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Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters that Got a Raw Deal

“Duke of Puddles” suggests:

What characters got the short end of the stick? I’m torn because while Carrie from ‘Girl from Lover’s Lane’ and the ‘marked one’ from ‘Mole People.’ They didn’t deserve to die, but WAS a life of being shackled to either Big Stupid or John Agar that much of a life?

Name yours.

And if you have thread ideas, send them to msampo at aol dot com.

58 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movie Characters that Got a Raw Deal”

  1. goalieboy82 says:

    the Sheriff in Final Justice (aka this)
    Joe Don Baker: Travis is a cute kid. Yer a lucky man, Bob.
    Crow: Uh oh.


  2. bartcow: That is an amazing project. Well done!

    Thank you, Bartcow!


  3. Joseph Klemm says:

    Little Sandy will never get over the trauma of “Jazz pianist” Tom trying to kill her at the lighthouse in Tormented. I’m sure Sandy’s still talking about Vi to her therapist.

    I also have a feeling that the therapy sessions will involve Sandy going “Tom Stewart tried to kill me. Tom Stewart tried to kill me.”


  4. Gary Himes says:

    Glen Manning. Poor guy was just trying to save that schmuck in the plane, and for his troubles got irradiated, elongated, mutilated and disintegrated.


  5. Yeah, the ending of the Mole People sucks, especially since it was changed to placate racists. I still like the Molemen themselves, though.

    Trying to think of others. Maybe Beverly Garland in It Conquered the World. This topic is hard because when you think of MST3K movie characters it’s always the loathsome ones that come to mind first.


  6. I have to vote for those poor animals Ross hunted and captured. They lost their freedom and torn from their homes (those poor bear cubs!). The wild cat is captured and kept in a flour sack and is then dumped into a cage the size of a milk crate. I think Ross may have jabbed the poor cat. The snakes fared no better. Even his trusted Seminole sidekick didn’t look so good.


  7. Aphthakid says:

    Captain Howdy:
    Russell Johnson in This Island Earth. Always hard to watch.

    Not to mention all the other scientists and the cat back at the house. Hey, our planet is doomed so lets kill the finest scientific minds on Earth for daring to try to help us out. That’ll show those jerks! It’s a moment that really makes you think the people trying to bomb the Metalunans back into the stone age might have really, really good reasons for doing so.


  8. krankors.revenge says:

    That FAT BARKEEP! He was just tryin to make a livin.


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