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RiffTrax Live: How Was the Show?

Okay, it’s 8 p.m. in the west, the west coast viewers should be in their seats with their phones off, so Charlie the pretzel monkey says: let’s get started!

First the business:

By emailing you get an email back with lots of little prizes and discounts, etc.

They announced that there will be two repeat showings: Starship Troopers on Thursday, Jan. 14 and The Room on Thursday, Jan. 28.

Visit to get the digital goodies, including the new RiffTones song.

And visit for the new RiffTrax app. They seemed very excited about it, saying it will automatically synch any movie — including a movie in a theater…hmmm…

Theater about half full in Scranton. They seemed to be loving it.

They did three shorts: “Santa Claus’ Story” (and a weird one it was), “Custard the Dragon” (which made NO sense) and one they’ve done before “Santa’s Enchanted Village” (“kids love it when furries have labor disputes” and “I need you BOTH tonight” — a callback). Another callback: “Hey look! Grass…or is it corn?” Also: “Slrpnls.” There was even a Torgo reference.

As they explained at the previous show, this version of the main movie was different from the one they already riffed — the Thumblina story line is out and a deeply ’70s-clad “Jack in the Beanstalk” story took it’s place. One of many highlights–the appearance of the rare “male cameltoe.” I also particularly loved the way the movie used was clearly the amusement park’s refuse heap as a backdrop for some scenes. Amazing.

All in all, a great show. I laughed really hard. Both Kevin’s and Bill’s beards are lookin’ good. I’m done.


53 Replies to “RiffTrax Live: How Was the Show?”

  1. skierpete says:

    So I went to the rebroadcast last night – being the first time seeing this “movie”. I can’t know how they call it a movie, it looks like a guy with a santa suit and a sleigh and a camera had an afternoon to kill at the beach and so they shot some film and spliced it together as a movie. I know a lot of people said this was one of the better ones, but I didn’t think the riffing was especially great, but combined with the WTF-level shorts and movie I sure was laughing very hard. The “Jack and The Beanstalk” portion looked like high art compared to the Santa stuff…OMG where in the world did they dig this thing up.


  2. EAG46 says:

    I saw the rebroadcast too. After seeing all the weird Santas, all I could think was: Man am I glad I’m Jewish and didn’t deal with that nonsense growing up. The Jack & the Beanstalk story was rather interesting, and I thought “Honest John” was kind of cute. But those poor kids sweating in the hot Florida sun…and the animals…I hope they got something out of the movie other than material for therapy. The riffs were funny of course, esp Jack observing his fairytale neighbors. “Old Woman in a Shoe had ANOTHER kid..”


  3. Jacqui says:

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