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What Did You Think?

An open thread for reports on tonight’s RiffTrax Live.

For me, the good news was that the show was consistently hilarious, one of their best.
The bad news was that the crowd in my theater in the suburbs of Scranton, was pretty paltry, maybe 50 souls. But they seemed to be enjoying it.

So, stop that rhythmic ball handling and give your report!

52 Replies to “What Did You Think?”

  1. Kenneth Morgan says:

    My usual theater in Spokane, WA, was mostly full. The show felt a little uneven and lacked some of the energy from the MST3K reunion but I think that probably came from having fewer groups come out. I still enjoyed it quite a bit and am looking forward to the next one even though I’ve never seen Doctor Who before. The show also solidified my opinion that the Mads should release riffs through the Rifftrax site like Bridget and Mary Jo.

    I’d advise you to get some background on “Doctor Who” before the show. “The Five Doctors” was basically made for fans, and features loads of callbacks. If you don’t have some familiarity with the series, you’ll get lost. (Of course, a lot of riffs might be Mike & Kevin trying to get Bill to guide them through the trivia.)


  2. squirk says:

    As others have said, this edition felt a bit “off”. Bill’s ode to shorts left me cold, and the host segments all seemed kind of vague and meandering, as if not much planning went into them compared to other shows. Either folks were speaking over each other to the point that jokes were getting lost in the crosstalk, or there were awkward pauses as if no one knew where to go next with the conversation. I get that it’s a live show and we don’t necessarily want faux banter that is scripted to a “t”, but still, maybe make the interstitials a little tighter next time.

    That having been said, it’s all relative. A middling Rifftrax entry is still a far better way to spend my movie-going dollar than most of what my local cineplex is showing.


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