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A Couple of Late-Breaking RIPs

Sometimes we hear of somebody’s passing several weeks after it happened, because they are not part of the Hollywood scene anymore. Such is the case with Sally Fraser, who played Joan Nelson in the movie in episode 311- IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, Joyce Manning in the movie in episode 319- WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST and Helen Kingman in the movie in episode 313- EARTH VS. THE SPIDER. She died January 13 in Harrison, Idaho. She was 86.
Thanks to Paul for the heads up.

And although he was mentioned only in passing during a host segment in episode 1002- THE GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, we should note the passing former Vikings quarterback Wade Wilson. He was 60.
The story is here.
Thanks to Timmy for the heads up.

7 Replies to “A Couple of Late-Breaking RIPs”

  1. pete_plums_drivers_license says:

    Miss Fraser also starred in Giant from the Unknown, which is worth checking out (free on Amazon Prime, and on that awful site with the woodcut of a pirate ship).


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Crow: “Lady, do you ever stop griping?”



  3. Scott Strong says:

    In my opinion, one of the more lovely ladies to grace the Mst screen. She was also pretty good in It Conquered the World. In the scene where she tries to kill Graves she was just terrific. Played it ice cold. RIP.


  4. InvaderPet says:

    R.I.P. Deadpool.


  5. Joyce Manning in the movie in episode 319- WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST

    “…Remember THESE??”
    Indeed we do, Sally. Er, the character, that is.


  6. Sally Fraser’s passing was quite sad. Last summer, I sent her a fan letter and a promotional still from War of the Colossal Beast, asking if she’d be able to autograph it for me. She replied and put a wonderful signature on it. And then she passed away last month. I’m glad she took the time to reply so graciously to a fan letter out of nowhere. Very nice lady.

    I agree with Scott Strong in his comments above. She was good in these movies. Fraser lent an air of credibility even if the circumstances of plot or her fellow actors were unbelievable and/or outlandish.



  7. Joseph Goodman says:

    Adding another passing from a few months back, Gabriele Antonini, who played Ulysses in the two Steve Reeves “Hercules” films, passed away at 80 back in October. Source:


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