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RIP Gregg Palmer

Gregg Palmer (1954)

Gregg Palmer (1954)

ENCINO, Calif.–Actor Gregg Palmer, best known for his roles in dozens of westerns, died here October 31. MSTies will remember him as Johnny Mapes in the movie in episode 419- THE REBEL SET.

Check out this appreciation of his work.

Thanks to Duane, one of my “angels of death,” for the heads up.

4 Replies to “RIP Gregg Palmer”

  1. Lee says:

    A different kind of Encino man.


  2. ck says:

    I guess he’s spinning acting lesson vinyl lps in that
    great record studio in the sky.


  3. jaybird3rd says:

    I knew I recognized that name! Gregg Palmer was in a couple of John Wayne’s later films: in “The Shootist” (Wayne’s last film), he played the big bearded guy who tried (very unsuccessfully) to steal Wayne’s wallet at the beginning of the movie. I also remember him from “Rio Lobo”, “Big Jake”, and “Chisum”, the latter of which was directed by “Mitchell” director Andrew V. McLaglen. (Mike sang a bit of the “Chisum” theme song in the theater during episode #703). Palmer apparently ended his career with “The Blue and the Gray”, also directed by McLaglen.


  4. jaybird3rd says:

    Here’s just a quick anecdote about Gregg Palmer and John Wayne, related by John Mitchum (the late actor-songwriter and brother of Robert Mitchum) in “Duke, We’re Glad We Knew You”:

    “Another story comes to mind concerning Chisum. In the movie, Gregg Palmer, who is 6’4″ and weighs 285 [pounds], was one of the cattle rustlers. He’s sitting in jail and Wayne is talking to him. Gregg says ‘I wasn’t wrestling,’ pronouncing it like the sport rather than ‘rustling,’ the term associated with stealing cattle. So Andy [McLaglen] says ‘Cut!’ Gregg says, ‘What’s the matter?’ Andy tells him you don’t ‘wrestle’ steers, you ‘rustle’ steers. They did it four times and for some reason Gregg couldn’t get it right. So finally Wayne comes over and says, ‘Grizzly,’ (that’s what he called him) ‘if you say I wasn’t “wrestling” one more time, I’m going to knock you on your ass. You were “rustling,” not “wrestling!”‘ Action: ‘I wasn’t rustling,’ Gregg says, as clear as can be. He got the message.”


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