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Weekend Discussion Thread: Callbacks in the New Show

Alert regular Kenneth suggests:

“What callbacks to the original show would you like to see in the revival?”

I would suspect they are going to light on these, but a few would be fun. A well-placed “hi-keeba,” for example.

What do you think?

111 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Callbacks in the New Show”

  1. new cornjob says:

    predicating that mr. oswalt’s gonna end up just being “frank” instead of “new frank” or “son-of/clone-of etc etc”… personally i can’t wait for miss (or mz.) zinga to have a total meltdown, ala pops/dr.-f (picture the manos intro when frank hands the chocolate bunny to dr. f ;), and just yelling with extreme prejudice off-screen, “PUSH THE BUTTON FRRANK!” i can soooo picture her doing that already!


  2. EricJ says:

    Johnny’s nonchalance:
    You are bizarrely authoritative

    …THANK you! :) (I think.)


  3. Into The Void says:

    Johnny Drama: Now this thread is getting callbacks! Hi-Keeba!

    Yeah, I rarely wade through all of the replies prior to my own.


  4. Into The Void says:

    Callbacks. Won’t you?

    “Callbacks. Won’t we?”

    Two other oldie-but-goodies…



    “Help me”


  5. sdogmoore says:

    A Five Pound Potty!


  6. goalieboy82 says:

    Into The Void: “Shtem-low”

    watch out for snakes!


  7. goalieboy82 says:

    Johnny Drama: Now this thread is getting callbacks!


  8. MST3K Zealot says:

    Fan of Joe Bob Briggs:
    My thoughts:

    No verbal callbacks.Let’s upgrade to visual for the first season of the revival.

    Hidden/placed somewhere in each episode, an authentic item/piece from the original SOL, or Gizmonic Institute, or the skits, or The Movie.Observant misties would be looking for these items similarly to Seinfeld fans watching for a Superman image to appear.

    What do you think, Joel?

    That actually sounds rather cool.


  9. John Adam says:

    I’m Cherokee Jack [delivered flatly].


  10. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    I had to come back to this thread when I realized (after watching Time Chasers) that chinderwear must live on.

    Chinderwear, whenever there is an actor with a chin-butt, should always get a mention.


  11. new cornjob says:

    one of the current presidential campaigns could use a -lot- of “chinderwear”… not to mention “knuckleslings!” lol!


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