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RIP Mickey Jones

Mickey Jones, whose bearded, grizzled face added texture to scores of shows from “The Rockford Files” to “Justified” and dozens of films including “Sling Blade” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and whose drumming still beats away on oldies radio, died Feb. 7 following a lengthy illness. He was 76.

MSTies will remember his role as henchman Hog in the movie in episode 324- MASTER NINJA II.

Deadline Hollywood has the story.

Thanks to Timmy for the heads up.

7 Replies to “RIP Mickey Jones”

  1. goalieboy82 says:

    drumming through life seeing what condition his condition was in.


  2. Speedy B. says:

    “How much you got?”


  3. “All of it, boy…”


  4. PJ says:

    I loved the bit in Sling Blade where they sat and argued about the “direction” of their half-assed drunken band for what seemed forever. I have seen friends do that. It was so surreal.
    One of those great guys you always see in films but you never remember his name until it’s too late. Now I won’t forget ya, Mickey.


  5. Dan in WI says:

    Pete Bilker from K&B Construction of Bay City MI:

    “That would be me.”


  6. Joel Lillo says:

    Do yourself a favor. Find a way to listen to Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series Volume Four Live at “Albert Hall” (actually recorded in Manchester). Mickey replaced Levon Helm in the line up of the Hawks (later the Band) when they backed up Dylan on his legendary 1966 tour of Great Britain. His drumming is absolutely amazing. His opening snare shot in “Like a Rolling Stone” is worth the price of admission in and of itself. Here’s a link to a video of that performance:


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