, so Canada has a South too.
    Dougie Howser, Detective.
    Adam worked for scale on this film because he wanted to work with this director.
    [Bob] The guy’s got a real Scott Thorson quality.
    [Adam West kicks suspect] That was easy for him. He just pretended it was Tim Burton.
    He had more expressions when he wore a mask.
    Guests being stalked by zombies stay at Best Western hotel.
    [Tia chased by Zombie] Well Tia, it’s still better than working with Mike Myers.
    Oh, is your batmobile in the shop?
    So hell’s right there. That’s why you should call before you dig.

    Final Thought: Tia probably doesn’t list this on resume, but Adam probably does. I give this one 3 out of 5 stars.


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