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Weekend Discussion Thread: Enjoyable Moments

Alert reader Keith writes:

The flip side of theater outbursts might be: favorite moments where they sat back and actually enjoyed a brief moment of a movie (might not be that many to choose from, I know).

I immediately thought of them just sitting back and enjoying The Platters during Girls’ Town.

I think I would pick the “grapefruit dance” in “Hercules.” They really seem to enjoy it.

Whats’s your pick?

36 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Enjoyable Moments”

  1. duke of puddles says:

    if passing out from over stimulation counts, then Tom during the large female fight in ‘Horror of Spider Island.’


  2. jay says:

    Boggy Creek II –

    As “Doc” and the rest motor along the bottoms in their tiny, blue smoke belching boat Tom and company zen into Wings Of A Dove. Nicely sung, too.


  3. Murdock Hauser says:

    Einstein the motorcycle getting crushed by Megaweapon.

    Crow: Make it last.
    Tom: Yes! Yes! Make it slow Megaweapon! Yes! Yes!
    Joel: Our long national nightmare is over.
    Crow: Now get the Paper Chase Guy.


  4. Son of Peanut says:



  5. Droppo says:

    Jonah and the bots delighting in Alex’s mundane “tricks” cracked me up.


  6. skrag2112 says:

    Tom enjoying Lisa in her underwear in ‘The Projected Man’. Heck, he didn’t want to leave the theater until he saw her in her underwear again.


  7. The baby bears collecting mushrooms in Jack Frost. “Aaawww, you know! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!”


  8. Scott Strong says:

    The moment when the two women climb into bed together in The Thing that Couldn’t Die.

    Classic celebration.


  9. Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves says:

    Tom & Crow’s reaction to the giant well-endowed robot in Starcrash is a great moment.

    Crow: “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”
    Servo: “A little somethin’ somethin’ for the robots!”



  10. mst3kme says:

    Here’s an enjoyable moment. :-)

    There’s a new Mary Jo and Bridget short available at

    “Boredom at Work.”

    Also, Rifftrax is having a sale. 15% off riffs all weekend long.



  11. littleaimishboy says:

    Not during the actual movie, but Mike blissing out as his ultra-high-end audiophile stereo system plays the haunting “Dance Theme from The Creeping Terror” is a wonderful moment.

    dudaddadadda DAda dudADda, dudaddadadda DAda dudADda …


  12. goalieboy82 says:

    Hamlet. the whole me is a great movie.


  13. I’ll second the grapefruit dance, and add the guys singing their own additions to Eddy’s songs in “The Beatniks”.
    (“And it strikes–” “BANG!!”)

    Joel getting up and dancing to the Failure Frolics in “Day the Earth Froze” also springs to mind.


  14. Sitting Duck says:

    When Samson makes his grand entrance in Samson Vs. The Vampire Women, and all they can do is laugh.


  15. goalieboy82 says:

    Enjoyable moments for me is when me and my father watch the show on my day’s off.


  16. Ray Dunakin says:

    From “Horrors of Spider Island”, during the many scenes of scantily clad ladies dancing around…

    Crow: “Mike, would you inject me into this film?”

    And a bit later…

    Mike: “Man, I’d pay eleven thousand dollars to be there right now.”


  17. radioman970 says:

    Pod People. When Joel says “we LIKE this kid” :)


  18. Danzilla "Cornjob" McLargeHuge, Student of Kaijuology says:

    Six simple, yet powerful, syllables garunteed to bring the most joyous of joys to both riffer and viewer:



  19. Misfit4242 says:

    I said this in the previous thread, but seems more apropos here. I love Mike losing it during the angry shopkeeper scene in ‘The Brute Man’. You can hear and see him laughing uncontrollably. Favorite part of the film!


  20. Cornjob says:

    They seemed to like Little Richard in Catalina Caper.


  21. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    Perhaps I’m projecting, but I got the feeling that the riffers truly enjoyed the obvious-bathtub-toys-as-special effects in Danger!! Death Ray. They seemed childishly amused.


  22. Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves says:

    I think also of the moments in The Land that Time Forgot when Jonah expresses admiration for the actors (not stunt doubles) putting themselves in harms way as REAL fire rains down on the set. Here they genuinely seemed to appreciate the actors’ commitment to their craft.


  23. fatbarkeep says:

    Let’s go way back to KTMA for this one. In the episode “Superdome” there is a scene between Ken Howard and his wife where she reveals to him that she cheated on him. It’s a very dramatic scene and is actually pretty darn engrossing. Even Josh, who was by far the most vociferous during the KTMA season, is quiet during this scene. Their interest in the scene is palpable. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.
    Wish they would have revisited some of those “star-studded” KTMA episodes: SST Death Flight; City On Fire; and this one.
    The best of the KTMA’s in my mind.
    ‘Nuff said.


  24. Kenotic says:

    They seemed to love the moments Luptia was on Santa Claus – she was aggressively cute and her steadfast refusal to give in to temptation seemed to move them, at least a little.

    And over at Rifftrax, they clearly liked Charlie on the Twilight series, aka “Mustache Dad.” I think by the final movies they’re cheering every time he’s on screen.


  25. Cornjob says:

    The assistant in her underwear in Projected Man met with Tom’s approval.


  26. Blonde Russian Spy says:

    In Manos, during one of the brawling wives scenes, Servo comments, “This isn’t Lysistrata. I like it, but it isn’t Lysistrata.”


  27. Kenotic:
    They seemed to love the moments Luptia was on Santa Claus – she was aggressively cute and her steadfast refusal to give in to temptation seemed to move them, at least a little.

    Which only improves Mike’s “And don’t you ever do that again!” to Pitch after Lupita (Luptia?) fails to yield to the temptations of theft.


  28. Warren says:

    M&TB seemed to enjoy the “rock ‘n’ roll martian” bit from Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders, something that seemed like a real childhood moment.


  29. Warren says:

    This could be another WDT-dreams we’ve had that were MST3K-inspired or involved MST characters, the SOL captives, the mads, or characters from the movies themselves. I don’t think that’s been done yet, at least not that I remember.


  30. Raigely says:

    Santa Claus seemed to have gotten to M&tB a couple of times with its sheer festive lunacy. Besides the fondness for Lupita, there’s also when Mike and Tom simply enjoy singing along to a bit of the movies 8,910th reprise of “Jingle Bells”. “[sniff] I love Christmas….”


  31. Stoneman says:

    From “Parts: The Clonus Horror”, when the “lesson” about America is presented, Mike and the bots bliss out for a minute. I think Tom and Mike even rest their heads together and murmur…”America”.


  32. From “The Starfighters”, their general happiness singing about poopy suits. “Don’t crap in your hands, crap in your poopy suits…….”

    Of course, the do-wop poopy suit song……”doodoodoodoodooodoooodooodooooo…..poopy suits!!!!”


  33. JustinL says:

    “I like it VERY MUCH.”


  34. Gary Himes says:

    I love the way they all cheer when Godzilla finally shows up to save Jet Jaguar’s shiny metal ass in GODZILLA VS MEGALON.


  35. JustinL says:

    OF COURSE! How could I forget? In FINAL SACRIFICE, I love when Mike breaks down after a slew of Yosemite Sam impressions making fun of the grizzled old prospector guy’s voice. “I hates legends!”


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