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Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters You Wish Had Visited

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” sez:

Throughout MST3K’s run, characters from the shorts and movies have made appearances in the host segments. Which character who has not made such an appearance would you like to have seen on the SoL/in Deep 13/on the Hexfield? I’m going with Ro-Man of Robot Monster. He could have talked about what he’s been up to since the events in the movie and how his relationship with Alice was going.

I’d like to hear more from the “Leave Robert Denby alone!” guy. I bet he’s still upset. But I bet he thinks that Abby’s some gal.

Your pick?

62 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters You Wish Had Visited”

  1. Jay says:

    Charles B. Pierce –

    The director-producer-star of Boggy Creek II would show up at the SOL with his camera and begin giving orders, I mean directions, making Tom put on a pair of blue jean short-shorts and having Crow take off his shirt at every opportunity. Of course he would actually have to give him a shirt first. Bo Bo would be obvious for the Not-So-Little Creature and Pearl would be standing by with a garden hose to spray off … Well, you know.


  2. Gobi says:

    Sitting Duck: I’m guessing you meant the enraged grocer.

    Yeah, faulty memory.


  3. goalieboy82 says:

    the Creeping Terror


  4. Edwin B says:

    @46 – Great one! That character cracked up Mike so much you can see him laughing hysterically during the movie. One of my favorite MST moments.

    @47 – Klein! How could I have forgotten Klein.

    Oh, I remembered one other: The maid in Radar Secret Service. She does her lines so poorly that Mike says ‘The directors mistress, ladies and gentleman!’


  5. SAVE FERRIS says:

    Either “The Band That Played California Lady” (ep. 1007, ‘Track of the Moon Beast’), or the band that played “I Wanna Be Happy Today” (i.e., The Kevin Danzig Band) who appears at “Summerfest”, at the beginning of ‘Soultaker’ (ep. 1001) (“Thank you, our hand-hewn wood cd’s are available at the gate…..“). (And by the by…..I’m from Milwaukee, The Town That TRULY Made the ‘Summerfest’ name GREAT, and we DON’T take kindly to punk-ass towns like this one (fictional though it may have been) that try to move in on our territory!!!). ;-)

    Really loved both of those bright little tunes, and would have loved to see either band visit the SOL !!!!


  6. Brock Lee Rubberband says:

    The SOL is cornered into a back alley of the universe by Harry Blatz. He has a great plan to get the gang back down to earth.

    The cockney thieves from Projected Man bust a hole into the SOL and nothing but sexual innuendo ensues.

    How about a visit from Bloodlust’s John the Baptist?


  7. Sorochen says:

    Jack Taylor from I Accuse My Parents would have been great. I imagine him being like a cross between Gatsby and Dean Martin


  8. GnuHopper says:

    How about a Kenny? I don’t care which one, just so the SOL gang makes sure he gets into some decent pants.


  9. Cornjob says:

    Did Ken from Fugitive Alien ever stop by? He could be chasing Darth Mime.


  10. Dr. Batch says:



  11. Sitting Duck says:

    How about a Kenny? I don’t care which one, just so the SOL gang makes sure he gets into some decent pants.

    The Kenny from Gamera Vs. Zigra showed up on the Hexfield.


  12. Blindpew says:

    Aw, c’mon.
    Road Rash


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