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RiffTrax Presents a New Short with Bridget and Mary Jo

Get it here.

5 Replies to “RiffTrax Presents a New Short with Bridget and Mary Jo”

  1. Housewives in Wisconsin….Rifftrax fodder for EVERYBODY! :)


  2. jay says:

    Growing up on a farm or ranch can suck great big green personal parts. However, you do get sparkling clean water, unless the livestock waste infects the well. And then there’s the fresh air, unless your bedroom is downwind of the pens. And then, of course, there’s the long bus rides to and from school. Oh, Hell. Have at it Mary Jo and Bridget!


  3. mst3kme says:

    Yay for the glorious gals Mary Jo and Bridget!

    Boo to “Original” Eric J.

    There’s another “Farm Family” short available at “Farm Family in Summer.”



  4. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    The Original EricJ:
    Housewives in Wisconsin….Rifftrax fodder for EVERYBODY!:)

    “A white male middle class power holder would say that…”


  5. PJ says:

    Mary Jo is kinda hot in that pic, not that she wasn’t attractive before. Maybe it’s the bobblehead effect. Not sure.


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