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RIP Smith Wordes

SINAI, SOUTH DAKOTA–Actress, dancer and choreographer Smith Wordes died here of cancer Oct. 19. She was 65.

She began acting in the 1960s and in the 1970s began working as a professional dancer and then as a choreographer. She appeared on dozens of TV shows and a few movies, including “Beverly Hills Cop III” and “Star Trek: First Contact.” She is perhaps best known for her choreography work with Michael Jackson. She had a featured role in his “Smooth Criminal” music video.

MSTies might recall her delightful turn (using the stage name Smith Evans) in episode 814- RIDING WITH DEATH as Buffalo Bill’s girlfriend Tina, aka Cupcake.

There’s a brief remembrance on this Michael Jackson-centered web site.

Thanks to Duane for the heads up.

6 Replies to “RIP Smith Wordes”

  1. jay says:

    Cupcake died and with her go a thousand baked goods jokes. I did not know she was from a tiny town in eastern South Dakota. RIP


  2. Lawgiver says:

    No, not Cupcake! RIP


  3. Yeti of Great Danger says:

    “Riding with Death” is one of my all-time favorites MST3Ks, and Bear Claw, I mean Cheese Danish, I mean Cupcake was a big part of the reason why. She and Buffalo Bill had that icky yet perfect 1970s chemistry. I hope her death was well-covered by New England journalists. RIP


    After keying my S.O. to the imdb entries for Ms. Smith/Wordes indicating her serious dance credits, my S.O. started pointing out to ME how beautifully she moved and how nicely fitted some of her outfits were.
    Now, having image-searched that incredible glamor shot and discovered the existence of, whoever found that image has given me one more place to waste hours and hours and hours….
    ‘Scusi, got to go watch Smooth Criminal now.


  5. Ray Dunakin says:

    Wow. It’s amazing how so much talent can be hidden behind a lousy role in a cheesy movie.


  6. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    To the Cupcake-mobile!
    The day is yours, Cupcake, but we shall meet again.
    Now dontchu get the wrong idear about yer little ol’ Cupcake!
    I shall rule the world, EMPEROR CUPCAKE!!!

    ANYway… RIP Cruller


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