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RIP Sid Haig

LOS ANGELES–Sid Haig, a character actor whose credits extend from 1970s blaxploitation films to cult horror classics such as “House of 1000 Corpses,” died here Sept. 21 of a lung infection. He was 80.

Haig appeared in more than 50 films, from George Lucas’ “THX 1138” to the 1971 James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever” to Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown.” MSTies will remember him as Donar in the movie in episode 1111- WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM II.

Entertainment Weekly has a nice obit.

Thanks to Timmy for the heads up.

7 Replies to “RIP Sid Haig”

  1. Master Ninja 2 says:

    Sid was the nicest celebrity I ever met.


  2. Cornjob says:



  3. nomad says:

    May he Rest In Peace, and enforce the will of Landru.


  4. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    Master Ninja 2:
    Sid was the nicest celebrity I ever met.

    Can you tell us more? Don’t mean to be morbid, but I like to hear “good celebrity” stories.

    Condolences to Haig’s family and friends. Looking at his IMDb page, he sure had a ton of credits over many decades.


  5. GentleBen says:

    Budd, Larry would like a word with you.


  6. Master Ninja 2 says:

    Not only was Sid easily the most gracious celebrity I’ve ever met, he had the best advice. He told me, among other things, to put a value on yourself and people will recognize it and want to work with you. Boy, was he right!
    He looked me right in the eye, with that hypnotic gaze of his, and set me straight. I’ll always remember that. I think of it often.
    I even had the opportunity to tell him he was right the following year. I saw him one last time a few months ago at this year’s Mad Monster (a horror convention just out of Phoenix, AZ). He will be missed.


  7. My family and I were huge fans of him. So many 80s shows he guest starred in. Every single time I saw him in something, he would steal the camera and hold it hostage until he was done. And we were fine with that. Often, he was better than the main stars. We miss him terribly.


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