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Weekend Discussion Thread: Three Fictional MST3k characters

Alert reader “Johnny Drama” suggests:

With the recent #threefictionalcharacters thing going around, I thought it might be interesting to do #threeMST3Kcharacters (from the movies) that best describe you. I’ll have to give it some thought myself.

Krasker, Dad from “A Date with your Family” and Ator. Figure that one out.


50 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Three Fictional MST3k characters”

  1. robot rump! says:

    the shopkeeper from ‘Brute Man,’ Dr Carlo Lombardi and ‘Krankor.’


  2. HauntedHill says:

    Alan Hale (the Sheriff) from The Giant Spider Invasion, John Agar (Prof. Ferguson)from Revenge of the Creature, and Troy from The Final Sacrifice…


  3. Jay says:

    Three characters that describe me? Hmmm…

    Old Man Crenshaw – I like to barbecue little creatures.
    The The Eye Creatures – Sometimes, actually almost every day, I just don’t care (how I dress).
    TV’s Frank – I would just love to have that spit curl he sports! How do you do that, Frank?


  4. Kansas says:

    Eegah (can’t shave very well); Joe Moss in Skydivers (I really like coffee); ruthless KGB agent in Beast of Yucca Flats firing at Tor Johnson (can’t shoot worth a darn).


  5. robniles says:

    Johnny Longbow, Mr. B Natural, and Megaweapon. I’m long-winded and rampage-y.


  6. Rip McStudly says:

    Deputy Geronimo, Sheriff Alan Hale Jr, the slightly less creepy radar peeper in Eye Creatures. I’m predisposed towards being a fat, incompetent sheriff, I tell bad jokes, and people are generally right to shun me.


  7. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    Johnny from Time of the Apes, Anita from Atomic Brain, Tor from The Beast of Yucca Flats. That’s usually how my day goes.


  8. dakotaboy says:

    Troy from Final Sacrifice – I suspect many MSTies can relate to him.

    Mr. B Natural – for the spirit of music in everyone.

    Narrator from The Selling Wizard – I’m always talking to attractive women, but never getting anywhere with them.


  9. John Hanna says:

    Hercules from ‘Hercules And The Captive Women’. All I want to do is sleep.
    The monster from ‘Monster a Go-Go’. Sometimes I feel I’m not really all there.
    And I hate to say it, but Watney from ‘Outlaw’. People seem to be repelled by me.


  10. Satoris McGreggor says:

    Sam Casey because I’m mellow.
    Rowsdower because I do a mean load of laundry.
    Deathstalker, because I like hot metal on my groin…………maybe too much info.


  11. Bruce Boxliker says:

    Buzz from Mr. B Natural – I’m probably more shy & awkward than him, even at the age of 41.
    Captain Santa from Space Mutiny – I’m never quite sure what’s going on.
    Godzilla – Constantly torn between wanting to protect humanity or destroying it.


  12. ck says:

    Aran Fingol, Nick of Time Chasers, and Biff Hardcheese (Space Mutiny). Say what you will—they got the girl(s).


  13. Andrew says:

    Aram Fingle in “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank”

    Pitch in “Santa Claus”

    The ventriloquist’s cheeky assistant in “Devil Doll”


  14. Torque the Dorque says:

    Mr. Romaine from Sinster Urge because I like to yell at public servants about how MY taxes pays THEIR salary.

    Eulabelle from the Horror of Party Beach because I don’t know how many times I’ve had to talk people (Bosses) into doing the most obvious actions for a given situation.

    Micky from Prince of Space because I sometimes go through some very depressed periods. “I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!” sums it up for these episodes.


  15. Bob(NotThatBob) says:

    Droppo – definitely Droppo. Sleepy all the time, attempts comedy with result more in sympathy than in laughter…
    The Incredible Melting Man – cuz I’m traveling through my 50s now and every time I look in the mirror, my face and neck are a little more melty and saggy…
    and Robot Monster. I feel like I’m watching the world so far removed, wondering what’d be like to “Be like the human… to live like the human…”


  16. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    Buzz from Mr. B Natural – I am shy and awkward, and play the trumpet
    Pretty much any nerdy scientist/engineer – because I am a nerdy scientist/engineer
    Johnny Longbow – because I live in New Mexico, and love to eat a stew made from chiles, chicken, corn, onion …..


  17. Dr. Erickson says:

    RCZ trio Landis, Cook and Griffin. Like them, I seem to leap impulsively, and often grumpily, from one misadventure to the next.


  18. Garza says:

    Sartoris from The Final Sacrifice because I am in HR for a living and fire people
    J.K. Robertson from Time Chasers
    Coiley from A Case of Spring Fever


  19. MSTie says:

    Let’s see, I’ll say:
    Abby from Riding with Death — wanted to go into science but then never did anything effective, but I did rock those ’70s polyester clothes
    Betty from Teenagers from Outer Space — I am perhaps a wee bit too trusting
    Unnamed perky girl from Century 21 Calling — I love to visit Seattle


  20. Cornjob says:

    Marv from High School Big Shot, Derik from Teenagers from Outer Space, and The Incredible Melting Man.


  21. jaybird3rd says:

    Interesting question …

    Henry Krasker would definitely be one of my choices. He’s a loner, he’s socially awkward, and his pursuits aren’t understood by the people around him, so he’s a character that I empathize with on several levels.

    Professor Kingman from “Earth vs the Spider” would be another choice. He’s a teacher as well as a man of action, and as a teacher myself, those are qualities that I admire.

    Bobby (aka “Boopie”) from “Manhunt in Space” and “Crash of Moons”: In certain ways, he actually reminds me of myself as a kid.


  22. Weepy Donuts says:

    Mix 2 parts Troy (Final Sacrifice) with 3 parts Wally (Prince Of Space), add a pinch of Phantom Of Krankor (Prince Of Space) for the occassional irrational obsessiveness.


  23. Stoneman says:

    “Ladies and Gentleman: Fred Burroughs!” Future War (long and distinguished career in social services, though never at a half-way house for huge guys.

    Kevin from Hobgoblins: Kind of nerdy, underachiever, terrible at fighting as a young man, but who eventually finds his purpose, saves the day, and wins the girl.

    Sam Casey from “Riding With Death”: Do a pinch hit, pop in some Deep Purple, and get this secret mission going. My handle: “Detroit Breakdown”.


  24. I Sense Danger says:

    Oh, an easy one.

    Anne Pilgrim from Attack of the Eye Creatures, Lisa Dornheimer in Human Duplicators/Zetha in Phantom Planet, and Judy Adams from Young Man’s Fancy.

    Wait, what?

    “#threeMST3Kcharacters (from the movies) that best describe you”? Damn. I misread that as, “Three tiny and impossibly hot characters that on my best day ever I wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in hell with.” My bad.

    All right. Dave Walker in Attack of the Giant Leeches, Sidney Chillas in Daddy-O, and Scroop the Innkeeper in The Undead. I’m old, I, too, have a weird last name, I look terrible getting a massage, but I still like to keep working steady.


  25. Troy says:

    Troy from Final Sacrifice. Not only do we share the same name, I looked remarkably like him when I was that age, though I mercifully avoided the too-tight grandma sweater look.

    Aram Fingle from Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Whenever I’m at work, I would much rather be somewhere else.

    Johnny from Time of the Apes. I don’t care!

    I would have also accepted any of The The Eye Creatures or The Vampire Women because I tend to spontaneously combust in direct sunlight, or any light at all, really.


  26. [The Original] Stan McSerr, Destroyer of worlds says:

    Marv from High School Big Shot, Derik from Teenagers from Outer Space, and The Incredible Melting Man.

    Funny, I thought one of the characters would be Cornjob.


  27. Droppo says:

    Well, naturally, Droppo.

    But who else? Hmm…..

    John Peter McCallister and Mike Nelson


  28. Grandma Blob says:

    Abby, because “I’m some gal”; Jungle Goddess because I like hamburger sammiches; and the pinch-faced wife from either Space Children or Screaming Skull, because my family says I worry to much.


  29. Jay says:

    Characters that describe me now? Any given gray bearded guy going “Huh?!”. Characters describing me in my days of youth? Much more fun! —

    Manos, The Little Girl In the Back Seat – Road trips when I was a kid were every bit as endlessly boring and repetitive as the one taking up the first eon of Manos and the prize at the end of the trip was usually a weekend listening to elderly relatives talk about dead people. (And the crowd goes wild)
    Mitchell, Mitchell – You think he was a slob? I would try to invite woodland creatures inside when the wind got cold. Have you ever seen a possum hold two of its little fingers up its nose? I have.
    Revenge of the Creature, The Creature – In those days I spent as much time as I could in, on, and around the water. No problem there, but like the Gill Man I became a sucker for the cuties in their bathing suits. Those darn tranquilizer darts really sting!


  30. MarcusVermilion says:

    Tony Rivers from “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”. I have the same short temper.
    Johnny from “Time of the Apes”. I tend to say “I don’t care” on many occasions.
    Voldar from “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. Grumpy person who didn’t want the earth kids and Santa on Mars as they would screw things up. My kind of guy! I actually rooted for him each time he tried to dispose of Santa and the earth kids.


  31. Rachel says:

    Vena from Manhunt in Space, because I’m sick of Bobby.
    Melissa from Touch of Satan, because I’m evil but pretty nice about it.
    Vi from Tormented, because TOM STEWART KILLED ME!!!


  32. trickymutha says:

    Mick from Squirm- I’m always getting worms in my eggcream, and, I routinely have worm mutants throw particle boards on me. Ken from Fugitive Alien and Star Force- I’ve been know to save innocent women and children, been mocked by drunken Ship Captains, and, fighting people attempting to murder me with a forklift. Finally, I am Critter- I carry large amounts of foreign currency, collect broken down motor bikes and tow bars, hang out at EAT and other diners where people may or may not teleport into, and, make a play for hot pretty dancers at seedy LA clubs all along apologizing for my failure to serve my country in a time of need. Pretty much sums my life up.


  33. Ro-man says:

    Ro-man, Mike Nelson, & the Imp (Billy Barty).

    I am easily infatuated, & it often interferes with my work. Oh, and I like bubbles.

    I am nerdy and somewhat dense at times, but also snarky.

    I… um, ok, actually, just put that last one because I’d sure like to hang around Allison Hayes wearing that dress from “The Undead”…. Rooooowr! :inlove:


  34. Cornjob says:

    #26 Many possible combos.

    Like the cryptographer from Phase 4, the hippie from Laserblast, and our friend Cornjob, who lives in us all.


  35. Jay says:

    From Prince of Space –

    I have been, am now, and will be again … “You There”.


  36. Ro-man says:

    1) Paper Chase Guy / Warrior of the lost World – because if I were in post-apocalyptic world, sadly, I’d probably be that kind of “hero”. Plus I tend to mumble.
    2) Derek from TFOS – I often endure TORCHA! :pain:
    3) Trumpy – I can do stupid things! :doh:


  37. Sonofmambo says:

    Adam Chance, Mitchell, and Jimmy’s father from I Accuse My Parents. I’m not proud of it.


  38. Misfit4242 says:

    1-Big Stupid ’cause I rode the rails once
    2-Sam the Keeper ’cause of my bushy beard and irrational ranting &
    3-Critter. Just ’cause


  39. littleaimishboy says:

    Bart Fargo – because I enjoy telling complete strangers about Franco/British trade relations.

    Zap Rowsdower – because I have the emblem of a mystic cult branded on my shoulder.

    Sinbad – because I’m not actually Sinbad either.


  40. GodzillaVsMegalon says:

    Let’s see…….

    John Agar from”The Mole People”, cause some days it seems everything is just ropes and asses,

    Ben Murphy from “Riding With Death”, cause some days I want to disappear, and

    John Banner from “Crash of the Moons”, cause with the right medication here on the planet Snaggleploop everything is plintastic! And snarlyglip! And Graddlifluip!


  41. Bat Masterson says:

    Hmmm… Let’s see here…For me the three characters would be:
    Troy: I’m a bit of a dork/nerd and I live in a rural area.

    Kevin from Hobgoblins- My one-time GF didn’t care for my not-so-glamorous retail job.

    Rook Gridwald- I love me some Dixieland Jazz.


  42. EricJ says:

    Me, I think I’m more like the short-order cook from I Accuse My Parents–No, really: Deep down, I’m a nice guy who knows he’s smarter than a lot of angry, confused kids, and thinks they just need to sort things out over a friendly chat and a hamburger.

    Although anyone who reads my blog columns would think they were written by the snooty intellectual goat-man writer from The Slime People…So long, characters, see you in my next novel!

    And then, of course, the general’s wisecracking aide from Attack of the the Eye Creatures–He doesn’t DO anything, he’s smart enough to just sit back and watch everyone else make a mess of things.


  43. GizmonicTemp says:

    Peter – Devilfish – Hydrophilic tech geek battling through the heavily-sexed world therin.
    Ilmarinen – Day Earth Froze – Quietly awesome, okay with being the wingman.
    Jimmy – I Accuse My Parents – Even the well-meaning get it wrong before they get it right.


  44. Rice off Peeples says:

    The craggy faced annoyed colonel from the Starfighters because I hate talking on the phone and often give anti communist speeches to Rotarians, Kiwanis, and children’s book groups to get fired up!
    Tree from Code Name Diamond Head since I’m constantly changing clothes and menacing people in a smug way…
    Walnut farmer from TTOS because I live me homemade hooch and sweat like the dickens!!!


  45. Ray Dunakin says:

    When I was young, it would have been Buzz, because I was kind of a dork; Torgo, because I was socially awkward and tended to repel women; and Doc from “Boggy Creek II” because I liked exploring, camping, and having adventures.

    Currently, I’d like to think I’m a bit more like the kindly grandpa from TFOS — older, wiser and thicker around the middle; Hugh Beaumont’s character from Lost Continent, because I’m still up for some adventuring and can chuckle over some of the shenanigans around me — but haven’t quite achieved the wisdom and respectability of Ward Cleaver; and Krasker, because I haven’t completely lost my inner dork and I still tinker around with various geeky hobbies.


  46. Sitting Duck says:

    1-Big Stupid ’cause I rode the rails once

    No, you were ridden off on a rail. :P

    Though come to think of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if that had happened to Big Stupid as well.


  47. Cornjob says:

    Or Ator’s philosopher mentor. Marv’s suicidal dad, and Gamera.


  48. Clint says:

    I’d be the three wives from Space Travelers.

    I’m a guy, but I’m generally just worried all the time.


  49. Cornjob says:

    Joel Robinson, Dr. F., and TV’s Frank.


  50. EricJ says:

    Joel Robinson, Dr. F., and TV’s Frank.

    Well, I guess Joel Robinson counts as “fictional”, as long as you’re not talking about Hodgson.
    I would have picked that too, just for the guy who’s remote enough to stand back a pace from everyone else’s argument, and tries to pacify both sides with an appropriate but obscure 70’s Saturday-morning reference, but I wasn’t sure if it qualified.


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