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Weekend Discussion Thread: Pet Names

Alert regular Paul opines:

While watching the recent RiffTrax Live showing of “Mothra,” I made the observation that Mothra was like a giant pet to the two fairy girls. It got me wondering if any MST3k fans have named their pets after any of the characters from MST3k or the films or shorts seen on the show, or would contemplate doing so.

For instance, if I had a pet boa constrictor snake, I’d name him after Coily the Spring Sprite from “A Case of Spring Fever” (get it?). If I had a pet fish, I might name him Dr. Z from the “Blood Waters of Dr. Z” experiment. What MST3k-related pet name would you name a household animal companion of yours after, if you haven’t already?

Maybe some MST3k fans have named a pet turtle after Gamera, or a pet lizard/iguana Godzilla? Or maybe a fan could name a lazy cat Droppo, after the laziest man on Mars from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

I never did this, but I had a friend who had a slightly slow but loyal and friendly golden retriever who I used to call Gypsy.


55 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Pet Names”

  1. EricJ says:

    radioman970: I know the Mst3k guys love the 3 Stooges.

    I take it that smiley was meant as irony, after watching RT’s “Swing Parade”.


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Critter and Buzz would be good pet names


  3. staytogethercheeks says:

    …somehow…I thought I was the only one.
    I have an 18 month old German Shep dog named ‘Akio’ after the lead boy in Gamera v Guiron [have never seen the non-MST3K version]
    I was laid up with the flu watching that episode 2+ years ago, really liked the ring/inflections when Akio’s [dubbed] mother would talk to him/call after him, and over a year after that the name was still with me.

    For some reason, people are very curious when they learn his name, but their interest fades quickly when I begin; “well, I was watching a Gamera movie and…”


  4. Travis says:

    I named my pet box turtle Gamera! Her previous owners had named her “Moxie,” but I felt that being named after a 200-ft tall fire-breathing monster was far better than being named after a nasty-tasting soda.


  5. Trumpy's Dad says:

    Sorry I’m so late, but the first time we saw Pod People my wife said “Trumpy – that would be a good name for a dog.” And almost ten years later when she got her first pet ever, we named our black and white cocker spaniel Trumpy. She was an evil genius who stuck her long snout just about everywhere. We even showed some pictures of her to the brains at the last Cinematic Titanic show. Mary Jo seemed very impressed and corresponded for a bit with my wife. Trumpy could do stupid things. And yes, Trumpy could do magic. She could make food disappear!


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