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New Streaming Eps…

logo-new-3cbc5391526cf0d22b1343f11fea2653 There are two new classic MST3K episodes on Shout! Factory TV: “Slime People” and “The Crawling Eye”.

The episodes can be found here.

14 Replies to “New Streaming Eps…”

  1. the_dumpster says:

    Looks like Volume 36 won’t be sold in stores.


  2. BlackRobbin says:

    Why won’t volume 36 be sold in stores?


  3. tservo2002 says:

    It’s just not available at or Barnes & Noble or other online retailers like that. Amazon has it but it’s like 15 bucks more than any other new set that has come up recently. Anyone know why this set is not available in multiple places like the last few have been?


  4. Majorjoe23 says: has the new set as well, at a better price than Amazon. I want to buy it at Amazon though, because I have a $30 gift card.


  5. Someone in a tree says:

    Have you tried posting about this on the product page on Shout!’s website? It looks like they’re pretty good about responding.


  6. Lavendare says:

    Speaking of Shout Factory, check this article out. It’s like someone drunkenly used a thesaurus and then forgot to proofread. :-D


  7. Johnny Drama says:

    I’m worried about Shout! dropping the ball with the Vol 3 reissue. They’re saying no bonus features. Ouch. It would seem like such a natural to port over the original Vol 3 bonus footage, and tag on The Unearthly’s MST Hour Wraps.

    Vol 1 and 2’s reissues have bonus features, why not Vol 3? I sincerely hope this is not a sign of things to come.


  8. Herandar says:

    The answer to all of these questions is most likely that Physical Media is dying. Streaming content is too convenient, despite the inherent risks of losing access in an undetermined future date.

    Well, all of the questions except “Have you tried posting about this on the product page on Shout!’s website?” of course.


  9. Thad says:

    @Herandar: You’re not wrong, but it sure seems like there’s still a market among MST3K fans for physical media and DVD extras.

    Personally I’m more inclined to buy episodes through Rifftrax because I know they’re sharing the profits with all the principal cast. But it seems clear that a lot of fans still appreciate physical media and pay good money for it. (Actually I just splurged $80 for the out-of-print Gamera set on Amazon — of course, physical media can become unwatchable too, so I plan to rip all the discs to my hard drive.) And I think most of us probably have a positive association with phsyical media from the old days when we kept circulating the tapes.


  10. Johnny Drama says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the upgraded episodes, and those get A LOT more viewings than the bonus features. Outside of a few whoops moments where Shout! forgot to put an MST Hour Wraps in a set here and there, they’ve been pretty awesome about getting us those extras, as small as they may be.
    Maybe if they can’t provide those extras on disc, perhaps the Shout! YouTube channel or Shout! Factory TV would be a good home for them (the “Bonus Footage” on Vol. 3, and any forgotten MST Hour Wraps like Space Travelers, etc.).
    I’d be down with that. But first choice, for me, will always be in the set itself.
    Either way, I’m not stopping buying these reissues!


  11. Thad says:

    @Johnny Drama: Yeah, YouTube seems to be the new destination for the sort of original programs that used to be DVD extras. I read something recently, for example, about how Marvel is considering resuming production of the Marvel One-Shots shorts that it used to include as DVD extras, but putting them on YouTube instead.


  12. the_dumpster says:

    I did e-mail Shout Factory twice, and they said that they will look into it. As of today, it’s still not in retail stores. Looks like they only will sell physical media online only.


  13. Thad says:

    Something to add regarding digital versus physical media: it’s not like we watch MST3K for the pristine picture quality, but man, the interlacing on some of the DVD’s is *bad*. You can feed it through a filter, but that results in some pretty soft/blurry edges.


  14. Basil says:

    For cord-cutters, the Shout! Factory TV official apps on Roku and Amazon Fire TV has these and the other 60-something episodes that are available for streaming. Free, but they do contain commercials.


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