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Weekend Discussion Thread: Meeting MSTies in the Wild

Our pal Timmy writes:

The last two weeks, I met two MSTies in the wild (one at the Air and Space Museum and at a Lego convention). Each time, I said (I knew they were MSTies by the shirt they wore), “watch out for snakes!” So I thought: have you met a fellow MSTie in the wild?

I’ve had that wonderful experience many times, most notably at the two conventions, most recently at the live show. It never disappoints!


19 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Meeting MSTies in the Wild”

  1. IR5 says:

    Several times- I have a “classic” T-shirt- wore at a concert- guy yells “MST3K” as I walked by. Wore it at a Detroit Tiger game last night- same damn thing happened. Used to ride train to Chicago a lot and would watch episodes on my PC- had many people come up to me and say- “Man, I love that show.” THEY’RE EVERYWHERE THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.


  2. jay says:

    It may be that MSTies around here are mostly the low key kind, but I did meet one young lady after using the phrase “In the not to distant future”. The setting was non standard. An industrial fastener supply. Nuts, bolts, etc. The clerk came out to the sales counter asking what I needed and I have to say I was surprised to meet a young lady with a large Afro and a lilting Caribbean accent. I told her I was looking for 3/8″ diameter sex bolts. Yes, that’s a real thing. She replied that they were out, it being the end of the month, but they would have some more “in the not too distant future”. “Mystery Science Theater?” I inquired. “Oh! You know that show? I love it!” she said. Our conversation was soon cut short by the arrival of the manager and I never did get my sex bolts. At this point feel free to insert the appropriate MST catchphrase of your choice.


  3. radioman970 says:

    Not sure if this counts as “in the wild” but around the time I think Netflix or other just picked up episodes, I walked up on co-workers talking it like they’d just discovered it’s glory. They were quoting riffs and everything! I was too dumbfounded to impress them with my many many years of MST3K mastery.


  4. Laura says:

    MSTies are rather scarce in my part of New Jersey.


  5. snowdog says:

    Closest I’ve come to meeting a MSTie in the wild is seeing a car here in New Jersey with a “spaghetti ball” window sticker. Didn’t get a chance to say hi.


  6. Scott Strong says:

    I saw a woman wearing a kickstarter shirt in Target and told her “nice shirt”.

    Of course, what was filling out the shirt impressed me even more.


  7. jay says:

    It sounds like New Jersey is “No Man’s Land” for MSTies and maybe wherever Scott lives is “No Woman’s Land”.


  8. Muskrat Suzie says:

    I have a couple of the mini-posters that come with the DVDs tacked up in my cubicle and we recently got new PCs and the guy who installed mine was a fan. He saw my posters and we talked about the show for a bit. Neat!


  9. Patti says:

    I’ve met two in the wild–both working for my place of work’s IT department. One of them outed himself when he saw my Satellite of Love wallpaper. Neither of them knew about the new season until talking to me, and they love it.


  10. Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves says:

    I have on occasion thrown up Crow or Tom as my avatar for our email/instant messenger at work (though at this particular moment it’s Reptilicus). This has led me to connect with a couple of MSTies at the office. Always fun when you meet ‘the right people’. ;)


  11. Steve K says:

    A few months ago, I was getting my morning coffee at work, and a co-worker acquaintance walked into the cafeteria carrying a certain planetoid-shaped mug! We chatted a bit about the show.

    My wife gets compliments on her MST apparel often, or says she does. I’ve only actually witnessed it once — just last week in fact. We were checking out at WalMart and the cashier commented on a MST-related purse she has.

    He said he was a big fan, but when asked about the new season, he said he only liked the stuff with Mike (“a comedy genius”) Nelson in it. I was very pleased, because this affirmed my theory that each person is like a quantum particle, complete with anti-particle: I’ve now met the Anti-EricJ!


  12. Ray Dunakin says:

    Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves:
    I have on occasion thrown up Crow or Tom…

    How did you ever swallow them in the first place? ;)


  13. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I’m not sure if this counts, but it happened a few days after RT did their “Manos” live show. I was at a “Star Wars” Celebration in Orlando, waiting in line for a showing of the original movie. I remarked that, in the space of one week, I went from seeing one of the worst movies ever made to seeing one of the best movies ever made, and both in a theater with fans. A guy in line looked at me and said, “You lucky b*****d!”


  14. Yes, anyone who parades around in geek gear from MST3K is quickly spotted.

    Will millenials EVER grow up?


  15. cityofvoltz says:

    Excluding and cinematic Titanic, rifftrax or the new mst3k live tour, I met a fan at a gas station on a road trip, I was filling up in Dayton, they saw the spaghetti ball sticker in my car. At the time CT was new so I told them about that. I also used to run a Bible study at the college I went to in the early to mid 2000’s and one of the attendees was a Mike era fan ????


  16. Warren says:

    There’s someone at a B&N bookstore I frequently go to who is a fan. If I’m buying an MST set or returning/exchanging some other thing with an MST dvd set on the same receipt, she’ll notice and say something. I don’t think she’s available. But that’s okay. I’ve come across a few others on rare occasions, but not very many.


  17. From our neck of the woods, Chris…. at the Price Chopper in Dunmore, PA, while wearing my Space Mutiny shirt, I had someone come up to me and tell me that they loved my shirt and had named their phone Punch Rockgroin.


  18. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Scott Strong:
    I saw a woman wearing a kickstarter shirt in Target and told her “nice shirt”.

    Of course, what was filling out the shirt impressed me even more.


  19. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    It was a matter of baffling timing. The day after MST3K live came to Minneapolis for the watch out for snakes tour, I saw a guy in the Holiday gas station at Rice St. and Wheelock Parkway. I do not approach strangers as a rule, but when I saw his MST3K moon logo on a t-shirt that very next day I approached him and said, “you were at the show?”

    Well, he didn’t know what I was talking about. What show? MST3K live at the State Theater last night. Is that a riffrax thing? No, this is the new cast on Netflix. Oh, well I will look into it I guess.

    sigh. Sheesh. Hopefully he streamed every Netflix ep 17 times over.


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