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More Mads News

Trace and Frank wandered on to the set of “Svengoolie” last week…

BTW, The Mads will appear at O Comic Con in Council Bluffs, Iowa, July 8-10. More info here.

And they’ll be doing a show at the Carolina Theatre of Durham, N.C., Friday, Aug. 5. More info here.

14 Replies to “More Mads News”

  1. Mike says:

    This is how Clay and TV’s Frank exist in my headcanon: a middle-aged same-sex couple poking around open houses looking for the perfect fixer-upper.


  2. MonkeyPretzel says:

    Obviously Svengoolie is the current occupant of Castle Forrester and Dr. F is buying back his ancestral home. ;-)


  3. Matt Croc says:

    Good to see someone archived this. I recall Sven ran into Trace at a con and some of that was featured on the show. Not sure if anyone has that saved.


  4. Majorjoe23 says:

    I want to go see the mads in Council Bluffs, but I’m volunteering at a music festival that weekend. Bummer.


  5. ck says:

    Has it been aired yet? Don’t recall
    seeing them or a reference at the beginning of an episode of
    their being there.


  6. Matt Croc says:

    Has it been aired yet? Don’t recall
    seeing them or a reference at the beginning of an episode of
    their being there.

    It was on last Saturday June 4th. It was around the mid way point of the movie they were showing.


  7. EAG46 says:

    The bit was cute but I wish they did more.


  8. David J says:

    Was this filmed a while ago or did Trace shave his beard recently?


  9. Kenneth Morgan says:



  10. John Paradox says:

    Ironically, I just started recording Svengoolie this week [keep an eye open for my video cut]



  11. MonkeyPretzel says:

    David J:
    Was this filmed a while ago or did Trace shave his beard recently?

    Trace was cleanshaven for the live RenFest Twitch broadcast on 5/24.


  12. Kali says:

    Anyone know what the movie was?


  13. Tim S. Turner says:

    Kali, it’s from “She-Wolf of London”.


  14. new cornjob says:

    anyone looking thru the original sven epi showing last weekend of “she-wolf of london,” frank and trace appear oh maybe right around 00:45 into the broadcast (it was right around 00:50 with commercials – so maybe even more like 00:42 or something, as many commercials as they pack in anymore…)

    i keep waiting for someone (and since they won’t, i guess it falls to me… ;) to wonder out loud, was their play some sort of weird clue to the future of sven? and to mst3k-redux?

    touchy… touchy! i hate to even broach the subject… but, mr. rk can’t play sven forever (and i’d been watching him since i was a teen, and he was on for ten years at least even before then!)… and, i don’t think there’s anyone currently “in the scene” enough “borscht-belt-by-way-of-berwyn” to take his place. ;\… is there?? (would love if there were someone edgy enough to push the envelope like the original sven… :) buuut, i dunna think there are cap’n…)

    ssooo… i kinda wondered, kinda wondered… after seeing what they did… if they weren’t pre-proposing the new mst3k to replace sven’s timeslot? :0 it kind of seemed to have that bit of a hint of an edge to it, i thought… “blasphemy!” i know!… just, trying to read through the layers of whatever’s going on, maybe ’round thar… :) i hate to see sven go, but at the same time, i’d rather he get to retire early and enjoy the rest of his days as easily and breezily as possible… and, what better 2-hour replacement time-slot could there be, except maybe – new!?! and even maybeez, repeatzz old MST3K?!? :) (shout factory?! you got this franchisey thing going down lately for them, don’t you? :) strike up deals for mass-redis!)

    you can’t beat that… :) and it’d be wins all around, wouldn’t it? :) i imagine “meTV” and any other prospects are waiting to see what the new show’ll be like first, but, i bet it’s a good bet. :) even if you have all the epis already, i’d bet you’d tune in, just to play it for your friends… and there’d be so many new fans catching on along the way. good bet, i think… :) don’t you? ;0


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