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Update: How Was the Show?

An open thread for reports from Friday’s and Saturday’s Cinematic Titanic shows.

Update: Super smart guy Ken Jennings offers a review.

Further update: also has a review.

26 Replies to “Update: How Was the Show?”

  1. RM says:

    Wow, that was fun! I don’t think I’ve had as good a time with MST (or spinoffs) since the Zombie Nightmare tour back in season six. Without spoiling anything for people who weren’t lucky enough to go to a live show, the cast were great, the crowd was wonderful, and the movie was ridiculous but took itself so very seriously — exactly the right mix for a great evening. Can’t wait for the DVD, or for that matter for tomorrow’s show!


  2. Lucky Jim says:

    I had a really great time. Joel and the crew were in great form, and were definitely feeding off the vibe of the crowd.

    The film was “Blood of the Vampires,” which was truly, amazingly bad. I have a hard time thinking of a film more perfect as it has just about every element you need for great riffing.

    I bought a copy of “Doomsday Machine,” and had my Amazing Colossal Episode Guide signed by them, which was a great experience.

    If you ever get the chance, you have to go see Cinematic Titanic live; there’s nothing else like it.


  3. Pretty much a dream come true. Can’t wait till tomorrow night!

    (Thanks for the link in last night’s Scarecrow Video post. I just posted a report for tonight’s show on my blog w/ some pictures if anyone is interested.)


  4. Will says:

    Now I’m kicking myself for only buying tickets for one night. Great night and an absolutely hysterical performance. If you get the chance to go to a live show, GO!


  5. That was a fantastical fun time!!! I haven’t had that much fun since I saw Richard Cheese last year. From the warm-up all the way to the encore, not one bit was a let-down.

    In one word: Magic… pants. (Sorry, I had to throw in another word)


  6. Nick says:

    I’ll be going tonight! I got lots and lots to autograph too, so I’m excited!


  7. Seth L says:

    Just awesome! Packed house, and Trace seemed to know a lot of people there. I didn’t want to bother him until the actual bother session, but he hung around the lobby before the show for a long time.

    I had them sign a painting. Hope they come to Portland next!


  8. Doug says:

    Friday night’s show in Seattle was amazing. It had been a long time since I had seen any live comedy, and had forgotten how much of the experience comes from the crowd. Truly amazing experience. I laughed until I was completely and utterly exhausted. I think I nearly fell into the aisle at least three times. Frank probably had the best moment of the show with his song. J. Elvis seemed to be in rare form, and his jokes seemed to carry the most weight for me, and really got my attention. Mary Jo dropped a few of her lines, but also delivered so many key women’s dialogue lines. The movie would not have been as uproariously funny without her performance, and I really don’t know how MST3K got by without female performers in the theater. Mary Jo’s inclusion on the stage is a must. The Best Riffs medley at the end was a great way to promote the product. Trace and Joel both brought that familiar and warm feeling, and killed across the board with the blackface jokes in Blood of the Vampires. This was a new classic for me. it truly comes close to the level of Pod People. I honestly was not that sold with Oozing Skull when I saw it on DVD, but

    If there is any question in your mind whether tickets are worth it, or if the drive is worth it, or if it will be as good as MST3K… You need to go to the live shows. It is worth what they are asking. You cannot miss this chance, and, at least live this is every bit as good, if not better than MST3K ever was.


  9. Puma says:

    Just got back from “The Dynamite Brothers,” and it was awesome! Terrible movie, terrific riffing, and great energy from all the performers. Josh and Gruber’s warm-up was very funny, and Frank’s “Convoluted Man” theme song was brilliant! I think it would be great if stuff like this turns up as extras on future DVD releases.
    As for the meet-n-greet, everyone was very friendly (of course), I got my episode guide signed by everyone, and Trace signed my Crow figurine. I was wearing my “I’m A Virgin” t-shirt (a la Pod People), which Joel and Frank both appreciated. Sadly, I didn’t get my picture taken with Joel doing an “It Stinks!”-take, but other than that, it was pretty much a perfect evening.


  10. Nick says:

    My girlfriend and I arrived with our friend, and Trace was in the lobby mingling, which was really cool to see – and it says alot about him and his interaction with fans. Gruber did a really great warm up act, followed by J. Elvis who really complimented. Frank came out and sang a song, but it really wasn’t the calibur as the rest of the warm up.

    The movie, Dynamite Brothers, was hilarious – I definately can’t wait for the DVD, it will be classy! Definately one of the best Titanic Riffs.

    Afterwards, we waited in line, a pretty fast moving line actually, for autographs and swag. Gruber and Ron-? walked the line, talking to everyone, and they both talked to my girlfriend and I. They were really polite, and were amazed about all the swag I brought to sign, and said that the Titans would really get a kick out of signing them. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

    When I got to the table, I warned Trace I had alot of stuff and he said bring it on, so I put down my DVD sleeves of both MST3K and Cinematic Titanic DVDs, as well as a few box sets and the epsiode guide. Trace and Josh got a kick looking at them, and were amazed by how much I brought and the variety, and even stuff they never seen before, and of course made a few ebay jokes (no way would I sell these treasures!). However, at the other end of the table, Mary Jo, Frank, and Joel looked really, really annoyed by all the stuff I brought, so that made me feel kinda bad. I thanked them profusely, but deep down I think they just wanted me to be gone and the line to move on. Oh well :sad:

    Regardless that the bulk of the Titans were less than thrilled to sign my swag, I was still appreciative and had a wonderful time at the show.


  11. Saturday: The theater was packed, and two people apparently brought Tom Servos. Gruber was a great warmup comedian in the George Carlin mode (in fact, I almost wonder if he wanted to take up Carlin’s mantle) and Josh amazed us with his bass skills. Frank’s “Convoluted Man” was very funny as well.

    After everyone came out on stage, Joel introduced “Dynamite Brothers” in his wonderfully laconic way, getting laughs from his delivery alone. The move was a horrid blaxploitation/kung fu hybrid, and thus was a great movie to riff on. The crew trotted out “Watch out for snakes,” and “Time for go to bed,” which got a huge response from the crowd. Poor Mary Jo got ragged on for some racy riffs, and Frank had a funny spit take when a character dropped the n-bomb.

    At the meet and greet, everyone was really nice, though I felt sorry for Joel… he really seemed tired, but then again that may just be his personality. I actually sort of “know” Mary Jo from a previous convention (we were “bookmates” on the late Plan Nine Publishing label) so I reminisced a bit with her. She’s just as wonderful as she ever was, classy, charming and funny.


  12. I traveled up from Portland to see last night’s show, and it was great, as everyone has said. Gruber was great doing the warmup. Dynamite Brothers is a perfect movie for them, despite the violence and racism.
    I missed Trace in the lobby before the show, but that’s probably just as well – I probably would have been too gushy and embarrassed myself.
    The meet and greet was a lot of fun. It’s the first time I’ve met any of the Titans, and I was pretty overwhelmed. Mary Jo, in particular, couldn’t have been sweeter.

    Seth – I guess this is okay to repeat – When I said they should come to Portland, Frank said that it’s not official yet, but they expect to be coming soon.


  13. Jimmy says:

    It was perfect! I also traveled up from Portland for the show. It was completely worth it.


  14. You know, if there are this many of us from Portland on the board, we should get a group together to screen episodes. Think about it.


  15. Rachel says:

    I was one of the two crazy people carrying around a Tom Servo. I really, really loved the show, and Joel’s “watch out for snakes” had me dying. They were all incredibly nice at the meet & greet too, and holy friggin omg does having a signed Tom Servo raise my nerd points by like 1000.

    I came all the way up from Eugene with my boyfriend, and I had to stop at a rest stop to take a nap on the way back, and we didn’t get home until 6 in the morning, but it was so worth it.


  16. Tana says:

    Gimme a T! Gimme another T!!! Still laughing at that one! So glad I heard about this on the radio! My friend & I went Friday and loved it so much, we went Saturday too-even though our seats ended up being apart! We went through the meet and greet both nights as well. They were all so cool to meet! :razz:


  17. Ted H. says:

    I live in Maryland, but happened to be in Bellingham this week, so I had to make the time to see the show. I saw them at DragonCon, so I knew this would be a must-see.

    My only complaint is I should have gone both nights.

    It was a classicly bad movie. I’m originally from L.A, and some of the setting choices astounded me. The location they made thier escape was in Hollywood (you could see the cineramadome in the background). It took me a bit to realize that they weren’t supposed to be in L.A. yet. And who knew that there was a big desert between San Francisco and L.A?


  18. Hayley says:

    Dangit, if only they had come on a weekend that wasn’t my friends’ wedding!

    Next time, Cinematic Titanic! Next time…


  19. Heck yeah, Rachael. I brought my Servo to the Scarecrow signing (got Joel and Josh to both sign it). Trace’s praise for it pretty much made my life.

    Because of these weekend, I now owe Seattle and Cinematic Titanic my life.


  20. Willie says:

    My wife and I came up from Portland for the Saturday show, too. What a fantastic time! The movie was perfect and the audience was great. In spite of how tired everyone must have been at the end of the tour, they were all smiley and affable during the signing. If they really do come here for a live show, I’ll get tickets for both nights as soon as they announce it.

    Here’s hoping they tour on a regular basis!


  21. Mr.Shemp says:

    My wife and I also made the trek up from Portland. The show was amazing! Had a great conversation with Trace and Gruber, got pictures with everybody… all in all, a tremendous time. And DYNAMITE BROTHERS is on par with the best MST episodes, easily.

    And if anybody in Portland wants to get together to watch episodes, drop me a line at my name — I can probably get a room together at PSU…


  22. GersonK says:

    A celebrity in the audience weighs in:


  23. H says:

    Wow, if the guy from Jeopardy likes it, it must be good!


  24. Seth L says:

    Sweet! I’ll hit every show if they make Portland! In the bothering-line, I asked Frank about a Portland engagement, and he said he really does love coming to the northwest.



  25. Valarie says:

    I also came up from Portland! Wow, there were a lot of us. It was a great evening, and I’m really grateful to the cast for hanging out afterwards. I had so much fun.

    For those of you who were at the Saturday night show, did you notice that the Asian ganglord was the host on the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld? I was surprised they didn’t mention it.


  26. Garth says:

    I was at the Saturday showing, and you can add me to the list of folks who wishes that they had bought tickets for both nights. I was laughing so hard (along with everybody else) that tears were streaming down my face. The riffs were non-stop and hard hitting. My favorite part was both the warning Joel gave in his introduction about the racism and language in the movie, and the spit take from the CT crew the first time the cop used the N word.

    Here’s a pic I managed to grab of one of the Tom Servos in the audience:


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