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Weekend Discussion Thread: Miserable Lives in MSTed Movies

Alert reader Tim (a different Tim) asks:

Among characters in MSTed movies, who has the most miserable life? In the ACEG, Frank identified the protagonist of “High School Big Shot” as the clear winner of that prize. At the time I agreed, but now I’d go for that poor kid from “The Beast of Hollow Mountain.”

I’m going to go with Jan in the Pan. Even before she was in the accident, her boyfriend was no picnic. And after? Agony.

What’s your pick?

Also, keep those WDT ideas comin’! Send them to msampo at aol dot com.

55 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Miserable Lives in MSTed Movies”

  1. itsspideyman says:

    Sitting Duck:

    Most anyone from the Coleman Francis Trilogy of Despair. I think that speaks for itself.

    I tried to sit and think of someone who got off happy in the Coleman Wacky Funtime Trio, and all I could come up with is the married couple at the end Red Zone Cuba, and that’s with the wife with a bullet in her midsection and the husband having to hitchhike from Cuba after Coleman left him for dead!


  2. Son of Peanut: Whoa! I had never heard about that.

    Um, there’s several MST’d movies that have NSFW scenes cut, or close links to NSFW material. The big surprise for me is that many of these are among the lowest-budget productions, that you can’t imagine having the money to pay any of the actors to do naughty things, or are from eras that you really wouldn’t think would have gratuitous tubular-boobular scenes inserted to pump up the box office.


  3. bartcow says:

    I don’t know about miserable Lives MSTie Movies specifically, but anyone who inadvertently reads yet another OEJ screed has a pretty miserable day, at least.


  4. mando3b says:

    I would say all the female characters in Space Mutiny: they’re all smart and hold responsible positions on or near the bridge of a gigantic space transport in the *FUTURE!* but have to go around in skimpy, skin-tight one-piece bathing suits while the men get to wear cool jumpsuits. And some of them even have to stuff armadillos down their trousers and go back to work right after getting killed!


  5. GareChicago says:

    Luberia. Because her name is Luberia.



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