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Weekend Discussion Thread: Actors/Actresses/Characters You Would Want to Live With

Last week, alert regular Marc gave us a great topic, and, this week, he spins off from that one with this:

Actors/actresses/characters from MSTed movies you would have liked to have had as a friend … or boyfriend/girlfriend … or husband/wife, etc.

Again, Batwoman, though I wouldn’t be happy with spending every Christmas with Rat Fink.

Your pick?

Keep those WDT topics coming!

35 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Actors/Actresses/Characters You Would Want to Live With”

  1. jay says:

    Phantom Planet –

    The dark haired mute woman would be a good fit for me. I’ve spent the last three decades with a woman from the upper Midwest so I am used non-verbal communication.


  2. skrag2112 says:

    For a friend, Ator from ‘Cave Dwellers’. He seems like fun, knows how to build things, would be great to have over to a BBQ.

    For a wife/girlfriend, lets just say it, BEVERLY GARLAND!


  3. DarkGrandmaofDeath says:

    I’ve always had a great liking for Bruno VeSota; he brought a certain gravitas to every role he played (and no, I’m not making a reference to his weight – I really do like his ability to make even the lamest of secondary characters interesting). I’d be happy having coffee with him while finding out what it was like working on the set of Daddy-O.

    I would have liked having a girls’ night out with Vivian Schilling and Beverly Garland, too. I think we could have consumed a fair amount of tequila while dishing on Joe Estevez and Robert Z’Dar, John Ireland, Touch Connors, what the industry was like when Beverly started, and how Vivian had gotten into it. The epic hangover would be entirely worthwhile.


  4. Scott Strong says:

    I would want to live on the 13th Moon of Jupiter with ALL the descendants of Aphrodite……….. as the only male inhabitant.

    As long as Process and the Beast were dead.


  5. Scott Strong says:

    I would also want to be friends with Rowsdower and Troy. Road trip across Canada with Beer on the Sun brand beer.


  6. Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves says:

    As a bud, without a doubt: Megaweapon. Seems like he’d a great guy to hang out with and have a few beers.

    And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, as wife/girlfriend: Livia (Allison Hayes). I mean, sure she’s evil and stuff… but she’s oh so good at it. And did I mention that dress?! ;)


  7. Ro-man, aka one of several possible Steves says:

    Oh, and I think Bavarro (John Banner) from Crash of the Moons would make a great room mate. Just an all around friendly and nice guy. I mean, he’s so deferential and considerate, and I’m sure he’d really keep the place neat.


  8. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    I could see having Betty from “Teenagers from Outer Space” as a roommate. She seemed sweet and just all-around nice. If we had enough privacy from Grandpa, that’d be cool.

    Nothing occurs to me offhand as a potential boyfriend or husband from any of the characters, although I can think of a multitude that I WOULDN’T want. Let me have more coffee and think on it. I don’t want to repeat myself from the “Date, Marry, Kill” WDT we did a few years ago.


  9. EAG46 says:

    Obviously Beverly Garland as a friend. She seemed like such an interesting woman off-screen too. And I’d want to get to know Robert Z’Dar and Rondo Hatton too. Their conditions [cherubism and acromegaly] were things beyond their control and they made the best of them.


  10. mando3b says:

    Chase from The Giant Gila Monster would be my best friend of all time–super-nice guy, great friend, more grown up than most of the adults in these movies, plus he really knows cars! The perfect room mate.
    Beverly Garland would make a really wonderful life partner. I can see us here in the country in Maine, taking potshots at the squirrels in the trees, and her hitting ’em every time . . .


  11. I’d love to be friends with the Mom and Dad in Catalina Caper. You know they went back to their grifter ways and had great adventures.


  12. IR5 says:

    My friend would be Rowsdower. He looks great in Denim, and, is always ready to join you in 12 Oz. curls. My Girl friend- Michelle from Girl in Gold Boots. She can practice her art form as much as she likes- and, we’ll ride dune buggies all week.


  13. goalieboy82 says:

    but there was no roommate.


  14. Significant other, I’m going to stick with last week’s pick, Jessica from The Thing That Couldn’t Die. Besides the cosmetic appeal, she eschews evil, and can pick up some income on the side dowsing wells and finding lost items. And she’s probably first in line to inherit her aunt’s seaside ranch, which will be great to turn into a resort.

    Boon companion, the professor from Track of the Moon Beast. We’ll have a blast going on archeological road trips, and with Jessica to find stuff for us we will rocket to the top of the profession. And he makes great stew.


  15. yelling_into_the_void says:

    I’ll say Johnny Longbone.


  16. Sitting Duck says:

    I’ll go with Horatio, since he’s clearly a magnificent bastard.


  17. duke of puddles says:

    to me hanging with Torgo and the MaSTer at the ‘Valley Lodge’ would be like staying at ‘Fawlty Towers’ whilst on acid.


  18. duke of puddles says:

    i could also see rooming with Alan Hale, the ‘little buddy’ and hat swat potential alone would be worth it.


  19. RedZoneTuba says:

    I guess I’ll go with Eegah as roommate. No danger of relatives dropping in because they’re all mummified over by the wall, and he just wants to make sure we both get some schtemlo.


  20. jay says:

    Lost Continent –

    Acquanetta and ONLY Acquanetta would have a chance in this movie to join my household. She is only in the movie for an eye blink, but she is the only character that doesn’t incessantly smoke throughout the entire film.
    They’re launching a radioactive rocket. And smoking. They are flying a search plane in the stratosphere. And smoking. They crash land the plane and crawl out of the wreckage reaching into their pockets for cigarettes. They climb an endless mountain that must make Everest look like a speed bump. And they’re smoking. They see dinosaurs. They pull out a cigarette. The radioactive mountain blows up underneath them, yet somehow when they are paddling offshore soaked by the splashing waves they still manage to be SMOKING!!!!
    I swear they must have had 300 cartons of coffin nails on the plane. Not in my house.


  21. jjk50 says:

    Diabolik. I think any guy that can build a two billion dollar underground lair and steal millions of dollars in gold would make a good roommate to pay the bills and buy the groceries. Plus if he brought his hot girlfriend Eva we could all roll around in that petty cash he likes to bring home.


  22. stanmcserr says:

    I would love to have LT Lemont from Space Mutiny as a girlfriend. If she gets killed, she will still be able to go out! That is very convenient.


  23. Lab-assistant Joe from “This Island Earth”–An average guy, as opposed to Our Hero Rex Studley, good sense of humor, family man (“I know what my kid would say if he saw this…”), more grounded, and quick to see the possible dangers in alien technology.
    And, you can hide in big boxes and let him find you.


  24. Prez Gar says:

    Mr B Natural, provided he/she could provide me with musical talent just from constant exposure.

    Santa Claus, since he has some sort of magic that lets him live forever. (Not to mention he can deal with Martians, the Devil, the Ice Cream Bunny and an evil landlord.)

    Benjamin Franklin, since the man was quite the renaissance man. Publisher, inventor, postmaster, philosopher, patriotAnd and ladies man.

    And if movies covered by Rifftrax count, then you can throw in Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, for living in magnificent homes and fighting super villains.


  25. yelling_into_the_void says:

    I was thinking that ex-boyfriend of Wanda Saknussemm sounds like fun, but he’s also a superficial jerk, so instead Dr. Mellow Ski-Bum.

    Diabolik. I think any guy that can build a two billion dollar underground lair…

    His lair is so huge would he even know if you were living there?


  26. Cornjob says:

    Ator would certainly be a handy friend to have. He wouldn’t just help you repair your deck, or fix your dryer. He’d rebuild it better than before using some feathers, coconuts, and a turtle shell.

    The hippie from Laserblast would probably have some good weed and would be willing to share. He seemed like a pretty nice fellow even if his schtick was a little over the top.

    I think I might like to befriend Rommel from Sidehackers just to stop him from befriending J.C. Heck, my initials are J.C. too. Maybe with one J.C. in his life he wouldn’t need another.


  27. LoneZombie says:

    Markov the Magnificent from Carnival Magic would be a good buddy to have. Calm, soothing voice, has a chimp for a roommate. Plus, if you ever had a jar of pickles you couldn’t get the lid off of, he’d tell you that you can’t remove the lid but Gus can, and you are Gus. Very handy!


  28. I’m a Nerd so Henry Krasker would make a great pal.


  29. Spending quality time with a picture of Larry Csonka sounds grand. Frittering away days exploring phone books and foot lockers.


  30. radioman970 says:

    Girlfriend: I always had a thing for Floppy Rhoda from Touch of Satin. As long as we could live away from the walnut/apple cider farm and close enough to visit the fish now and then.

    Just friends: as an E.T. fan, me and Trumpy. It’s be like the bestest Saturday mornings ever, we’d eat a lot of french fries and catsup together and he’d make everything like Pee Wee’s Playhouse.


  31. littleaimishboy says:

    Wingman: Watney Smith. Loathsome, you say? Hell YEAH he’s loathsome — but wouldn’t he make YOU look like Bryan Ferry by contrast when you take your place at the singles bar?

    Lady friend: “Give it the old college try!”, need one say more?


  32. Murdock Hauser says:

    I’m going to post my comment similar to the dinner scene in the “Dead Talk Back,” of who I’d want to live with and wouldn’t want to live with in a boarding house.
    Toblerone the landlord. A very energetic man who left the Bronx for a simpler life here in the rocky mountains.
    Mila a very beautiful and attractive young woman who moved in the other week. All I know is she practices sword fighting and collecting hub caps. One day I’ll ask her out.
    Henry Krasker loves exploring and talking about fringe topics like ghosts, UFO’s the works. All in all a cool guy. OH, IT’S TRUE!
    Dr. Brian Lockhart is from Arkansas and has studied and encounter the boggy creek creature down in Arkansas. He’s living here for the next couple months to do research on Bigfoot-like creatures here in the Rockies. Just like Krasker a cool dude.
    Daphne and Nick. All they do is boink in Nick’s van while elderly people and kids walk by, belly dance, and be obnoxious. Nick also carries around a rake in the front yard challenging anyone to a rake fight while Daphne encourages him.
    Crapout. Bad jokes 24/7 however, Toblerone for some reason enjoys his jokes.
    Gloria Henderson. She always brags about her porno company in her raspy voice at the dinner table while smoking half a pack of cigarettes.


  33. michaelkz says:

    Let’s complete the trio of the family-friendly version of F/M/K and make this weekend’s discussion be about characters you wouldn’t want to be around.


  34. jay says:

    The Creature (Revenge Of) –

    He and I both like the water and apparently share an appreciation of Lori Nelson. I would enjoy listening to his views on climate change and the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. We both like seafood and might splurge on a meal at the local Asian bistro where I would have the crispy whole fish. Creech would probably gravitate toward the sushi. You can imagine the fun we would have riffing on John Agar while watching THE MOLE PEOPLE! It would be a blast.


  35. mando3b says:

    The Creature (Revenge Of) –

    He and I both like the water and apparently share an appreciation of Lori Nelson.I would enjoy listening to his views on climate change and the destruction of the Amazon rain forest.We both like seafood and might splurge on a meal at the local Asian bistro where I would have the crispy whole fish.Creech would probably gravitate toward the sushi.You can imagine the fun we would have riffing on John Agar while watching THE MOLE PEOPLE!It would be a blast.

    Can’t like this one enough!!


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