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Rifftrax Live Tonight!

Don’t forget Rifftrax Live: Summer Shorts Beach Party is tonight at a theater hopefully near you. The guys will be joined by Bridget, Mary Jo, Trace, Frank and Paul F. Tompkins. The grand finale will be a “super riff-a-palooza” with all the guests at once.

9 Replies to “Rifftrax Live Tonight!”

  1. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Frank and Trace indicated they will be doing the same short they did on their tour this spring. Fortunately, it’s a good one.

    Criswell predicts: there will be a long-awaited announcement of the Mads releasing content through Rifftrax!


  2. I’m kind of miffed. I live in the Scranton, PA area, and suddenly neither of my local theaters are carrying the show tonight. Luckily there’s a theater in the next city over that’s carrying it. But still, I hope this trend doesn’t continue. I’ve never missed a Live show.


  3. jedicrippler says:

    There’s something wrong with the Fathom to theater distribution system apparently. My local theater had every show until the Christmas repeat last year (which we really needed to see as the SCCtM show was cancelled here due to a half foot of snow shutting down the whole town when it was live). They were unable to book it at all & neither the Samurai Cop show nor this one have been available to book either. Literally not even in the system. Same thing was happening with the upcoming ET anniversary show. All of the others from the TCM program were already booked, but that one wasn’t even in the system. Until I called in late March & mentioned this problem. Within a week, ET was booked. But they still can’t get the Rifftrax shows even in the system. Seeing as I’ve heard from others on FB that they’re theaters are experiencing the same thing, there’s got to be a system error somewhere.


  4. UPDATE: The theater closest to me just added the show to their listings within the last hour or 2. Talk about last minute.


  5. So that’s what Bridget looks like in a swimsuit. [gets shot]


  6. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargeHuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    Just got back from this. Painfully funny.


  7. Just got back. The theater in Coral Springs had a small but enjoyable crowd. The sound was out until the middle of the guys’ intro but we didn’t miss any major jokes it seems; the lights never went down so it kind of felt like we were gathered around a really big computer screen to watch the newest riffs. I appreciated that these were all-new shorts, although I’ve seen Ricky Raccoon and A Touch of Magic riffed elsewhere.


  8. CaptainSpam says:

    I… dunno what to say. Either this wasn’t their best effort, or maybe it only seemed that way in the Regal Hamburg here in Lexington, KY due to there being, counting myself, exactly four people in attendance. Usually they’ve got a much better turnout for Rifftrax shows, filling at least half the theater. Kinda let the air out of the live-show-broadcast atmosphere and all.

    (I did hear about the Fathom website issues from one of the other people there, so maybe that had something to do with it, but since I’ve never had problems getting tickets in the lobby for these shows, I never noticed)

    That’s not to say they didn’t find some choice shorts, though. Once again, Rifftrax proves there’s seemingly no end to short films from the 40s-60s that are just WAY out there. There was great riffing from everyone involved, too, it’s just that it was missing something without more people there, I guess.

    Also, I’m not sure if this was just our theater or in the broadcast, but was the audio balance super off for the pre-show slides and previews for anyone else? We were getting worried when half the vocals were muted in, for instance, the Samurai Cop Rockin’ Action Theme, or how most of Weird Al’s vocals were gone in his polka medley. Fortunately, the actual show’s audio was good (I felt a sigh of relief when it became clear it really was Mike’s mic that died mid-show). I’ll admit the audio system in theater 3 of the Regal Hamburg has seen better days, but still.


  9. Kenotic says:

    Yes, the audio appeared to be out of phase in the opening in my theater as well. I was worried it was going to be that way the whole way through!

    But unrelated — Totoro! I may have to go see that.


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