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Johnny Returns to the Fair

The Toronto Star follows Canadian artist Charles Pachter, who played Johnny in the short “Johnny at the Fair,” as he returns to the Canadian Exposition. The article does mention MST3K.

Thanks to Scott for the heads up.

7 Replies to “Johnny Returns to the Fair”

  1. SaveFerris says:

    Wow……a “child star” who didn’t grow up COMPLETELY screwed up after all the attention faded away!

    Good for him……


  2. Keith Palmer says:

    Living in the Greater Toronto Area, I did notice this article on the front page of my newspaper today. Mentioning Mystery Science Theater inside caught my attention again, but it also had me reflecting on how, when Satellite News pointed out the last time Charles Pachter’s turn in “Johnny at the Fair” was publicized outside our circle, I realised the short shown on MST3K had been re-narrated and somewhat re-edited from the National Film Board of Canada original. I then managed to find the original.


  3. Pete Roach says:

    Canadian National EXHIBITION (sorry,don’t want to be the correcting guy but the subject is near and dear). I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and the CNE was the end of summer ritual for EVERYONE. I was Johnny’s age in the 60’s and never missed going to The EX until I moved from Ontario in 1989. Went back to The EX 6 years ago and found it totally sucks now, well at least compared to The EX I knew. I’m sure MST3K was once again partly responsible for this to still be a news item today which is cool.


  4. EAG46 says:

    Is any of Charles’s work available outside of Canada? I really like his moose stuff. Wonder if he’s seen the MST3K take of “Johnny at the Fair.”


  5. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    Ah, the good ol’ bad ol’ days — when if the director wanted a child actor to cry, he had one of the parents smack him. Seriously, though, interesting article, and any MST3K mention is usually good.


  6. Clint Keene says:


    Wow……a “child star”who didn’t grow up COMPLETELY screwed up after all the attention faded away!

    Good for him……

    Yes, all that fame, the money, the drugs, the women… none of it went to his head.


  7. Johnny’s real name was never really Johnny…. why am I constantly being lied to?


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