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RiffTrax Riffs Replica

After they released the unriffed original, you knew this was coming. Stream or download it here.

11 Replies to “RiffTrax Riffs Replica”

  1. Jay says:

    I am not really a Rifftrax person so my question is for those that are. Does this promo accurately represent the show? Thanks


  2. Tim S. Turner says:

    Best. Car accident. EVER.


  3. Tab Hunter says:

    @Jay, the promos are hit and miss about representing the actual show. If you’re looking to try out Rifftrax, the live shows are great because you hear the audience chemistry and reaction that the guys play off of. Sharknado Live and Manos Live are my favorites. If you want to try out just a raw riff, I’m a huge MST3K fan so I like the movies with lots of MST3K tie-ins. I’d recommend the Rifftrax of Warriors of the Wasteland, which is another Mad Max ripoff that stars Strike from Escape 2000 and the black guy from Warrior of the Lost World.


  4. Rob says:

    I am not really a Rifftrax person so my question is for those that are.Does this promo accurately represent the show? Thanks

    IMO, yeah. It’s pretty much their style. I’ll say this for them: they’ve hit a goldmine of licensed movies for a while. Getting to hear anyone riff Megaforce or Cool as Ice is, well, fun.

    Of course not everyone agrees, but that’s fans for you.


  5. Lavendare says:

    Welcome to Rifftrax! :-)

    If you feel daunted, I would suggest you start with a few Rifftrax shorts.

    They are bite sized treats of hilarity. 8-)

    I am not really a Rifftrax person so my question is for those that are.Does this promo accurately represent the show? Thanks


  6. edge10 says:

    That poor Peach Faced Lovebird. He was never able to get work again, after agreeing to appear in this movie.


  7. Rob says:

    Oh, and for those that may not realize: There are over 25 full length RiffTrax movies on Prime streaming. Easy way to give them a shot or see some things you’ve missed if you have the service already.


  8. Droppo says:

    @Jay: I can’t recommend Birdemic enough as a starting point.


  9. Dave says:

    I love this. Anyone catch the “Julie and Jack”reference(in the actual movie-not a riff)?


  10. hellokittee says:

    To anyone that hasn’t tried out Rifftrax, I feel like this is one of the funniest features in a long time. Replica is just so perfect for them. It’s ambitious enough to attempt to be a love story, science fiction AND a pretty straight up rip off of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (for some of the movie at least) all in one but it’s just BEYOND inept. Highly recommended!


  11. John Seavey says:

    I waited for this one to go from incipient to “IT’S LIVING! IT’S LIVING!” status for several weeks, and I was not disappointed. From the most hilarious car wreck ever to CGI sets that look like, in the words of the riffers, “walking through a Dreamcast tech demo” to the beautiful and melodious “Clone-a-tron”, this one is genuinely a wonder to behold. My only tiny irk is that there are perhaps 5% too many riffs on how much this movie resembles ‘Julie and Jack’ and ‘Birdemic’. (I’m tempted to say 50%, but it wasn’t that bad.)

    Oh, and there are two, count them two supposed sex scenes where neither character undresses. And James Nguyen’s…brother? Cousin? Son?…shows up as a cop and delivers a performance that must be seen to be believed, and may not be believed entirely even then.


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