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7 Replies to “Now Available from RiffTrax…”

  1. jay says:

    Marshall Dillon would take one look at this town and ride his sorrel gelding back to Dodge, but it was nice to see Julie Newmar.


  2. goalieboy82 says:

    did some of the people in the film really need the money at that point?


  3. mst3kme says:

    According to, there were plans for a third “Oblivion” movie, but a falling out between Full Moon Entertainment and Paramount Pictures prevented that from happening.

    This film stars Maxwell Caulfield. In the early 1980s, he was being hyped as the next John Travolta or the next Richard Gere.

    Then “Grease 2” happened.


  4. Not as good as the first OBLIVION, but it has its moments. Sadly they never did make an OBLIVION 3. And considering what Full Moon Entertainment has been reduced to, it’s for the best they never make another.

    And FYI, sets from the OBLIVION movies were reused in the 1996 sci-fi erotica PETTICOAT PLANET. Oddly enough featuring Elizabeth Kaitan from FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD.


  5. To me, this isn’t the sort of movie that should be riffed. They are cute, campy comedies to begin with

    What next, them riffing the Adam West Batman?

    Also considering how the careers of John Travolta (trainwreck) and Richard Gere (basically blacklisted because of his political activism about Tibet/China) have gone, maybe Maxwell Caulfield.was lucky


  6. Oblivion 3? That would’ve been garbage, considering how cheap Full Moon Entertainment got by the mid-‘90s. I’ve seen the Trancers sequels. The second one is pretty good, but the other four get worse and worse.


  7. It drove me crazy trying to figure out where I had seen “Lash” before. Then come to find out she was the main siren in Oh Brother Where Art Thou was a shock. I personally liked this one as the camp aspects of the film deserved the riffing they received.


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