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RIP Marshall Brodien

GENEVA, Ill.–Sometimes we miss it when somebody in our MSTory files passes quietly. There were some stories in the media, but they didn’t get on our radar.
But back in March, magician Marshall Brodien passed away here and we thought we would mention it. He was a target for gentle humor from Joel during several host segments.

The Sun-Times has the story.

4 Replies to “RIP Marshall Brodien”

  1. Kenneth Morgan says:

    I remember the commercials he did for his TV Magic Cards. Found one on YouTube:


  2. Always wanted one of those TV Magic Cards sets (with the alternating set of 51 cards with a slightly different length, so you could rifle the other side of the deck and show all 5 of Diamonds), but my parents weren’t much into Getting Stuff. :(

    Still, early Joel-era retro-commercial refs are easy, once YOU know the secret!


  3. Mr. Krasker says:

    I have a set of TV Magic Cards. We got it when my sister and I were kids (no idea how or where, because my parents never went in for gimmicks like that), and it is a fun little trick. The novelty wears thin pretty quickly though.

    Still, there they are on the shelf in the family room.


  4. Captain Howdy says:

    Marshall could have been the leader of a holy death cult if he had simply followed the dark side of prestidigitation.

    It is a question of asserting oneself and abstaining from the magic rice bowls.

    I really cannot say more in this environment.

    Now pick a damn tarot card.


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