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XV Details

Mystery Science Theater 3000 XV from Shout! Factory will include the following episodes:


Extras will include:
• Glimpses of KTMA
• The Design And Speculative Technology Of MST3K: Joel Hodgson And Trace Beaulieu Visit M.I.T.
• New Interviews with “Zombie Nightmare” stars Frank Dietz, Jon Mikl Thor and John Fasano.
• Kevin Murphy And Trace Beaulieu in a Sneak Peek of the upcoming indie feature film Hamlet A.D.D.
• Trailers/promos
• 4 limited edition mini-posters

It’s scheduled for release on July 7.

161 Replies to “XV Details”

  1. TrumpyCanDoMagicThings says:

    WOO HOO!

    They can’t release these sets fast enough for my taste!

    Though I confess, it kind of puzzles me why they don’t also release singles like they used to? Wouldn’t that cut down on complications with rights (such as one episode getting recalled, leading all the others to be as well)?


  2. Racket Girls, YES!!!


  3. Jacob says:

    I find it odd that there are no Sci-fi era episodes on this set. Not that it will prevent me from buying this set.


  4. The Professor says:

    Ugh…can’t we find something better than Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy to get from season 1? That one hurts my soul.

    Other than that, this should a good set. I just got done watching Racket Girls the other night and forgot how funny it was.


  5. Kris says:


    And look at those extras!!!

    It’s not my Russo-Finnish dream set, but it’s pretty damn sweet. Hooray!


  6. MarkMann says:

    GREAT! My Favorite Show of All Time!!! Any chance of seeing you again on cable tv? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  7. trickymutha says:

    Ah but Robot vs. Aztec Mummy has the “Bat”- an unsung hero of MST3k lore


  8. Luke says:

    Still no Jack Frost :cry:


  9. ForkLiftKiller says:

    Oooh yes! Zombie Nightmare and Aztec Mummy! Two great episodes!


  10. crowschmo says:

    I’ve never seen Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, so that should be good. Not too thrilled with the other three eps. They kind of drag for me. But, oh, well. I’m sure I’ll be handing over my money again for this one anyway. Another MST fix. :roll:


  11. weepydonuts says:

    I look forward to these episodes because of the two episodes that I have seen, it has been a long time since I saw them.

    I am digging these special features.


  12. happy says:

    I knew someone would complain about Season 1 – Im so glad that Saeson 1 shows are coming out and the other 3 make this a fabulous set !! Thank you Shout Factory !


  13. Jane Dobson says:

    I’ve never seen these eps, so I’m definitely excited … but where is Pumaman?! They need to release that one :(


  14. Oh. Well, good enough I guess. It’ll be nice to have Zombie Nightmare in pristine condition. I really don’t have a clue about the other ones.

    I didn’t even buy the last set. I don’t like how they seem to be sitting on the choice titles that are almost certainly attainable.


  15. Keith says:

    Ugh Aztec Mummy. That’s a real drag of a season one episode, though it’ll still be interesting to see again I guess.

    The other three I haven’t seen, so that’s always interesting.


  16. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    This is great news! 4 episodes that I haven’t seen before! I have to admit that I kind of like Aztec Mummy movies on their own, but this should be really good. And although I’d love for these to come out a bit quicker (hint!), mid-summer is a wonderful time to get some new episodes. It’s gonna get pretty damn hot after these come out, and it never hurts to have a new excuse to stay out of the sun.


  17. Insert Coin(s) to Continue says:

    Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy? Are you SERIOUS? It’s the worst MST3K episode ever. The only one I’d rate at half a star out of five. Baaaad choice, guys.

    …Why not Santa Claus or another one of your unreleased treasures?


  18. Edge says:

    Come on it’s ‘Big Stupid’! How can you not love Big Stupid?

    Four CC episodes, what’s not to love?


  19. Brian says:

    Yes! Zombie Nightmare is one of my favorite episodes! (The others being whichever one I watched last…) I just have a crappy VHS copy that rolls and cuts out before the last host segment. Yet I still watch it – which should tell you how much I like it.

    I think I saw Aztec Mummy but don’t recall much about it at all. The others are solid eps, from what I recall.


  20. happy says:

    Oh quit complaining about episode choices.Aztec Mummy is a chance to look at MST3K in its early stages & this is the only way to see Josh on DVD. I am now in agreement that anything that comes out on DVD in a nice clean transfer is ok with me. I know someday an episode will come out that Im not fond of (well most of the have luckily so I dont have to worry)
    Ive waited for Crawling Eye, and the Lippert movies forever, I feel eventually they will come out.
    My guess is Zombie Nightmare is the one that just became available late last year so they jumped on it.
    Code Red DVD is going to release the non MST3K version of it later this year. Year of the Zombie Nightmare :)


  21. Curious says:

    Looks like fun.

    One question though. I remember reading a few weeks ago on the Shout! Factory boards that the announcement on this set was slightly delayed because they unexpectedly got the rights to a film that they wanted to rush onto this set instead of waiting for this next one. The guy said that when it was announced, we’d all understand why they would want to rush to get this out.

    While these episodes should be good, does any one stand out as being that spectacular?


  22. outerspace says:

    Mmm on a scale of one to ten, I’d probably give it a 2. This ones nothing compared to the last set. Racket Girls is probably the most sub par episode ever. Zombie Nightmare is pretty good. Robot vs. Aztec Mummy should be nice. Extras don’t seem that great though.


  23. Curious says:

    @happy, #28:

    Hey, you answered my question less than a minute before I asked it! :)


  24. Curious says:

    Oops, I meant “20” there…


  25. City Limits fan says:

    {Adam West picks up phone]

    “Hello? 1-900-SPANKME?! I must stop!”


  26. pablum says:


    I suspect single episodes aren’t produced because consumers would skip over episodes they didn’t like. Being forced to get four at a time means the good and the bad sell through.

    As far as the episodes go. Its definitely an okay release. Nothing jumps out at me among my favorites, but they’re all episodes I wouldn’t mind having on DVD. XV sales +1 for me.


  27. happy says:

    That’s because I raed your mind # 23. It almost has to be. All the others are public domain with a capital PD
    Happy the Mind Reader or the Happy Mind Reader…take your pic :)
    Please give some lovin to The Aztec Mummy ! Without it, there wouldnt be a show 103 , 104 and so on. It is a part of history ! :)


  28. The Toblerone Effect says:

    Overall, this is a very good set. I LOVE the fact that SF is releasing Season 1 episodes (I got into the show after BBI and CC agreed to pull them out of circulation). And so what if SF is releasing Season 1 episodes? If Shout! were putting out KTMA episodes, I’m willing to bet that a vast majority of MSTies here would love it! While I had taped “Aztec vs. The Robot Mummy” during the ’95 Thanksgiving marathon, my tape ran short because the episode proved to be longer than I had anticipated. “Girl in Lover’s Lane” is a notch under classic, as is “Zombie Nightmare”. I do think “Racket Girls” is the weak link in this chain, but the boat-load of extras more than make up for it.

    My only big disappointment with this is the release date: July 7 is over three months away!

    All in all, though, it looks to me like Shout Factory has another great set in the making!


  29. H says:

    Good choices. I always enjoy Season 1 eps, so Aztec Mummy is good. It’s the Demon Dogs ep, so even better. Girl in Lovers Lane, I enjoy but not great. Zombie Nightmare is definitely fun but again not great. Racket Girls, very much a fan of the episode.
    Now, the extras. Very much looking forward to the ‘glimpse’ of KTMA, whatever it is. Joel and Trace at MIT is very exciting. The interviews with the Zombie Nightmare people sound interesting. Hamlet ADD, too.
    Overall, a well balanced set. Volume 14 is still my favorite of the Shout sets but good.


  30. mst3ktemple says:

    I love this set. Demon Dogs, Crow doing his Jack Elam impersonation, Batman and Boing. Plus all those extras. Great stuff.


  31. Puma says:

    #22, whaddaya mean extras don’t seem that great? There’s an interview with Jon Mikl Thor!

    Seriously though, I think Zombie Nightmare and Racket Girls are terrific episodes, and I haven’t seen the other two, so I’m looking forward to those. Ok, the interviews aren’t really anything I’ll watch more than once, I’m sure, but Joel & Trace at M.I.T. could be interesting.

    And what’s this Hamlet A.D.D.?


  32. Travis says:

    Awesome! ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE is a delightful surprise (I only just today found out Code Red is releasing it later this year). Excellent selection of episodes. And the extras sound great as well, especially the “Glimpse of KTMA” feature.

    My original Likelihood-for-Release predictions:



    ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE Anchor Bay [unconfirmed]. [POSSIBLE]



  33. jere7my says:

    Speaking as someone who attended the MIT talk, that’s a killer extra. (And not just because I hope I’ll be on it!) It was a fabulous discussion, chock-full of behind-the-scenes goodness, and I’m glad to see it going out to a wider audience.


  34. Alex says:

    Robot vs the Aztec Mummy is the best season 1 episode in my opinion
    A little odd how close they are getting to the start of the show though
    Jack Frost and Final Sacrifice will be nice for future releases though

    “Did we hit a moose?”


  35. happy says:

    Hey Travis I saw you already took them off the Likelihood list – boy youre quick.
    This is the yr. of Zombie Nightmare. I told all my friends about it coming out in both MST and NON MST versions this year.


  36. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk says:

    This set is worth it alone for Zombie Nightmare.


  37. fireballil says:

    A very good set. I’m actually watching #101, The Crawling Eye, so I am seeing the show in it’s most primitive form as it debuted on the national stage. Also good to see a glimpse of KTMA. Does this mean that some or all of the host segments of the lost episodes are going to see the light of day?


  38. big61al says:

    Who cares if some episodes are less than great? I am so happy to upgrade to “pristine” versions. Even a sub par episode is better than nothing.


  39. Clint says:

    Glimpses? Still, sweet!


  40. MikeK says:

    Glorious. :smile: :smile:


  41. A promo for a movie seems like kind of a feeble feature, but whatever.

    #32 Travis

    BCI recently went out of business, BTW.


    Don’t give them any ideas! It’s not worth it to me, I already have a pretty decent copy. (recorded it back in the day, so everyone knows)


  42. MikeK says:

    Oooh, you have a great copy of Zombie Nightmare. Stop Shout Factory, no one needs Zombie Nightmare because The Castle Monster has a good copy of it recorded from TV. :roll: :lol:


  43. Captain Cab says:

    I love the Sci Fi era but I’m glad to have a break from it this round. Focusing on the CC days is a nice change of pace.

    Robot vs. Aztec Mummy is pretty good but if they’re continuing the trend of S1 eps in the sets, I really hope they try to get the Black Scorpion. Best ep of S1 IMHO, good riffing and the Ray Harryhausen effects are fun to watch. Plus the fan copy on the ‘net has a weird purple haze over the movie for some reason.

    Other than that, Zombie Nightmare: Hilarious, one of my faves (my favorite line is when psycho boy is melting down in the tastee freeze parking lot and Crow says “Man, I’m gonna go to Dairy Queen next time!” lol) And I still haven’t seen Girl in Lover’s Lane (crazy isn’t it?) nor Racket girls, making this set all the better for me.

    Also looking forward to the MIT visit and Hamlet ADD features. Keep up the good work, Shout! Now where’s my Servo figure? ;)


  44. It’s not worth $60 to me *by itself*, I guess that’s my point. Maybe you didn’t bother to read the post I was responding to and just couldn’t wait to get anal with someone. I wasn’t being as serious as death about it, anyway.


  45. I still find it hard to believe that anyone ever actually complains about episode lists for these sets… If they were to say “This is the last set EVER” then I could understand.

    I openly and happily accept any and all episodes they wish to release, ESPECIALLY after that last set, seeing as how the season 1 episode was clearer and cleaner than almost ALL of the releases from Rhino.


  46. Captain Cab says:

    I hope they also keep including the sweet pulp art mini posters by Steve Vance. Love those!


  47. Captain Cab says:

    “4 limited edition mini posters.”

    *Slaps his forehead.*


  48. losingmydignity says:

    Well, based on that likely/unlikely list and what I humbly call the LMD principle, this set should be no surprise.

    Two great to classic eps: Zombie Nightmare (A-) and Girl in LL (A-)
    One solid/good ep: Racket Girls (B+)
    One middling to not great ep: Robot/Aztec (Season One, who needs to say more?)

    It never fails.

    Zombie has a following. It will be nice to see the superb Girl in LL get a bigger audience and Racket Girls deserves more love than it gets.
    But I’m afraid this means more Season Ones to come in each set. Ugh.


  49. I’ve stated that I’m going to buy the set, so obviously I can’t have an opinion or comment on it unless it’s to shamelessly suck up to Shout Factory. Sheesh…


  50. happy says:

    The Black Scorpion effects are by Willis O Brien who brought us King Kong # 43.
    Quit picking on Season One ! Its part of their glorious history :grin:
    Love and acceptance that what The Aztec Mummy needs :)


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