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Odds and Ends

A few somewhat related items from our buddy Paul.

As part of this year’s virtual DragonCon, on Thursday, Sept. 3rd at 11 p.m., you can watch the MST3K panel from 2008, featuring The Green Slime pilot from the KTMA era.

The full guide to this year’s event is here.

At ShoutFactory, the MST3K Gamera set (Vol. 21) is back in print. Available exclusively through the Shout Factory online store.

The Gamera episodes are also streaming on Shout Factory TV.

13 Replies to “Odds and Ends”

  1. Sitting Duck says:

    Anyone care to identify who the cosplayers in the poster are suppose to be?


  2. jay says:

    From left to right –

    Black And White Woman who is unclear on the concept of eye shadow.
    A Blue Man who is really into Noh theater.
    New Disney Princess. It doesn’t matter which one, they are interchangeable.
    And finally,
    Who cares? No one will remember her name, anyway.


  3. jay: Who cares? No one will remember her name, anyway.

    Since she’s from Final Fantasy XV, so nobody cares anyway.

    And since Blue Man Group went bankrupt, they’ve had to start dressing up as Apocalypse from the old 90’s X-Men cartoon, as opposed to the crappy movie.

    Not sure whether that’s Live-Action Jasmine, or one of cosplayer’s new “variants”: “I’m going as Zombie Space-Warrrior Belle!”


  4. I’ve got the original release of Volume 21, with the collectible tin.


  5. Sitting Duck:
    Anyone care to identify who the cosplayers in the poster are suppose to be?

    The blue guy is the X-Men villain Apocalypse. Much better than he was portrayed in the movies.


  6. goalieboy82 says:

    the last one reminds me of this:


  7. I see Hinder!


  8. Butt Lady is back! Judging by her pouch thingy and the color scheme she’s a Slim Jim representative?


  9. mando3b says:

    OMG, having the Gamera movies back in circulation is the best thing to happen in the MSTie-verse in a long time! The first Gamera movie and the one with Guiron and Cornjob have always been two of my favorites.

    Will the two Godzilla movies follow? What is the latest on that passel of films that Cruella de Ville was hoarding? (The last I heard there were contentious negotiations going on, and she seemed to believe she was sitting on a gold mine instead of a cask of ripe cheese.) And will John and Marsha ever get back together? (“Oh, John!” “Marsha!” “John!” …)


  10. THERE’S your Hinder 90!


  11. bagger vance says:

    Speaking of odds & ends I don’t remember seeing any posts about MST superfan “GaryInMotion”, and his YouTube channel. He had managed to combine better quality versions of the original movies with the MST3K voiceovers. So while you lost shadowramma and host segments you did get to see the original source movies much more completely (and coherently).

    The channel unfortunately got pulled by YouTube after this article appeared. I hope it reappears somewhere! Apparently even Joel was a fan of the work.


  12. Captain Howdy says:

    The return of Gamera?!

    While I already have the set, it warms my cold demon turtle heart to see Shout!Factory do this for the fans who need it.

    In this action, we witness incontrovertible proof that 2020 did not completely blow.

    Thank you, Shout.

    You’re a goddamned bitchin’ beacon.

    Pardon my Mr. French.

    (Uncle Bill, Sissy, Buffy, & Jody always do.)


  13. Thad Boyd says:

    Sitting Duck:
    Anyone care to identify who the cosplayers in the poster are suppose to be?

    Serious answer:

    Not sure about #1, but #2 is Apocalypse from X-Men (as goldanyranger noted). I think the lady to his right is Jasmine from Aladdin? Not entirely sure. And the lady with the, ah, grease on her face is Cindy from Final Fantasy 15.


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