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New Annotated Episode…


As always, post any additions or corrections there, not here.

And speaking of augmenting episodes, a brave fellow has begun completely closed captioning all the episodes (he hopes) for the hearing impaired. His Youtube Channel is here. It’s tough to read a puppet’s lips and it’s even harder when the puppet his its back to you, so, as somebody with a loved one who is hearing impaired, I very much approve.

His latest work is 113- BLACK SCORPION. A test run will stream at here on Saturday, Aug. 13 at 8:30 EDT.

12 Replies to “New Annotated Episode…”

  1. goalieboy82 says:

    its about time the mole people is up on youtube.


  2. EricJ says:

    Doesn’t one of the subscription services (Amazon? HuluPlus?) run Shout MST3K episodes with dual riff/movie subtitles?
    Not all the episodes across the board, but I’ve seen one or two–Not separate captioning, just captioning everything that’s spoken.


  3. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    All hail THE LOAD


  4. littleaimishboy says:

    The good thing about these episodes is they’re right there to watch in full on youtube (with a couple commercials thrown in that you can hit “skip” for after a few seconds).

    The annotations though … I don’t know. They explained Batman (“Batman is a famous comic book character”) and told us what a “post-it note” was (gee you learn something every day!) but said nothing about “scoliosis man” (a riff re The Pumaman’s flying style), among others.

    But it’s free …


  5. leave a reply says:

    Erica Jong … Fear of Trolling


  6. MissT3K says:

    As a teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children – I approve!! :)


  7. Johnny Drama says:

    I anxiously wait season 2 and up, so I can finally properly introduce my deaf friend to the show. It frustrates the hell out of him; he can’t distinguish the voices unless I crank it, so this will help tremendously.

    Also, this YouTube site is captioning in Spanish and Russian!

    They sometimes run a live stream of the actual captioning as it happens, usually in the wee hours of the night.


  8. Patrick says:

    I love this one.


  9. Green Switch says:

    From the gesture professor to the last earthquake, The Mole People is an awesome episode.

    It’s nice that hard-of-hearing fans don’t have to miss out on the fun with captioned MST3K episodes.


  10. AFFA says:

    Cool! As an American Sign Language interpreter I approve too!


  11. Mike says:

    Pray Universal Dosen’t Pull it.


  12. TheGreatVorelli says:

    Apparently they won’t let him upload Black Scorpion. nuts.


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