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RIP Jimmy Clem

Sometimes it takes a while for word to get out of the passing of a MSTed movie cast member, because he or she is long retired to flyover country and is out of the public eye. Such is the case with James “Jimmy” Clem, who had a memorable role as Old Man Crenshaw in the movie in episode 1006- BOGGY CREEK II. Clem died July 22 at his home in Texarkana, Texas. He was 84.

Find out more about him here.

Thanks to Rick for the heads up.

20 Replies to “RIP Jimmy Clem”

  1. Pemmican says:

    “Well, boy, if you’ve come here to study me, you’d better be prepared to stay a while.”

    Sometimes, no riffing is needed! God rest Mr. Jimmy Clem, thank you for an unforgettable role in a truly cheesy movie.


  2. SaveFerris says:

    He came, tended to his fires, and then left…..

    May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest, Jimmy Clem.


  3. MajorMac says:

    Rest in Peace, Old Man Crenshaw. May there be an endless supply of broccoli rubber bands in the afterlife.


  4. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Stand at attention for the 21 broccoli rubber band salute.

    Before nine gars could gut a minnow, Clem buried his truck back in heaven.


  5. jay says:

    They thumb tacked Jimmy’s obit from the Texarkana paper on the community bulletin board next to a picture of a Razorback burger at Sheryl’s Country Kitchen in Fouke, Arkansas, the “Home of the Fouke (Boggy Creek) Monster”. It was a badge of honor.

    Seriously, he was a much respected citizen in those parts. RIP


  6. Thrillhouse says:

    I defy anyone to name a more memorable screen presence in any MSTed movie. Farewell, Old Man.


  7. Speedy B. says:

    “From the royal academy of dramatic arts: Jimmy Clem.”


  8. Going to put on my one-strap overalls in memoriam.


  9. Larry Ham says:

    A truly great character. One of my favorite MST Ep’s. Just wish I coulda seen him in the country store, wearing a puffy hat with a filthy saying….. or a turquoise pith helmet.


  10. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    Thanks to wearing overalls without a shirt, and the amazing distribution of filth over his entire body, Old Man Crenshaw was one of the most disturbing characters in a MST movie.

    But it’s good to be reminded that that was only a character, and to find out that the actor himself was a father, grandfather, Korean War veteran, cattle rancher, and Texas Tech alum. That’s an impressive biography for someone who’ll always be associated with Old Man Crenshaw.


  11. Scott Strong says:

    Jimmy Clem was undoubtedly the most memorable character in BC2 and one of the most memorable in the entire Mst3k series. RIP broccoli rubber band wearing old man.

    “I’ll throw down on you before nine gars could gut a minna.”

    Best Mst quote ever!


  12. IR5 says:

    Old Man Crenshaw played by Jimmy Clem. In 5 out of 5 independent viewings, this aforementioned character was voted most trust worthy to tend to their fires, and, to finally figure it out…cuz. Clem as Crenshaw once started a short lived Broccoli Rubber Band craze as folks everywhere tightened them around their brow while exclaiming-“you’re a man’s kinda woman.”

    That said, Crenshaw in BC2 was and is a shining star in the MST Universe. I still remember watching the premiere of the episode, his overalls, his bark bigger than bite. He stands aside Torgo now.


  13. Dang. I only watched Boggy Creek last night. RIP Mr Clem. Your breasts were indeed marvelous


  14. Ray Dunakin says:

    I just read his “life legacy” on that link, and it sounds like he was a really great guy with an impressive list of accomplishments.
    Rest in peace, Mr. Clem.


  15. The Little Critter misses him dearly.

    RIP, Jimmy Clem.


  16. He was in about 2/3 of Charles B Pierce’s movies, so I have seen him in a lot of stuff (which says a lot about my TV viewing habits).


  17. Read his obit. A life well lived. Boggy Creek II is one of my go-to movies when I want to relax. He has none of the menace of Coleman Frances, just a nice guy.

    Rest in peace, cousin.


  18. “Old man? I was carded last week!”


  19. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    The photo makes it look like he’s drinking out of a kerosene lamp…


  20. Numanoid says:

    Eighty-four is quite impressive for a man of his, erm, immensity. Well done, sir.

    Fans should check out Charles B. Pierce’s “other movie”, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, to see a nicely cleaned-up Mr. Clem.


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