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Joel Announces the End of the Netflix Era

In an email to Kickstarter backers, Joel announced:

As some of you might have guessed, we won’t be making new seasons of the show for Netflix. However, I want you to know that we’ve had a wonderful time working with the Netflix team, and will always be grateful to them. After all, they gave us the opportunity to spend the past few years aboard the Satellite of Love, and made it possible for new generations to discover the joys of riffing cheesy movies with your friends.

I couldn’t be more grateful or proud to our incredible cast and our wonderful crew for bringing this incarnation of the show to life, and hope that we’ll get the chance to continue collaborating on MST3K as we enter our next chapter.

And, I’m pleased to confirm that The Return and The Gauntlet – along with a healthy selection of classic episodes – will continue to stream on Netflix, bringing some of the show’s best episodes to cheesy movie lovers around the world.

Now, I know you might have questions about the future of Mystery Science Theater, but as you’ve seen over the last four years, we are just as dedicated to keeping MST3K alive as ever. And I want to remind you that there are still lots of options for us to explore in the years to come. This isn’t our first rodeo! So, while this might be the end of the first chapter of bringing back MST3K, don’t worry: it’s not the last chapter.

101 Replies to “Joel Announces the End of the Netflix Era”

  1. TorgosPizzaNJ says:

    After reading all these comments and thinking about them and the whole situation for several days now, I realize that, just like Johnny in Time of the Apes, I don’t care. I really don’t care if there is another new MST. I can’t help but feel that all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the Netflix reboot wound up producing a bunch of meh episodes that are but a pale imitation of the classic CC/Sci Fi ones. Another Kickstarter campaign, plus another long search for just the right platform, plus all the Sturm und Drang over finding a new cast, new writers, etc., etc.–wouldn’t that just be laboring mightily just to bring forth another mouse or two? And then start the process all over again when the new platform pulls the plug? It feels like the myth of Sisyphus, rolling the rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down just as you get to the top. Or else Mike and the ‘bots having to go watch Giant Spider Invasion again just because Pearl couldn’t watch them watch it the first time. If Joel could catch lightning in a bottle and find the right people with the right synergy to do it the right way, then that would be great. But it would be depressing to watch another new reboot that was trying hard to emulate, not CC/Sci Fi MST but Netflix MST.

    Perhaps all of the comic possibles of “Riffing” have been exhausted?


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