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Weekend Discussion Thread: ‘Fly on the Wall?’

Our alert pal Timmy asks:

What film that the Brains chose would you have like to been in the room for, when they watched/wrote the jokes. Mine are the 2 Joe Don Baker films.

I want to go with “I Accuse My Parents” ’cause I think they got SO into the movie, it would be fun to witness the creative process.


58 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: ‘Fly on the Wall?’”

  1. littleaimishboy says:


    It’s practically a meme nowadays, but back then the writers were the first people to see it in untold years. Howard Carter kind of thing.


  2. Blonde Russian Spy says:

    I know the KTMA episodes weren’t written in the traditional sense, but I’d love to see how they were put together. It would be so cool to see the host segments being planned, as well as the taping process, where they came up with the riffs on the spot.


  3. Well, Manos and Monster A-Go-Go were two of my all-time, bar none favorites.
    The Brains also mention how painful it was writing “to” those movies, so I’d totally like to have been amazingly transparent so I could watch what they went through for me.


  4. Ray Dunakin says:

    I’d have to pick Marooned, to see how the writers dealt with all that star power — Peck, Hackman, etc. — in such a crappy movie. It must have been an odd disconnect.

    It probably helped that Crow does a killer Peck.


  5. MSTie says:

    Ray Dunakin: It probably helped that Crow does a killer Peck.

    No kidding! That was one of the best parts of the riffing.


  6. EricJ:
    The whole “Script negotiation” sketches from Incredible Melting Man feels like we ARE watching a fly-on-the-wall for the Brains dealing with Universal over the Movie.

    Y’know, I quickly noticed that in quite a few movies, there are exchanges between Joike and the Bots in the theater that sound as if they’re verbatim transcripts of exchanges between the Brains in the writers’ room. There’s a scene in King Dinosaur that’s like that, plus the entire riffing passage during the opening credits of Monster A Go-Go…

    Joel: There’s an odor of incompetence already in the air…
    Crow: Oh, you can’t tell just from the credits!
    Servo: Joel’s right, this has stinkburger written all over it…
    Crow: Well, I don’t care — I am gonna riff away like it’s nobody’s business! I can’t think of anything now, but… (sigh)…this is gonna suck…


  7. Gary Bowden:
    I would’ve loved to been in the writing room and see what movies they DIDN’T do..

    According to the ACEG, Mesa Of Lost Women — later done by RiffTrax — was under consideration for Season 7, but Pehl’s attitude was “absolutely no way.”

    I also understand that they took a pass on Plan 9 From Outer Space because they found it “too talky”, too difficult to slip the riffs in. Still, RiffTrax did a fine job on it some years later.


  8. Jeff Lattimer says:

    I would say Hellcats and The Giant Spider Invasion.
    Honorable mentions: Manos,Escape 2000 and the Deadly Mantis.


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