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Weekend Discussion Thread: The response riff

Alert regular “Sitting Duck” proposes…

One of the many types of riffs used on the show is the response riff. By this I mean: a character in the movie says something and the riffer responds to it, often mimicking one of the other characters in the scene. A favorite of mine of this type of riff occurs in “The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman,” when Ratfink is berating Neon for his incompetence. Neon offers an apology, to which Tom responds mimicking Ratfink with, “Sorry don’t pay the gas bill.”

What’s your favorite?

60 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: The response riff”

  1. jay says:

    Why Study Industrial Arts –

    Industrial Arts Student – “I like the feel of a board running smoothly through the saw.”
    Crow – “As I thrust my nail into the soft, yielding wood.”


  2. Lisa H. says:

    I love the “Why no, sir, YOU da man” one too.


  3. GareChicago says:

    Why Study Industrial Arts –

    Industrial Arts Student – “I like the feel of a board running smoothly through the saw.”
    Crow – “As I thrust my nail into the soft, yielding wood.”

    And of course the classic “I like the smell of fresh wood chips and sawdust..”

    Tom: “I put them in my underwear…”


  4. Hmmm, These Are Good Hot dogs! says:

    Hmmm, These Are Good Hot dogs!: You cannot leave well enough alone can you? You are an Incel aren’t you?

    Guys don’t leave likes when someone throws balls at the clown, it just makes him tread water and swim to safety.


  5. Hmmm, These Are Good Hot dogs! says:

    Sitting Duck: Let’s not project. :P

    Ok, well I think even for OriginalEricJ that was kind of a low blow, but Incel was around before those horrendous things occurred, I apologize to OriginalEricJ, but still, Eric, delete your account.


  6. Ray Dunakin says:

    From “Deathstalker”, when the weird potato woman is warning her daughter about him —

    Potato Woman: “There’s only one thing a man like that wants…”

    Crow: “Sour cream and chives!”


  7. Cornjob says:

    Rocket Ship-XM: “We don’t have enough fuel for a landing.”

    “Do we have enough for a crash?”


  8. Speedy B. says:

    “The Final Sacrifice”:

    Troy: Was I like him [my father)?
    Mike: (as Troy’s aunt) No, he was masculine and likable.


  9. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    Lots of good ones in “Werewolf.” The first, when Paul arrives at the house he inherited, and finds the extremely short-skirted realtor in the attic room, typing.

    Paul: Well, read it. [the note that she was typing]
    Woman: You mean this?
    Mike: Dear Sir, send pants at once.

    Later when Natalie is dropping off Paul at his place…
    Natalie: Paul!
    Mike: I enjoyed your letter to the Philippians!


  10. Cornjob says:

    From Gunslinger:
    “The good ones always die first”

    “Most people being morally ambiguous explains the largely random pattern of death”

    From the Painted Hills:
    “I’m gonna tell everybody!”

    “Oh now how could you possibly tell everybody? Are you gonna tell the Chinese?”


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