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Weekend Discussion Thread: Which MSTed Movie Character Would YOU Vote For?

Our pal MSTie asks:

How about, with the campaign season upon us: Which MSTed character would make a great or interesting U.S. President?
I’ll have to say Gregory Peck’s character in Marooned. One, he has the gravitas and authoritative voice for the job. Also, he does what needs to be done with a minimum of fuss, and if someone has to be sacrificed for the greater good, he doesn’t let sentiment get in the way.
Bonus political candidate: Rowsdower for Canadian Prime Minister! Get some government funding to study that whole beer on the sun thing, eh?

She adds:

Please, for the love of all that is holy and unholy, would posters please refrain from making any kinds of comments about or comparisons to real life politicians, or this thread could blow up quickly.

We must agree. PLEASE no actual political commentary. Please.

That said, we’re going to go with the “Perfect Order” guys from “Stranded in Space.” They make the monorails run on time, and that whole black turtleneck and sports jacket look was awesome.

Your picks?

101 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Which MSTed Movie Character Would YOU Vote For?”

  1. zxcvv says:

    A bad movie on every TV! Two wisecracking robots in every home! NO ESCAPE.


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