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Now Available from RiffTrax…

Download it here.

13 Replies to “Now Available from RiffTrax…”

  1. Sitting Duck says:

    Makeup man Roy Knyrim also did makeup effects for Lords of the Deep. Second unit director Steve Barnett was post-production supervisor for Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II and editor for Deathstalker II (from the 30th Aniversary Tour). Stuntman Peter Cunningham was Frank Peters from No Retreat, No Surrender (from the Cheesy Circus Tour). Stuntman Jeff Imada was a bodyguard in Master Ninja I. Stuntman Peewee Piemonte was the zombified Tony in Zombie Nightmare.


  2. jay says:

    Everybody was Kung-fu fighting except for the person that shot the bulge holes in the title.


  3. jay says:

    Bullet holes, not bulge holes. What caliber works best on SpellChecker?!


  4. Cynthia Rothrock Climbing.


  5. mst3kme says:


    “Released theatrically in the Philippines, where Cynthia Rothrock was already an A-list actress.”


  6. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    I loved “Honor and Glory” and this looks similar. Now ‘scuse me while I go buy a giant suit in a primary color.


  7. jay:
    Bullet holes, not bulge holes.What caliber works best on SpellChecker?!

    Hey, the letters are made out of shiny metal, and the title looks to ME like some of the shots were from the front, and some from the back which are both bullet holes and bulge holes. Don’t beat yourself up about it, man. We’ve got people to do that for you.


  8. “all eyes are on the main suspect: the town’s evil karate billionaire.”

    My town’s evil karate billionaire is just too powerful. Nothing we can do. He’s got the Sheriff in his pocket. He owns the only factory in town – The Nunchucks Plant. The local watering hole Bruce’s Dojo is filled with his henchmen. Last time I was there they foot swept me and took all my throwing stars.


  9. jay says:

    Cynthia Rothrock,

    Didn’t she headline in Rock Vegas with Ann-Margrock?


  10. GummoMarx says:

    Thanks to Rifftrax, I am amassing quite the Cynthia Rothrock collection.


  11. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    Is that Mary Jo or Bridget in the artwork? At first glance, the picture reminded me more of Becky from the first few seasons of “Roseanne” than either. But whatever.


  12. eegah says:

    I’d call Cynthia Rothrock the female Chuck Norris, but she’s awesome and he sucks.

    Is that a foot that I see approaching in my peripheral vision?


  13. TorgosPizzaNJ says:

    I’d call Cynthia Rothrock the female Chuck Norris, but she’s awesome and he sucks.

    Is that a foot that I see approaching in my peripheral vision?

    Chuck Norris doesn’t kick you in the face, he moves the planet closer to his foot…


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