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Weekend Discussion Thread: Adding a MSTed Movie Character to Another MSTed Movie

Alert reader “Blonde Russian Spy” asks:

What MST3K movie could be made better by inserting a character from another MST3K movie? Me, I’d put the “Giant Gila Monster” into “Monster A-Go-Go,” just so we could say that there actually WAS a monster. What do you think?

I think the fight scene between Eddie Crane and Daddy-O would be amazing.

What’s your pick?

Keep those WDT suggestions coming!

68 Replies to “Weekend Discussion Thread: Adding a MSTed Movie Character to Another MSTed Movie”

  1. Ray Dunakin says:

    As lame as the “sharktopus” monster was in “Devil Fish”, it still would have made “Bride of the Monster” more exciting. At least the Devil Fish’s tentacles were able to move around a little, and its jaws could open and close. The Ed Wood’s borrowed octopus prop just sat there, and the actors struggled to make it look like they were being attacked.


  2. Ray Dunakin says:

    I think the nightgown-wrestling brides of Manos would have really spiced up “Racket Girls”. Any one of them was better looking then Rita Martinez and Clara Mortensen combined, and their flimsy nightgowns were more attractive than the stodgy outfits the wrestlers wore.

    A bonus match could be done with a couple of the catfighting gals from “Horrors of Spider Island”.


  3. Ray Dunakin says:

    “The Sword and the Dragon” could definitely have used a few more kaiju. In addition to the “fire dragon”, Kali could have summoned some of the “villain” kaiju from the Godzilla and Gamera movies. Then Ilya Murometz could ride in on Gamera, followed by Godzilla, for a big battle royale.


  4. mando3b:
    In every movie that has snakes or the expectation thereof, insert Arch Hall, Sr.’s disembodied voice saying, “Watch out for snakes!” (You know, am surprised no one thought of that earlier . . . )

    For example, when Ator and the other characters are tossed into the sacrificial pit in “Cave Dwellers”, where the skulls are lined up neatly:
    “Watch out for anal-retentive snakes!”


  5. jay says:

    The Mole People –

    Madam Estrella from Incredibly Strange Creatures could show them a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to moles.


  6. Johnny Drama says:

    Sitting Duck:
    Add Mitchell to the cast of The Killer Shrews and their booze reserves would have gone down a lot faster.

    Add Mitchell, or Joe Don Baker to any of the MSTied movies lol, just like over at the Sol-Mates podcast. They muse on how Joe Don would be if he were in each experiment. Good stuff.

    Alternatively, you could put Max Kellar and the Master into any episode. Or the 7 from Angels Revenge! Imagine the crossover event….

    Wow, so the cast of Master Ninja and Angels Revenge stumble into Mitchell and Geronimo from Final Justice in an attempt to bring the cast of Moon Zero Two to justice… “Moon Zero Three: The Sapphire Wars”

    A person can dream ;)


  7. Johnny Drama says:

    I think I inadvertently created the Greyson Clark Cinematic Universe, or as the fandom likes to call it, the GCU


  8. mando3b says:

    I think it would be cool to add The Mole People to other movies. Just think:

    The Lost Continent: After all that rock climbin’, the gang find they’re actually underground with Alan Napier in a dress! Instead of dying at the beak of a triceratops, Sid Melton gets his leg chewed off by a mole person. And then when they escape, the survivors have to climb back down hauling The Load!

    The Phantom Planet: Captain Oddface lands on the phantom planet and finds that the 15 tiny people who live there are ancient pasty-faced Sumerians. And imagine the battle royale between the alien hunchback spaceship-flying dogs and the mole people infesting the craters!

    Alien from LA: Would it be a better movie if Kathy Ireland plunged down into ancient Sumeria and found that her dad was, in fact, The Original Load? Eh, probably not. I bet John Agar could and would tell us what “Yuck!” is in ancient Sumerian, though.


  9. yelling_into_the_void says:

    Monster A Gorgo


  10. mando3b says:

    Monster A Gorgo

    OMG, we have a winner! Drop the mike, shut the WDT down!


  11. Joseph Klemm says:

    I would suggest adding another kaiju into the Barugon movie, but the filmmakers already blew it with Gamera not getting that much screen time.

    Meanwhile, who else would want to see either Trumpy in Mac & Me or Ronald McDonald in Pod People?


  12. mando3b says:

    How about It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ancient World? Put all the different Hercules together, with all their cohorts, trying to have their own adventures in the same space at the same time? Mycheesesteak could also join in the fun, with all those wacky headhunters. Think of it: Evil queens! Different Amazonian tribes! Volcanoes! A bevy of magical monsters! Mickey Hargatay! Steve Reeves! Those other two guys! Castor and Pollux! (Eeeww . . .)


  13. jay says:

    The Crawling Eye Combined With Attack Of The The Eye Creatures –



  14. Joseph Klemm:
    I would suggest adding another kaiju into the Barugon movie, but the filmmakers already blew it with Gamera not getting that much screen time.

    How about Godzilla vs. Megalon vs. Atlantic Rim? Oh, wait, Warner already tried to do that… ;)

    Meanwhile, who else would want to see either Trumpy in Mac & Me or Ronald McDonald in Pod People?

    What, Ronald trapped at the cabin with the rock group and the Plaid family? Oh, Pod People, definitely.


  15. mando3b says:

    After watching Laser Blast yesterday, it struck me that the turtle aliens could add something to a lot other MSTied movies. They could show up in Eegah and smash Arch Hall, Jr.’s guitar when he’s singing to Roxie in the desert. They would make Teenage Strangler more interesting; Mikey could befriend them, ala ET or Mac & Me. Speaking of which, how about them hovering over that MacDonald’s during the birthday party and zapping it into oblivion? Now, THAT would make Mac & Me worth watching!


  16. The Grim Specter of Food says:

    I’d love to see the Bronson Canyon timeshare presentation, with Eegah, the Blood Beast, the Beast of Yucca Flats and Ro-Man all in attendance.


  17. Mibbitmaker says:

    Megaweapon in Sky Divers. Mega and Petey the Plane can hang out together and have a fun time!

    Petey the Plane in San Francisco International. His wheel would NEVER be mushy!

    The women of Swamp Diamonds in Racket Girls – maybe add the wives from Manos and the torturin’ Angels from Angels Revenge as well. The stakes just went higher!

    Take Joe Flynn from The Indestructible Man and put in in the framing devices from Merlin’s shop of Mystical Magical Wonders, then watch as he and the grandfather spend all movie trying to figure out where they’d seen each other before. Same if you put Richard Anderson from Kitten With a Whip into Killer Fish…


  18. Sitting Duck says:

    Monster A Gorgo

    But there was no mother.


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