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Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite RiffTrax Live Show

Alert regular Paul notes:

The recent RiffTrax Live: MST3k Reunion show marked the 20th live show broadcast in theaters. Which shows are your favorite?

Along with the MST3k Reunion show, I hold the December 2009 Holidays Shorts show among the best! It’s also composed solely of shorts, which helped maintain attention spans. Also, they improved on their first show from that year by eliminating mid-show musical numbers! Oh, and who could forget…”I NEED YOU TONIGHT!”

I think I’ll go with “Birdemic.” I remember stumbling out of that one with a bad case of “laugh stomach.”

Your pick?

Also, keep those WDT suggestions coming!

53 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Your Favorite RiffTrax Live Show”

  1. new cornjob says:

    PRE-PS: BEH! i think i posted this underneath a diff thread that i initially wanted to! :) so, please just take it in spirit… sorry, i didn’t mean to derail a thread here… :)


    oh i feel soooo stupid for not thinking of this by now, but in terms of taking “sat-news” as a bit of social-networking (and i eschew many of the current forms of it myself…)

    <> is gonna be my tag for now. at least, i hope to add it to most every post i’ve got from hereforth… because, i simply want to pass that verymuchsaid forth to mah distant bud, “brutha-nutha-mutha” an’ awlll that…

    it’s not been much discussed at all (good! ;) since hard times happened. but, i just wanted to let him know, as i hope many of us have thought meantime – leave there be a good amount of time to let life work itself out. just, simply, <> to our bro.

    -many- of us might think, as the proverbial “chinese curse” goes, that we are “living in interesting times…” but, g’damn. it’s not like at all, what mr. po must be going through. so… i dunno… just a random thought this afternoon, but i hope if it makes up for all the things that have been said this year (by folks who don’t seem to be knowing what they’re saying, when they say it)… hope it helps and goes down well. :) “a spoonful of sugar” and all that… copyrighted! ;)

    any of you want to take it to the twitter/proper-hashtag level, i certainly wouldn’t mind it… i encourage it! :) i’m just not currently savvy with all the tags, FB or TW or otherwise…


  2. new cornjob says:

    hey, boo! so, i don’t blame you if that last message from me didn’t make much sense; stuff i put between double-carrots () didn’t come out… i was meaning to connoct up a twitty-hashtag (perhaps new), along the lines of


    … :) because, i think all of us would, so much right now. since i think the posting filter edited me out thar’, it seems like i missed half my message, just with missing those few words between carrot-signs… sorry for that. :) just that i was thinkin’… some of us think we might be going through a hard year so far this year, but ain’t nothing like what sir oswalt is going through. ;\ not by a long shot…

    so, let’s keep our collective minds, senses and sensibilities oriented in a correct and aligned manner, eh?? :) and huggzz to all humanity, going through crazier stuff than we might think we are going through ourselves. eh?? :)

    i wish something like that could be broadcast as mantra, every hour on the hour off of “fox (news)” anymore! (and every news service on the way down, for that matter…)

    “hey, ba’al! how you doin’ this afternoon man? wanna hang out and chill?” ;)


  3. Walrus says:

    And the winner is “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”. I would have gone up to receive the award but I’m behind some guy who doesn’t know how to walk.


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