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RIP Dick Miller

Dick Miller, a prolific screen actor perhaps best known for his role as Murray Futterman in 1984’s “Gremlins,” has died. He was 90. Miller worked frequently for Roger Corman, and MSTies will remember his appearances in three Corman movies, episodes 311- IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, 511- GUNSLINGER and 806- THE UNDEAD.

Variety has the story.

Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

9 Replies to “RIP Dick Miller”

  1. skrag2112 says:

    Oops! Just mentioned this in the ‘This Date In MSTory’.


  2. Ray Dunakin says:

    Very prolific actor indeed…used to see him in movies all the time.


  3. DiscoJer says:

    That’s a surprisingly good Variety article on him, mentioning some of his better genre roles, like Night of the Creeps (one of my favorite movies)


  4. bartcow says:

    He had some great stories in Corman’s World, the documentary about Roger Corman. Highly recommended. Yes, his movies are goofy and cheap, but his mark on Hollywood can’t be overstated.

    Back to Miller, I always thought he seemed like a good, down-to-earth guy with no inflated ego about who he was or who he’d worked with (and that list is long and impressive). Truly an unsung hero.

    Here’s an article well worth reading: a Random Roles for the AV Club from 2012:


  5. Nice to see how many of the press obits remember Dick finally getting to be top-banana in Corman’s “A Bucket of Blood”–
    Which livened up what would otherwise be a complete remake of Little Shop of Horrors, except that Miller, in his Joe Pesci-esque way, could actually make poor-nebbish-murderer Walter Paisley into an effectively creepy one by the last reel.

    But then, we’ll always remember him for being That Guy in “Gremlins” and “After Hours”. :)


  6. Saw this posted in a Facebook group for MST3K alum Beverly Garland:

    Beverly Garland : Her Life & Career
    2 hrs ·
    Very sad to report the passing of Dick Miller, one of Hollywood’s most prolific character actors, on January 30th. He was 90 years old. Dick was discovered by producer/director Roger Corman and became a regular member of Corman’s stable of actors in the 1950s. He worked with Beverly in four Corman movies: IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, GUNSLINGER, NOT OF THIS EARTH and NAKED PARADISE (a/k/a THUNDER OVER HAWAII). Dick credited Beverly with advancing his career with director Roger Corman. At a preview of NAKED PARADISE, Beverly deliberately and loudly praised Dick’s work on the film so Roger couldn’t help but take notice. Shortly thereafter, Roger gave Dick the lead role in ROCK ALL NIGHT. Starring roles in other Corman films followed: SORORITY GIRL, WAR OF THE SATELLITES and A BUCKET OF BLOOD. Dick Miller had supporting roles in numerous films including GREMLINS, MATINEE, THE HOWLING, PIRANHA and THE TERROR. Television roles included episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, NYPD Blue, Fame, Police Squad! and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman. When it came to the science fiction/horror film genre, Dick Miller was an icon! He will be missed.


  7. Johnny's nonchalance says:

    Aw. Just watched the Rifftrax of Little Shop of Horrors.

    “I’m character Dick Miller. I’ve been in more crap than corn.”


  8. KidFlash says:

    I’m fond of War of the Satellites, which Shout released eight years ago as part of a Sci-Fi Classics 2-disc set in their Roger Corman’s Cult Classics line (it’s now out of print, but my local library has a copy).

    While the other films in the set (Attack of the Crab Monsters and the original Not of This Earth with Beverly Garland) are better known, I’ve got a soft spot for any film that has Dick Miller as an action hero lead!

    The set’s got a neat collection of extras, too – trailers, commentaries (sadly, no Miller commentary) and more. Check it out.


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