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Now Available (and Available for Pre-order) from RiffTrax…

More NatGeo riffing! Stream or download it here.

Scheduled to be released Nov. 20th, but you can pre-order it now!

11 Replies to “Now Available (and Available for Pre-order) from RiffTrax…”

  1. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Now THAT is a great way to compete with an MST3K kickstarter

    Although, they’re not REALLY rivals… because they’ll both get my money


  2. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock says:

    It does seem that the MST3K Kickstarter helped Daniel Griffith achieve his goal. He’s on the new episode of the MSTieCast, over at


  3. Louisville Slugger says:

    Richard Terry is a myth!


  4. Pot reeves says:



  5. It’ll be interesting to hear their reaction to the infamous line, “HE TOUCHED MY BREASTS!”


  6. JCC says:



  7. Ken McElhaney says:

    Ah, Richard Terry in his third of at least eight episodes of “Man V Monster” that will no doubt be riffed in full by “Rifftrax”. This episode is really no different than the others as we see Richard going through the jungle, crossing bodies of water, talking to people who tell him weird stories that cannot be confirmed, and going through a series of animals that cannot possibly be the “monster”.

    For hopeless alcoholics, you can play the “Take a Drink when Richard Terry Runs His Hands Through His Hair” game. Although I’d advise you to bring plenty of booze. :struggle:

    However, unlike the previous two episodes in which the actual “monster” was so ludicrous that it caused me and no doubt hundreds of others to toss their shoes at the screen. This “monster” is actually plausible…if it were actually…well, maybe I give away too much. ?:-)

    Still, be sure to take your shoes off and remove any objects you can throw from reach when watching. :laugh:


  8. snowdog says:

    One of the Brazilians shares a name with Mike’s brother Eddie.


  9. Ptomreeves says:

    So I see the Live Show of Miami Connection is available for pre-order on the site. That’s great since my daughter was sick and I was unable to go to the actual Live event. Heard it was good and happy to see it come out so soon. Wonder of the Live Show of The Room will make it out?


  10. Joshua says:

    It’s here… Nobody beats the Wiz-ard.


  11. Lex says:

    Oh, the Wizard. The thing about that movie is that it’s a thinly veiled Nintendo commercial and Nintendo didn’t really need it. Super Mario Bros. 3 is featured in it at the end. Now that was a good game. I wanted it for my birthday and it took us weeks to find it, because they kept selling out of it. It actually came up in conversation one day with my friends and I said ‘Californiaaaa’ and the instantly knew what I was talking about. If you see it, you can spot Tobey Maguire somewhere in there. I don’t know anyone who had the Nintendo power glove. I don’t even know how you were supposed to use it.


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