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Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTie Vacations

Brandon asks:

Tired of the daily grind? Looking for a change of scenery? Hassled by creditors? How about a rejuvenating trip to your favorite MSTie vacation spot?

The dog’s meat; have you seen it? NOW YOU CAN on jolly old Seagull Island!

Where would you go on your MSTie vacation?

I think I’d pick scenic Trollenberg. I’d get an eye-full!

What’s your pick?

87 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTie Vacations”

  1. Flying Saucers Over Oz says:

    Remember, you can visit with Torgo, but don’t bring your American Express!

    Then you can go to Japan and see Gamera dancing go-go!


  2. Dan says:

    Arkansas’ river bottoms. Just doff your shirt & enjoy the mud wrestling.


  3. ready4sumfootball says:

    To Earth! “…there’s just no other planet like the planet I call home…”


  4. ServoTron3000 says:

    What would be better than seeing the USA in a Chevy van with Lee Van Cleef and Timothy Van Patten?


  5. trickymutha says:

    My vacation would be a fantasy: I would borrow Commander Cody’s jetpack and fly myself to the Power Station. After vanquishing the Dark One, I would hang out with Mamie and dance the Calypso. After taking in some Sidehacking, I’d travel to the ends of the earth so see if Thong knows if the fish is ready.

    Well, you get the idea. I’d probably end my adventure with an Egg Cream (no worms) and roll around in money with a hot spy babe.


  6. Jay says:

    Circle Pines, Minnesota –

    I would go to Circle Pines and take a Selfie in front of the giant statue of Mary Jo Pehl.Rumor is that the Circle Pines Cafe whips up a tasty Hot Dish, too.

    Not everyone will get the Circle Pines reference, but the right people will get it (heard that somewhere before…). Hi, Mary Jo!


  7. Mr. B(ob) says:

    We’ve taken MSTie vacations. Leaving from Maryland we went to both Conventio-Cons in Minneapolis in 1994 and 1996 and we returned to Minneapolis in 2008 for a few days wrapping up the last night with the Cinematic Titanic show there at the Old State Theater. We’ve been to Minnesota three times directly related to MST3K activities, otherwise, we probably never would have gone there at all.


  8. itsspideyman says:

    To the carny rides in TISCWSLABMUZ and see the latest in stripping technology.


  9. Cornjob says:

    #22: I thought they were really into Yes on Metaluna.


  10. patrick says:

    I’d have a staycation and doppel myself as a stallion.


  11. goalieboy82 says:

    technically its a Police Box.
    also if i had a Police Box, would stay for a few years to record (or get copies) of each episode of some show about time traveling doctor and his friends (so none will be lost forever).


  12. goalieboy82 says:

    will visit Malta with a fat Texas Sheriff.


  13. Pumafan says:

    Fly Creek, Georgia. Get a worm-free egg cream, do some antique hunting with Mr. Beardsley then a quick spaghetti dinner.


  14. Kenneth Morgan says:

    It’s the space age vacation…today! That’s what you’ll get if you take a trip with SPACOM travel.

    You’ll start off on new, modern Earth, with curly-whirly phone antennae, short ties and the Dodgers, back in Brooklyn where they belong. Then, you’ll travel to the new, modern USAF space station (or Frisbee). You’ll see a brave new world where men fearlessly explore the cosmos, ferret out treacherous Commie spies, and don’t walk on the walls. Meanwhile, women know their place: writhing on spacecraft couches, wearing tight T-shirts and shorts.

    Then, you’ll board the new, modern lunar landing craft (or batteries) and travel to the moon. There, you’ll be marooned for months, but you’ll receive a complimentary promotion and a new, attractive co-pilot you’ll be ordered to marry.

    Book your vacation now. Skullcaps not included.

    (Seriously, Vermont from “Time Chasers” does look good.)


  15. NHCrypto says:

    I can’t think of a better place for a vacation than the Satellite of Love!


  16. JCC says:

    What would be better than seeing the USA in a Chevy van with Lee Van Cleef and Timothy Van Patten?

    Don’t forget the hamster!


  17. Truck Farmer says:

    I’d go to the place where the couple was accosted by that girl gang . . with $11.


  18. I’d vacation at beautiful scenic YUCCA FLATS! Come to feel the thrill of feeding soda pop to pigs, stay for the marvelous beast and his amazing vocabulary! GHAAAAA! But beware of the cannibalistic rabbits. They are cute but not above eating you while splayed out on the ground pretending to be unconscious.


  19. WeatherServo9 says:

    Beaver Falls, Japan, is always lovely. And the science centers, overcrowded cemeteries and abandoned buildings are great.


  20. Cornjob says:

    If I was still single a trip to the 13th moon of Jupiter to hang out with the Fire Maidens would be my choice destination. Maybe now me and my wife could visit the small town where Teenagers from Outer Space is set. Everyone seems so nice there. And I understand there’s a room for rent. And if we get bored there’s always Tor-Cha!


  21. M. Thibault says:

    I think Bloodlust Isle. Everyone is so friendly and I could get into shape as exercise is the thing… that is as pleasant as it is to imagine a relaxing vacation, chatting warmly with ‘cigarette hag’ on Seagull Island.


  22. Herandar says:

    I’d go with (He’s Not) Sinbad and visit his hometown, (Totally Not Russian) Copasand. I’d wait until they possess the Bluebird of Happiness, of course. Free boat parades and jesters for everyone!!


  23. Floki says:

    I want to go to “America”!!! But I want to keep my internal organs.


  24. Ro-man says:

    I’m definitely with #2:

    Loran Alan Davis:
    I would pick Valley Lodge – “…where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the child brides are above average.”

    Definitely an off-the-beaten-path venue for quiet relaxation. As far as amenities, Torgo does a great facial massage. (Though did I hear he’s been replaced–Torgo 2.0?)

    And the live entertainment is definitely not to be missed!


  25. tservo1 says:

    Party Beach anyone?


  26. Mibbitmaker says:

    “Vacation? Tor want go on vacation! Tor tired of mad sci-en-tists! Need for to go away! Need travel far away, want
    Tor go!”

    “whY, I thOUghT yOU’d nEvEr AsK!”

    You’ll have to forgive Mr. Johnson, here. He once thought “TOR-CHA” meant him dancing the cha-cha!


  27. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Rayton AKA the Phantom Planet AKA the Giant Piece of Fried Chicken


  28. Trumpy's Dad says:

    Terrestial: Catalina Island, where clean American youth pump clean American dollars into a clean economy. That and the great parties with plenty of coo coo chicks to pick from. And if Charlie steals my girl, you just do what the Romans do when in Rome…or Athens.
    Space: I would pick six months with Colonel Bright Eyes! And I’d get a promotion. Not because I earn it, just because I’m a guy!

    I’m pretty sure Manos was shot in Texas.


  29. RedZoneTuba says:

    The beautiful quonset-hut villas of Venezuela. Of course, they might be too narrow for me.


  30. Henry says:

    I’d hop in my giant, gas guzzling mid sixties convertible and go visit The Master and Torgo.


  31. Goshzilla says:

    Trumpy’s Dad:

    I’m pretty sure Manos was shot in Texas.

    El Paso. As I recall, “Valley Lodge” was the home of a local judge who was a friend of Hal Warren’s.


  32. Into The Void says:

    “Sometimes the best scenic overlooks are the scenic overlooks not marked as scenic overlooks.” – Joel


  33. Henry says:

    We could all go to Rommel’s cabin, drink beer, do some sidehacking and tell jokes. “That was a number 5!” If we got bored, we could always take a tour of the slag heap where he fought his historic battle with J.C.


  34. Gare.Chicago says:

    I want to go to “America”!!! But I want to keep my internal organs.

    I’m planning on going too. When? Later on…



  35. Gare.Chicago says:

    I’m surprised that nobody else has mentioned scenic Sandia Crest. And before your hike up the mountain (caution – takes much longer at night!), you can have some stew, consisting of corn, chicken, green peppers, chili… sigh… onions…


  36. Satoris says:

    To California! To go to the amusement park in TISCWSLABMUZ. To ride the Cyclon racer, the giant wrecking ball, and, of course, to see the strip shows of average housewives getting ready for bed.


  37. littleaimishboy says:

    Manos was shot in Texas.

    Just to watch it die.


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