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Weekend Discussion Thread: Best and Worst of Season 11

Well, we are at last done with season 11 … or ARE we??

I want to kind of wrap up the Netflix season and I will, perhaps over several weeks.

However, once again, if YOU have topic ideas for threads (about season 11 or otherwise), I am once again accepting them at msampo at aol dot com.

This week’s topic: Your most favorite episode of season 11, and your least favorite, and why.

And as a bonus: SHOULD Netflix greenlight season 12? This is pass/fail here: yes or no.

Have at it!

105 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Best and Worst of Season 11”

  1. new cornjob says:

    p.s. and p.s., all you who don’t like baron… you’re =not= liking “AAHHHHHH!!” when the danish scientist opens his mouth with an operanian “AAAHHHH!!!!”. you are =not= liking when he exclaims “nnutha lammp!”… you are =not= liking “sspaaccee churrrcch!!”… well, you are not liking so much all the rest you probably cannot discern “oh but ummmm, i can’t tell if that’s hampton or jonah…” gaaahhh, you effers, you are just so transparent. c’mon… baron is bringing his awesome, operatic voice to this lil’ enterprise, and you a-holes have to diss it?? i’m not kidding… all of you types are on the backside of the slope here. you’re losers, and if you wanna get with it, you better get up the backslide, like, real quick. else, you’re just going to continue to express yourself as supreme losers around places like here.


  2. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    I am disappointed to see so much sniping on this thread, i though this community was better than that.

    I’ve watched all the episodes once, and the first 3 again.

    Favorite episode – I think cry WILDERNESS, its so weird and really strong riffs.
    Least favorite – Christmas that almost wasn’t. The movie was a bore they couldnt overcome.

    Another season? Of course. Why would anyone say no? If you don’t like the new series, dont watch it. Why not allow those that are enjoying it have more seasons? Are you so bitter in life that you deny other pleasure? I don’t get it.

    Yeah, this site would be so much more pleasant if the IGNORE BUTTON ACTUALLY WORKED. My weekly rant.

    OK, Season 11. Favorite episode: Avalanche, with Cry Wilderness a very close second. Least favorite: The Christmas one. I thought it was Starcrash but I think I just need to re-watch that one when I’m in a better mood. Season 12? Yes please!


  3. Skier pete says:

    docskippy: But you did EXPECT to see all the sniping, right? If S11 has proved anything, it’s that (some) fans of an existing property will crap all over themselves in fury in a foolish attempt to “protect” their beloved original.

    Yes I did expect some people to poop on it, but what disappoints me is people saying no season 12. As I said, if you are a fan of a property, and you see most other fans are still enjoying it, why would you want to cancel what your fellow fans still enjoy.

    I was a huge Simpsos fan for about 15 years, but it got to the point where i no longer found it funny and stopped watching. I don’t begrudge anyone that they continue to make new episodes, even if i don’t watch them.

    So you dont like the update, and say “I dont care” to another season is fine, but to actively root against another season is a rather shameful stance to take as a fan.


  4. My sister and I have watched 9 of 14 episodes and the lamest one was “Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II” and I don’t have a particular favorite as I loved all the remaining 8 episodes.

    And YES, I want more seasons! Jonah is hilarious and deserves more screentime!


  5. Meh…I found I couldn’t really get into the new MST3K. I watched the first episode and part of the second. My main criticism is that the three sound far too much alike. There just seems to be a lack of personality.


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