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Turkey Day, and Another Joel Interview

Turkey Day 2015 is history. The six films shown were “Outlaw (of Gor),” “Eegah!” “Gorgo,” “Teenagers from Outer Space,” “Danger! Death Ray” and “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.” The interstitial bits were filmed at he Kickstarter headquarters, and Kickstarter employees were alongside Joel as he introduced each film.

Speaking of Kickstarter, during the final movie the total crashed through the 3 million mark, and as of this writing (early Friday evening) is still climbing toward the next goal, $3.3 million.

Meanwhile, Dan O’Sullivan of interviewed Joel.

14 Replies to “Turkey Day, and Another Joel Interview”

  1. Ryan says:

    Any other show related big news drop during the marathon?


  2. dakotaboy says:

    Will the interstitial bits be posted somewhere, so those who missed it can see them?


  3. Thad says:

    Will the interstitial bits be posted somewhere, so those who missed it can see them?

    If you’re willing to deal with Yahoo Screen, all the episodes are still available there for now, and I think they’ve got the introductions with them.

    But I agree, I’d like to see somebody just post all of them to YouTube in a single video.


  4. David J says:

    No big announcements. They kept things pretty low key(probably because they want to put all the production money towards new episodes).

    (These might be considered spoilers, but there were no big surprises anyway):
    Joel hung around Kickstarter headquarters where various employees either didn’t really understand what he was talking about or had amusing reactions to the food he brought. Cute but not hilarious. He had some brief iPad video chats, one with Crow, one with Servo, and and one with Jonah. And he spoke with a woman whose letter they read on MST3K back when she was 8 years old. She’s done well for herself and later she came back to sing her own modernized version of the MST3K theme song.

    You can watch a rerun of the whole thing on Also you can buy digital versions of most of the episodes Shout Factory has put out for $5 each, buy the Turkey Day DVD set signed by Joel for $100, or even buy all 87 digital episodes from Shout Factory for $150. All purchases from the Turkey Day Specials count toward the donation for the BringBackMST3K Kickstarter campaign. A new official MST3K YouTube channel is also up that includes some of the annotated episodes. And they also added a reward for people who donate at least $85 and only want the digital versions of the new episodes with no physical rewards(getting the new episodes with the physical rewards in $100).

    Not exactly an announcement, but Shout Factory promoted some of their releases and among them were all the Super Marionette TV shows that Gerry and Sylvia Anderson did. Although these aren’t straight up MST3K announcements, some of you may know that “Invaders from the Deep” and “Revenge of the Mysterions” were the first two movies riffed on KTMA. So Shout Factory does have a deal to publish those. The next two KTMA films were “Star Force: Fugitive Alien II” and “Gamera vs Barugon” which Sandy Frank already worked out a deal for Shout Factory to release both in original and MSTied formats. Joel had implied he would release some early episodes that hardcore fans had been asking for(probably the first 4 since no known fan recordings exist) if the Kickstart reached $3.3 million by midnight on Thanksgiving.

    Unfortunately, this goal was not reached(although it got past $3 million which is still pretty impressive and he’s throwing at least 6 classic digital episodes for people who have donated). Hopefully Joel will find it in his heart to attach that reward to another challenge.

    Joel and Shout Factory really want to reach $5.5 million so they can show the networks and streaming services that there is enough of a fanbase to fund an entire season of 12 episodes. The Kickstarter has some really nice rewards for backers and if you don’t want to go the Kickstarter route you can just buy MST3K episodes at and the money from your purchase will go toward the kickstarter.

    (I think I’ve typed enough now. Happy Thanksgiving!)


  5. Thad says:

    Quick followup: the last video is at . The others are probably in there somewhere but I haven’t found them yet. (There’s a Turkey Day Marathon Joel Segments list, but it doesn’t have this year’s; they might get added there later.)

    Hat tip to BathTub over in the other thread.


  6. Jay says:

    i couldn’t get the feed on my antique first generation IPad, so my beloved wife set it up on her MacBook Pro. She even watched the whole magilla with me. Now that’s true love! Favorite Moment –
    During Santa Claus Conquers the Martians she suddenly exclaimed, “Girmar! Bomar! I get it! Girl Martian and Boy Martian!”. Hooray for Santa Claus and MST3K.


  7. new cornjob says:

    no seems to had mentioned yet, the sighting of gypsy! during tom’s “facetime” call (i believe that was between the first and second movies), crow just walks by in the background… and then gypsy does the same too; just non-chalantly strolls by, then peeks back in over tom’s shoulder as he says goodbye.

    so that’s one great little detail; it seems like a “nod” that she’ll be back in some reincarnated form too!


  8. jaybird3rd says:

    Thanks for the overview, #4! One slight correction: fan copies DO exist of the fourth KTMA episode, “Gamera vs. Barugon” (I’ve got one, albeit of poor quality). It’s the first three episodes that have been “lost,” and for those who haven’t been following along, Joel has been giving some pretty strong hints that we might FINALLY get to see them somehow! When (and if) that announcement comes, I hope that even those MSTies who aren’t on board with the new series can find it in their hearts to send a little something Joel’s way to help make it happen. This is HISTORY!!!

    By far, my favorite part of the Turkey Day marathon was Ashley Holtgraver’s conversation with Joel, and the song they sang together at the end. Eight-year-old Ashley wrote the cute kid’s letter that was shown at the end of “Fire Maidens of Outer Space.” I’ve said it before, but I think it’s really neat that her appearance in the Turkey Day marathon comes exactly 23 years to the day after her fan letter was first read on the air by Joel.


  9. Goshzilla says:

    By far, my favorite part of the Turkey Day marathon was Ashley Holtgraver’s conversation with Joel, and the song they sang together at the end.Eight-year-old Ashley wrote the cute kid’s letter that was shown at the end of “Fire Maidens of Outer Space.”I’ve said it before, but I think it’s really neat that her appearance in the Turkey Day marathon comes exactly 23 years to the day after her fan letter was first read on the air by Joel.

    Agreed. Ashley’s appearance (as well as the reading of new letters) was easily the best part of the marathon and made it worth sitting through almost ten straight hours of episodes I’ve seen a dozen times. I just wish it didn’t feel quite so much like a pledge drive telethon. They got my pledge on Day One. It felt a bit “preaching to the choir,” but hey, whatever it takes.

    So… Bill’s beard: thumbs up or thumbs down? Personally, I like it. Hope he keeps it for the live show Thursday. HUR HUR HUR HUR HUR.


  10. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock says:

    But if you watch the marathon on Yahoo, or Pluto.TV, who is still streaming it, you get a whole different set of host segments! Not the ones shot at Kickstarter, but basic ones with Joel against a blue screen intro-ing the movies. Check them out if you haven’t yet, it’s bonus marathon!


  11. Mike "ex-genius" Kelley says:

    Slightly OT (but only slightly) but does anyone else think it odd that Joel hasn’t commented here?

    Yeah, I KNOW he’s a busy man, but he’s busy trying to raise money, right? You’d think at the very least, during all the interviews, videos, tweets and other things he’s been doing to promote donating that he would stop by the number one MST3K web site (sorry, and post ONE thing just to touch base. Or perhaps that IS more of a preaching to the choir — if he truly feels that everyone here who would have donated has done so already I could see him skipping it, but I do think that would be leaving money on the table (because I suspect there are at least a few dozen fans he could convince with a personal touch).

    I would never have thought of this had not folks like Frank (or even Conor from RT) have taken the effort to post here, even on a semi-regular basis. Could it be that Joel is so unsavvy he doesn’t KNOW about this place?


  12. David J says:

    Joel has extended the Turkey Day challenge. If the Kickstarter reaches $3.3 million by the end of Cyber Monday, he’ll still count it. Also if the challenge is met, anyone who donates $85 or over gets a thank you in the credits for themselves or someone else the choose.

    The purchases from don’t count towards this challenge as Joel hasn’t figured out how to get the Kickstarter page to reflect those as contributions, but they will count towards the final goal.


  13. David J says:

    I don’t think Joel has ever commented on a thread on this site. But he’s well aware of The Satellite News and looks at it now and then. There was one occasion where he emailed Sampo in response to a question he mentioned in an episode guide entry explaining where the “Hat Party” concept came from. Joel has been posting regular updates to Kickstarter and Twitter and he’s given some hints about just how busy this campaign has kept him.

    I also look into Ashley’s band Freezepop. It sounds like their most mainstream work has been for a bunch of the video games published by Harmonix. They do mostly tech music so it’s no wonder that one of their members does web development. Seems like a fun group.


  14. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock says:

    The MstieCast talked with Jonah Ray on the latest podcast


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